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OK, I am about to blow your mind! I have put together a list of over 135 social media eBooks, guides, white papers and other resources for you, and they are all FREE! It's a cornucopia of everything from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Google+ to Mastering Content to Maximizing LinkedIn... the list goes on and on.

Check out all of the materials here:

OH, BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER! I've also put together some other great free resources in these categories:

1. B2B Marketing: http://changetheworld.tradepub.com/category/advertising-and-promotion-b2b-marketing/892/

2. Demand and lead generation: http://changetheworld.tradepub.com/category/marketing-advertising-promotion-demand-and-lead-generation/893/

3. Internet advertising & marketing: http://changetheworld.tradepub.com/category/advertising-and-promotion-internet-marketing/896/

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Pinterest Plays Coy on Ads, But Expect Commerce to Lead


A coy Ben Silbermann wasn't saying much today about how he plans to incorporate advertising into Pinterest, the site he founded back in 2009. But it's a good bet Pinterest advertising will be native-looking and centered on commerce.

Silbermann sat for a rare keynote interview at the Conversational Marketing Summit in New York, one of the many events unfolding during Internet Week. He was asked very pointedly by Federated CEO John Battelle, "Do you have a business model?"

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5 Reasons Tumblr + Yahoo is Good For Users


Whenever a spunky, growing startup gets sold to an established player, the cry goes out. Users won't like it. The culture will be ruined. The startup will be subsumed by its parent. Sometimes it's true, but in the case of the Yahoo YHOO +0.37% purchase of Tumblr, I think there's an argument to be made that everyone wins: Tumblr users, Yahoo users, and the investors and staffs of both teams. Here's five reasons why critics are worried, and why they are wrong.

1. Yahoo will ruin Tumblr with ads.
Tumblr is a 6-year-old company with $112 million in investor funds. There has been pressure, one presumes from the board, to get the site to profitability and ads went from zero to $13 million in 2012, and were projected to reach $100 million by 2013. Simply put, without a deep-pocketed parent, Tumblr was going to have to embrace ads, even as founder and CEO David Karp has said as recently as 2010 that ads "turn his stomach."

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Social Media Platform Options: Choosing Appropriate Content

social media content

There are many people who understand the feeling of being socially awkward. This is a common occurrence in high school, and one that many suffer from. This awkwardness does not stop there unfortunately. There are many similar situations that actually exist in marketing circles. This happens when advertisers take the wrong approach to social media content. Not only with this awkward content make consumers turn away, it may also cause some marketing professionals to lose their credibility.

The fact of the matter is that many times social media marketers tend to appear as the "odd man out" simply due to the fact that they choose the wrong platforms for their marketing campaigns. Companies need to realize that they cannot expect to receive a good response if they use the same marketing strategy across all of the social media platforms.

Understanding the type of content that should be placed on each social media site is essential to a successful campaign. Each has a personality and style all its own, which must be catered to if success is desired.

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Minddrive electric Karmann Ghia powered by social media ... sort of


The motor of Minddrive's electric Karmann Ghia will only engage if it gets enough tweets, likes and shares.

Working with Minddrive mentors, a group of at-risk teenagers has restored a beat up 1967 VW Karmann Ghia and converted it to battery-electric power. The newly-painted and freshly-buffed vehicle will shortly begin a rather interesting journey from Kansas City to Washington. The car has been fitted with a device that monitors social network traffic relating to the project and for every tweet, like or share registered, battery juice points are generated. If there's no social buzz, the car doesn't go anywhere.

Last year, Minddrive mentors helped a bunch of at-risk high school students from the Kansas City area to convert a donated 1977 Lotus Esprit into a sporty two-seater electric vehicle. The Project Lotus team then embarked on a coast-to-coast road trip across America. A tough act to follow, but the latest electric conversion project from the non-profit educational program adds a novel twist to the proceedings.

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