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Tomorrow 4/23: Executives From LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Will Reveal Their Social Media Secrets

on .

The Secrets to Success on Social MediaTomorrow April 23rd , HubSpot’s attempting to break the record for World’s Largest Webinar … and we want you to be a part of it.

Join us here:

During this webinar, you’ll hear top secret social media information from executives at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This webinar is live-only, so you’ll only have one shot to view this webinar and break a Guinness World Record.

Here are the details:

Scott Engelman, Head of Online Marketing at LinkedIn
Jed Clevenger, Global Head of SMB Channel Marketing at Facebook
Russ Laraway, Senior SMB Director at Twitter

Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at HubSpot

Date: April 23, 2014
Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET (60 minutes)
Hashtag: #WLW14

If you’re still not sure you want to attend, you should know that we’re giving every single attendee 20% off to HubSpot’s INBOUND conference, plus a ton of other free stuff for people who sign in 15 minutes early.

Register here:


An Entrepreneur's Social-Media Plan for Success

Written by Lisa Danielpour on .

An Entrepreneurs Social Media Plan for SuccessSocial media can give entrepreneurs the same opportunity to build community and engage customers as their better funded competitors. But when time and resources are limited, it’s crucial to laser focus social-media efforts to achieve goals: Do you want to drive sales, generate qualified leads, build relationships with current customers and bloggers in your industry? And of course figure out how you can measure it.

For entrepreneurs needing a little help developing their social-media plan, here are a few tips. 


Be crystal clear on who your target audience is. Determining your target demographic is imperative for success (without customers there are no sales). Make sure you have a clear image of who you exactly what to reach. Make sure you know them inside and out and are familiar with their interests, needs and biggest challenges. How does your product or service solve their problems? Also look at influencers in your industry, as they can play an important role in reaching your audience.


Google+ Is Closer to a Gold Mine Than a Ghost Town

Written by Element Three on .

Google Is Closer to a Gold Mine Than a Ghost TownEveryone has a strong opinion about Google+. Start a conversation about it and you’ll rarely hear middle ground. People either think it’s a social media gold mine or a ghost town that’s overhyped and full of accounts people don’t use. So which is it? This post explores the history of the toddler social network and explains why it would be foolish to ignore the social side of Mountain View.

Google’s History in Social

Social has been a Google endeavor for nearly a decade. Google+ represents the company’s fourth social initiative and the first to break into the top tier of social networks. Launched back in 2011, G+ represents Google’s social challenge to Facebook, which has long dominated the social sphere in terms of number of users.


10 Facebook Rules Every Business Needs to Know Before Posting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Matthew Kobach on .

10 Facebook Rules Every Business Needs to Know Before PostingOn Facebook there isn’t one “perfect post” or ideal time of day to post. Instead, you can develop a strategy that gets different types of content to different types of people, at different times. The key factor to remember when creating Facebook content is that you need to be vigilant—constantly looking to diversify what and when you post.

1. Keep things positive
Being positive promotes engagement and encourages sharing. Equally as important, being negative may cost you fans. People are quick to unlike a business if posts are negative or controversial.

2. Make your posts informative by giving “tips” and including links
The most appealing updates are ones that offer something. Don’t disclose everything — this increases the likelihood that fans will click.  Post an interesting fact. If you are an expert in the field, share tips. If you’re sharing a blog post or an online article, create a status update that features the piece’s most interesting fact or statement to stir reader curiosity and encourage click-throughs. Instead of copying and pasting a long URL into your status update, use a link-shortener like to make your post brief and more likely to be shared.


How I Went From Zero to 380,000 Twitter Followers Without Spending a Dime

Written by Ann Tran on .


How I Went From Zero to 380000 Twitter Followers Without Spending a DimeAs social media is becoming more engrained in our everyday lives, it is becoming imperative for businesses to get on board. And Twitter is huge for companies, as it provides a place to share news, engage with loyal customers and attract new ones. But it isn't easy.

While some opt for quick fixes, like buying followers (something I have never done), I don't see the point in these sketchy tactics. It may offer short-term spike, but it doesn't provide the kind of engagement that organic followers do.


When I joined the social media movement in March of 2009, I was just an observer for the first six months. But by remaining consistent and sticking with daily-following methods, my account began to grow. Now with more than 380,000 followers, people often ask me for advice on growing a following on Twitter. 


Your new Twitter profile is ready. Here’s how to get it now

Written by Harrison Weber on .

Your new Twitter profile is readyWhether you like it or not, Twitter’s new Web profile design is now available to all.

The new look is technically still rolling out, but Twitter permits users to skip the line by visiting this link. Twitter’s redesign first debuted earlier this month, and this features a photo-centric layout reminiscent of Facebook and Google+.

Twitter announced the new design on the Today Show and began rolling it out to popular users on April 8. Twitter also gave new users immediate access to its redesigned profiles.

The new profiles feature a three-column layout, cover photos, and overlapping profile photos — just like Facebook and Google+. Specific new features include a “best tweets” section to highlight popular tweets; a “pinned tweets” feature that pins tweets that show “what you’re all about”; and finally a “filtered tweets” option, which chooses how you’d like to view other Twitter user’s profiles.

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