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6 Steps to Successful Facebook Ads

Written by Eyal Reich on .

6 Steps to Successful Facebook AdsFacebook ads can be a very powerful advertising method for businesses. Where else do you have access to one sixth of the world’s population, and have the ability to precisely target who, out of those people, you would like to advertise to? The answer is nowhere. So then why isn’t everyone converting millions of dollars a day from Facebook? What’s the catch? The catch is that it is very easy to make mistakes when building a Facebook ad campaign. There are many ways in which an ad can be spoiled; anything from poor targeting to bad copy can lay your ad to waste. This post will discuss a few steps that you should follow in order to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

1. Plan Out Your Target Audience


The state of social media marketing in 5 charts

Written by Matt Van Hoven on .

The state of social media marketing in 5 chartsThe media world’s gone social, and social is going increasingly mobile. Look no further than the numbers.

A full two-thirds (64 percent) of people who use social tools say they log in at least once a day. Half (47 percent) of their tweets, snaps, pins and likes are happening on mobile, according Nielsen. Since social media’s inception, activity across all platforms has risen steadily: in 2013 one out of every four people across the globe could be reached via social, according to eMarketer.

But the platforms people prefer and how they interact on them has become a moving target — youth in particular seem determined to leave a platform if they perceive the creep of advertisers, or if their moms friend them. The bottom line is marketers have to stay on their toes to keep up with shifts in user behavior, changes in platform efficiency, Copyright flamewars, and so much more. Here, then, is the state of the social media landscape in five easy to read graphs.


How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Written by Warren Knight on .

Hashtags first started out on Twitter and have made their way onto all of the most popular social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. A hashtag is a symbol used to mark a certain category on social media.

The use of a Hashtag in a strategic way can be effective when creating popularity around your brand or business. Finding relevant conversations and interesting people to follow is one of the key uses of hashtags along with increasing engagement.

It is important as a business to understand why hashtags are so important, especially onTwitter. Below you can see some great statistics around how hashtags improve a business’s online interaction when it comes to Twitter.
How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Social Media Presence


What if Everything You Know About Social Media Marketing is Wrong?

Written by Augie Ray on .

What if everything you "know" about social media marketing is wrong? What would this mean to your upcoming and current social marketing programs? Better yet, what might it mean to your job?

If you are employed in social media marketing, it is time for a healthy dose of reality followed by some serious soul searching and career planning. Some of you are lucky enough to work in the rare companies that create advocates with great products, service and mission and thus are equipped to leverage social media for marketing gain; most work at companies that have inflated their opportunities in the medium and are floundering with their social media marketing and content strategies.

Here's the way a large number of social media professionals today go about justifying their programs, along with some recent data that may (and should) scare the hell out of you if you work in social media marketing:



How Do Google and Facebook Measure Your Content's Quality?

Written by Nicole Karlis on .


Find out how your content compares, plus three quick changes you can make right now. Quality is a popular content marketing buzzword at the moment and quality content can be loosely defined as content that online users find valuable. Since so much of content is routed through Google and Facebook, and since they're both recently dramatically updated the way they identify and promote quality content, we thought now's the perfect time to look at how they do it (see also: What the New York Times Can Teach You About Quality Content).

How Do Google And Facebook Rank Content? The aim of both Google and Facebook is to show users content that they want to see and share with others. When searching for quality, these are the signs that they look out for:


3 Reasons LinkedIn Endorsements Suck

Written by Chris Dessi on .

Last summer I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco with my family celebrating my brother-in-law Michael’s wedding. It was perfect. We spent the weekend on the Russian River with friends and family. Lovely. When the wedding was over, my family spent a few more wonderful days exploring San Francisco. One morning over coffee, my new sister-in-law Laurie who had her laptop opened, turned to me and asked me:

“What do you think about Linkedin endorsements?”

My knee-jerk response was:

“They suck.”

She seemed relieved that I had said it, and we both went on a rant why we think they suck. I thought I’d share our thoughts with you because I think Laurie is super smart, and she and I can’t be the only ones who feel this way.

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