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Desperately seeking Loyalty...

Desperately seeking LoyaltyBrands crave loyalty! That's because loyal customers spend more and buy more frequently without the need for expensive communication or stimulation. And the most loyal customers tell their friends about their favorite brands.

Consumers are much more ambivalent. They like what they like on their own terms. Their enthusiasms wax and wane. They want to hear from brands – but not that often. They are governed by a WiiFM (what's in it for me) mentality, even for brands that are near and dear to their hearts. They can be swayed by price offers.

The availability of 24/7 digital, social and mobile communications channels creates new and creative opportunities for brands to communicate and interact with loyal and potentially loyal consumers, which, in turn, creates opportunities for fans to interact, respond and share back. The trick is how, when and using which approach.

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Who Are the Best SEM Agencies? Don't Ask Google!

Who Are the Best SEM AgenciesSearch for "best sem agency," "top sem agency," or "best ppc agency" on Google, and the organic results will all show the same #1 listing: topseos.com (note: make sure to search in "incognito" mode so that Google doesn't personalize your results).

Who is topseos.com? Well, if you believe the info on their site, they have a simple, and dare I say, noble mission:

"The core focus of topseos.com is to provide a quality evaluation and ranking service for customers seeking internet marketing services and products. This service offering evaluates the services provided by internet marketing companies and professionals and compares the results to the information collected from their competitors in order to create a listing of the best internet marketing service providers. Our evaluation process has refined since 2002 through research and testing to ensure that the highest integrity is maintained in our evaluation and rankings service."

There's an alternative perspective on TopSEOs. Rather than editorialize, I'll give you some quotes – many from well-respected industry experts – that tell a different story:

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Social Media and the End of the World

social media and the end of the world

If we were to believe the Mayan Calendar, we have just days to live as 21st December 2012 is officially the end of the world! Nasa has released a youtube video letting us all know that there is no need to panic! The end of the world is not nigh according to their scientists.
But whether you buy into the hype or not one thing is for sure – We are going to see #Endoftheworld trending on Twitter and a whole host of Social Media buzz about it. Here are my predictions for the last ever day on Social Media:

1. #Everything MustGo

Watch out for those end of the world bargains! For businesses it is a perfect opportunity to jump on the bang wagon and hold an 'End of the World Sale'.

2. Milestone Reached

What a great milestone to add to your facebook page 'I reached the end of the world'. I'm sure we will see this tongue in cheek post across facebook on Friday.

3. Final #FF

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3 Triggers that Cause People to Share Videos

3 triggers that cause people to share videos

So you assumed video popularity was random? Think again. Here are some of the proven reasons people watch, share, or stop watching.

Why have YouTube viewers watched "Charlie bit my finger -- again!" over 485 million times? Why did "Call Me Maybe" and "Gangnam Style" parodies take over the world this year? Why are you going to send friends at least one link to a funny video this month? Unruly Media has a lab that studies how people interact with videos: where viewers' eyes go, what their skin response is, what makes them smile, laugh, or stop watching. We spoke with Unruly U.S. president Art Zeidman about the triggers that make someone watch and/or share video.

Click here to watch the video on iMedia Connection...

Top Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid in 2013

top social media pitfalls to avoid in 2013

When you step back at the end of the year and think about the past 12 months of business, you can always find a laundry list of things you would have changed. The majority of those make their way onto your business New Year's resolutions list. One area that is often highlighted, yet almost always ignored by small and medium size businesses is social media. Not just setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account and updating here and there. I'm talking about a comprehensive social media strategy that can increase SEO, drive sales leads, and help monitor and manage online reputation. As you begin to put together your business plans for next year, be sure you jot down these social media pitfalls to avoid in 2013:

Social Media Marketing without a Strategy
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A social media marketing strategy ensures your efforts aren't a waste of time. It may be free to join, but it takes a significant amount of time and energy to see the ROI of your social media efforts. A good social media strategy includes content planning, reputation management, community growth, and including everyone in the effort. Unless you run the business yourself, there's no reason why it should be handled by just one person – especially when all your employees are part of the brand and contribute to what your company means to people. Put together your social strategy first, then train your employees on how to carry out the strategy.

Failing to Manage Online Sentiment
Almost two-thirds of consumers have already used social media to express their customer service issues; while a study found that over half of top brands ignored all customers comments on their Facebook Page in 2011.
Do you know what your prospects and customers are saying about you?

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