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How To Run A Successful Facebook Event

How To Run A Successful Facebook Event

Facebook events can be a great way to get a boost in engagement short term. These events can be used for upcoming sales, the release of a new product, or for giveaways. They can also be set to run on important business milestones, or as a thank you to customers when you reach a specific goal they were involved in. An example would be when your page hits 5,000 likes or you receive 10,000 email subscribers. The goals don't even have to be that large, just so long as they are important enough to celebrate.

A big bonus of these events is the engagement they receive. By properly executing a Facebook event your engagement could literally skyrocket, and your primary audience could substantially grow over a very short period of time. Your primary audience refers to those people which you are connected with via email, social media, or those signed up to follow your blog. With your Facebook contacts inviting their contacts, and maybe those contacts inviting even more, you have the ability to attract a large crowd of newcomers to connect with you.

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Social Media: A Profitable Way to Develop Your Business Network

Social Media A Profitable Way to Develop Your Business Network
The time is coming when all businesses must have a presence on social media if they want to build relationships with potential customers and get leads.

Social media can be very useful, especially for businesses that are under pressure to get customers or perish, and also for those who want to expand their current business. In this post, I'll discuss the various means by which you can achieve business success by making use of social media.

Establish lasting Community Online

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How To Properly Leverage A Facebook Profile For Marketing

How To Properly Leverage A Facebook Profile For Marketing

While many leverage Facebook fan pages to market their business, many people fail to realize the benefits of using their personal Facebook page. It's a more personal way to connect with your target audience. Although your reach may tend to be slightly smaller than if you were to have a fan page instead, it does offer a unique approach all of it's own. The followers you have are more likely to engage with you, and that is the ultimate goal of all social media endeavors.

The key is to properly leverage your Facebook profile. If you are going to use it for marketing you can not simply go one way or the other with it. You must incorporate both personal items and promotional items in order to best engage and entertain your audience. The following tips can help you to do just that.

Create An Amazing Cover Image

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New Tumblr Mobile Ad Gives Brands Trendy Position Yahoo-owned platform looks to dial up monetization

New Tumblr Mobile Ad Gives Brands Trendy Position

Tumblr is letting brands buy their way into the list of what's trending on the platform's mobile product.

The Yahoo-owned social blogging site said today that it would sell Sponsored Trending Blog placements to brands looking to post messages via Tumblr's mobile app. The new ad format is Tumblr's second on mobile and fifth advertising product overall, according to the company.

Tumblr ad chief Lee Brown had said in an interview with Adweek last month that the mobile trending section was fertile ground for advertising on the platform.

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IAB Sorts Out Native Ahead of FTC Workshop Suggests one-size-fits-all guidelines won't work

IAB Sorts Out Native Ahead of FTC Workshop

Timed to coincide with the Federal Trade Commission's workshop this week on native advertising, the Interactive Advertising Bureau plans to release a prospectus on the industry's hottest ad format. The report is the digital community's first pass at defining best practices for a $3 billion format that has caught the attention of regulators because of its potential to blur the lines between advertising and editorial.

Dubbed "Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?" Wednesday's workshop has been billed by the FTC as a day of fact finding. Speakers include representatives from publishers including Hearst, The Huffington Post, Mashable and BuzzFeed, advertisers such as Procter & Gamble, and academicians, consumer groups and trade groups.

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