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Pinterest Adds New Facebook Messenger Integrations to Boost Exposure and Usage

pinterest adds new facebook messenger integrations to boost exposure and usage

Pinterest is looking to piggyback on the popularity of Facebook Messenger in order to boost growth, adding two new tools which will enable greater Pinterest functionality within Messenger threads.

The first is a new chat extension which will provide a more Pinterest-like experience within Messenger, with full Pins and Pin links viewable in-stream.

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How to Better Engage Your Followers on Social Media [Infographic]

how to better engage your followers on social media

The debate over whether or not your company should engage in social media is long over - your target market has been posting vacation selfies on Facebook, showing off restaurant meals on Instagram, and live-tweeting about Game of Thrones episodes for years.

Over 2.3 billion people around the world use social media, so you can’t afford not to be there.

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Twitter Releases Year in Review Data, Including Most Popular Tweets and Hashtags

twitter releases major events calendar for december to help with strategic planning

As we move towards the end of the year, the time is nigh for end of year review posts, looking at the biggest trends and takeaways from 2017.

Instagram posted an overview of their usage trends last week, and now it’s Twitter’s turn, with the micro-blog platform reporting the most popular tweets, hashtags and movies among their 330 million users.

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5 Trends Digital Agencies Need to Prepare for in 2018

5 trends digital agencies need to prepare for in 2018

As social media becomes one of our main modes of communication, consumers are demanding that brand marketing becomes more and more personal.

At the same time, new automation and machine learning technologies are offering digital marketers the ability to alleviate some of their day-to-day tasks and streamline their interactions with consumers, without fear of losing their unique brand voices.

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