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How to get the most from your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing StrategyWe live in an age of ever-increasing mobility, and marketers should take heed.

In 2014, mobile data traffic alone was almost 30 times greater than that of the entire internet in 2000. In accordance with Black Friday sales, mobile traffic made up 52.1 percent of all online usage on Thanksgiving Day, exceeding desktop browsing for the first time in history.

It's no wonder, then, that mobile ad spend will reach $28.72 billion this year -- a number that is expected to rise to $65.87 billion by the end of the decade.

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6 ways content marketing will change in 2016

Conten Marketing ChangesEven though content marketing is a relatively young discipline, significant changes have already taken place since its adoption in terms of how content is consumed by users. It wasn't too many years ago when most online content was consumed on a publisher's website from within an internet browser.

Fast forward to the present: You now have the majority of content being read from within mobile apps from major platform providers like Facebook and Twitter. This shift cannot be underestimated, and it will heavily influence where content marketing is headed in 2016.

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Marketing on Reddit Is Scary, But These Success Stories Show Big Potential

Reddit AdvertisingReddit is often called "the front page of the Internet," but for many brands it's remained a no-go zone, given the likelihood of getting flamed or trolled by anonymous users. There's just as much potential on the social platform's forums (called subreddits) to make money and generate influence and goodwill, but it too is fraught with danger.

Maybe all you need is a guide.

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Snapchat goes (RED) for World AIDS Day

Red Cell PhonesOn Tuesday, your Snapchat posts can help raise money to fight AIDS

It feels good to put a cause-supporting filter on a social media post, but wouldn't it be nice if those little tokens of support actually counted in real money?

Tuesday, Dec. 1, is World AIDS Day, and Snapchat and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed up to donate up to $3 million to (RED), a nonprofit group that battles AIDS.

To participate, use one of the three special "World AIDS Day" geofilters on a Snapchat post Tuesday, and the foundation will donate $3, for a total of $3 million.

Furthermore, the Foundation will donate an additional $1 million if a (RED) YouTube video starring Scarlett Johansson, Barry Manilow & Jimmy Kimmel (below) is shared more than 330,000 times.

Users who want to join the donation effort directly won't be able to do so through Snapchat, but there are plenty of other ways to help, including donating money here, which also gives you a chance to hang out with celebs such as Snoop Dogg and Bono or win a trip to the Game of Thrones set.

RED has teamed up with tech giants before; for example, on last year's World AIDS Day Apple had a special section of its app store, called Apps for (RED), with proceeds of the sales from those apps going to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.


How to Get Started: Advertising on 6 Social Networks

CellphoneMost Internet users feel entitled — to consume online content, tools and programs free of charge and free of advertisements. Often, any attempts to monetize Web pages ruffle the feathers of the modern Web-surfer, so many of them have turned to Web-based ad-blocking tools to combat the ads they so loathe.

This contempt for online ads is not really their fault. Many companies have weighed down their sites with horrible ad formats, and the intrusive nature of those ads make for a clunky and annoying user-experience. Below is an example of a website that serves an astounding 330 advertisements upon entrance—not even the most forgiving user would read through that many ads.

As marketers, we can’t condone this type of advertising behavior, and associating our brands with poor user experiences can leave a bad taste in the mouths of our prospects. If we continue alienating our audience with crummy ads, ad-blocking tools will continue to gain popularity—something both publishers and advertisers should worry about.

Enter the rise of social media advertising...

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