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Facebook Announces New News Feed Update to Further Restrict Spammers

facebook announces new news feed update to further restrict spammers

Facebook’s continuing to expand its efforts to restrict the reach of spam and misleading content, announcing yet another News Feed algorithm change, this time solely focused on a practice called ‘cloaking’.

Cloaking is a more advanced spammer tactic – the process uses re-directs, based on the viewers’ IP or other identifier, in order to avoid detection.

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Visual Thumbstoppers for Your Social Media in 2017 [Infographic]

visual thumbstoppers for your social media in 2017

If you haven't heard, visuals are an important element of your digital marketing strategy - The Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2016 reveals that 74% of marketers use visuals for social media marketing, while Cisco predicts that videos will make up 80% of worldwide internet traffic in 2019.

You need to be considering the visual elements of your campaigns, and utilizing images and video to best effort.

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How to Maximize Your Discoverability in LinkedIn Search

how to maximize your discoverability in linkedin search

There are millions of users and billions of data points on LinkedIn, but many people still miss the mark in fully grasping how to leverage their profile to grow their business through the platform.

In fact, one of the simplest and most effective LinkedIn tools - LinkedIn search - recently got an upgrade which makes it an even more effective tool for generating exposure.

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

how to create a social media marketing strategy

How do you feel when you embark on something for the first time? There's a good chance that you feel thrilled and overwhelmed at the same time - you're excited at the idea of conquering something new, yet overwhelmed about all the moving parts that go into it.

Creating a social media marketing strategy for the first time is the same way - you can't help but feel thrilled at the thought of finally conquering this rewarding medium, but you're also a bit overwhelmed with everything involved to achieve that goal.

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5 Keys to Successful Social Media Automation

5 keys to successful social media automation

Every social media marketer knows how time-consuming social media management can be.

To generate the best returns, your brand likely needs to be active on at least two or three social media channels - but, of course, it’s better to go beyond that if you can. And it’s not enough to simply post once a week - you have to do it every day, or better, a couple of times a day. It’s not enough to react to a notification - you have to monitor mentions of your brand and provide excellent customer service whatever the situation is.

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