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Your Q2 Program Planning Template - Ready, Set, Grow [Sponsored]

your q2 program planning template ready set grow sponsored

2018 is already well under way and Q2 is just around the corner. Do you have your marketing programs planned and ready for go-live yet? Download Marketo’s “Q2 Program Planning Template” to help you organize and streamline your marketing programs for this critical quarter.

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4 Key Benefits of Social Listening - and How to Take Advantage of Them

4 key benefits of social listening and how to take advantage of them

Imagine this: you’re in the back of an elevator and a group of business leaders enters. They’re the decision makers for your top prospective client – and they’re discussing exactly what they need from you as a solution provider.

You leave the elevator having overheard all the market intelligence you need to craft the perfect pitch that'll ensure they stay a happy client for years to come.

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Lessons Learned from Brands That Got it All Wrong on Social Media

lessons learned from brands that got it all wrong on social media

When you make a mistake, social media can be an unforgiving place.

That’s because followers often respond to missteps with harsh responses - and worse, they often take screenshots of a misguided post or inappropriate image, extending its shelf life for months, and sometimes years.

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