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Facebook plans tweak to trending topics procedure after criticism

facebook changes trending topicsFacebook has announced that an internal investigation into its trending topics feature found no political bias in either direction but has said that it is altering how the tool works to eliminate the possibility of human biases. The company said it is adding an additional layer of oversight to its curation team.

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Brands Killed Social Media, But Netflix Put the Final Nail in the Coffin

how brands killed social medialHere we are, in the spring of 2016, and we’re still avoiding the elephant in the room: Social media is a dying channel. Dizzying amounts of low-quality branded content clutter up our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds (“Mention this post for 10 percent off” is still a thing people post on Facebook every day). LinkedIn has slowly begun devolving into a mess of “1 Like = 1 Prayer” photos and unsolicited sales pitches. The social media landscape has evolved from a Wild West frontier to a cyberpunk dystopian nightmare in just eight years–an impressive record.

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5 ways to make posts more sharable

make content go viralThere's no way to guarantee that an item of online content goes viral, but you can boost your chances by breaking news, helping others or being silly, writes Avinash Nair. "From cartoons to memes through to funny videos, if your content has the 'fun quotient,' it'll do very well," he writes.

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