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Retailers give shoppers new reasons to use mobile phones in stores

Person clicking cell phoneAt some Macy's outlets this holiday season, shoppers who download the retailer's app will be able to use their smart phones to guide them through the store to products they're seeking.

At JCPenney, customers will be able to take a snapshot of, for example, boots worn by a person passing by and quickly find out if the store has similar ones in stock. And Staples is testing an app that will allow sales clerks to let customers know how the store's prices match up against Amazon and other rivals.

Hoping to claw back market share from online rivals  - and tired of watching customers use their phones to find better deals than those offered in stores - brick and mortar retailers are trying to give shoppers different reasons to use their phones while doing holiday shopping.

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New Site Aims to Help Journalists Verify News Found on Social Media

First Draft News CheckerA new website funded by Google News Lab aims to help journalists find and verify first-hand news accounts posted on social media. The site, called First Draft News, is designed to help reporters find legitimate sources and material on sites like Facebook, Twitter andYouTube, while at the same time stopping the spread of rumors and hoaxes that proliferate the Internet following major news events.

"We will be publishing features, case studies, interactives, videos, podcasts, industry news, how-to guides and collections of tools on a daily basis to help journalists navigate this new minefield of reportage," wrote Alastair Reid, the site's managing editor. Eight members of Google's First Draft Coalition will contribute to the site, including EyeWitness Media Hub, Storyful,, Bellingcat, Meedan, Verification Junkie, Dig Deeper, Google News Lab and Emergent


Make your content appealing

Photo of cheeseWe're all spoiled brats. Think about it for a moment. It used to be normal to search through fifty pounds of books to figure out if it was ok to serve pinot blanc with brie. It was either that or pick up the phone and call that one uncle you haven't talked to in eight years.  Oh how the world has changed! If I get a Yahoo Answers reply that's over 500 words, I cry TL;DR and move on.

Now I'm not saying that our streamlining of knowledge acquisition technology and the concurrent adjustment of expectations is necessarily a bad thing. I'm saying that we, as marketers and content creators, need to acknowledge that there is a new standard that we need to meet. It isn't good enough to have the right information. It needs to be presented in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand.

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Survey: Social Media More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Sponsored social media advertising is more effective than many traditional marketing approaches, according to a survey of 511 marketing executives and managers conducted by the Halverson Group on behalf of IZEA, which connects brands with content creators on social media.

The proportion of survey subjects that had direct professional experience with social media in any form increased from 68% in 2014 to 73% in 2015, while the proportion using sponsored social media, including sponsored posts and influencer marketing, edged up from 53% to 54%.

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Bing Nixes Search Ads In Latest Mobile App Update

Microsoft chose to forgo serving search ads in the latest update of its mobile Bing search app to test a better user experience, Mobile Marketing Daily has learned.

Ads will continue to serve in Bing for those using Safari, Firefox and Chrome, but for not in the latest version of the mobile app.

The update for iOS launched Nov. 18 -- and that's when Jonathan Kagan, senior director of search and biddable media at MARC USA Results:Digital, downloaded version 6.0 onto his iPhone. And much to his surprise, he discovered the app did not serve paid-search ads.

With an increase of mobile use, especially during the holidays, it seems a bit odd that Bing would make this choice, Kagan says.

"They're all in for search, yet they're removing search ads, though they don't have a lot of market share, which is clearly a head-scratcher," he says. "I don't know about Android, but on the iPhone app, they are purposely not running search ads."

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on the change.

In April 2014, Microsoft introduced a classroom-specific version of its Bing search engine. Dubbed "Bing in the Classroom," this specialized version of search comes ad-free and with privacy controls for students.

(Article courtesy of Mobile Marketing Daily)


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