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Fresh Stats on Social Networks: Pinterest Catches Up with Twitter, Digital Divide Shrinks

I find statistics absolutely delicious. Pew research released fresh stats on what slice of Americans are addicted to all of the various social networks as of December 2012. There are a few big business and cultural implications.

Pinterest has practically caught up with Twitter, with 15 percent and 16 percent of adult U.S. Internet users on each network, respectively. Pinterest, which launched in 2009, has experienced explosive growth, especially with a white, female and affluent user base. Women are five times more likely to use Pinterest (5 percent vs. 25 percent) and almost twice as likely to be white and college-educated. It's become a magnet for hip urbanites searching for the hottest wedding gowns and apartment decor. Twitter, however, gets a lot more attention, since neither presidential campaigns nor Middle Eastern activists are leveraging style catalogs to rearrange their countries' political leadership.

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NASA to Host Google+ Hangout with International Space Station

nasa to host google plus hangout with international space station

Space enthusiasts eager to learn more about what it's like to live in the cosmos are in luck: NASA is hosting a Google+ Hangout with astronauts aboard the International Space Station from 11 am to noon EST on Friday, February 22.

From February 7 to 12, NASA solicited questions for the chat via YouTube and garnered about 150 submissions for potential queries.

"We're thrilled with the questions since many of them were really good questions," says Jason Townsend, NASA's deputy social media manager.

The event will connect NASA's robust social media following with astronauts on the ground, as well as those living and working aboard the laboratory, which orbits 240 miles above Earth.

NASA has 1.7 million Facebook fans and 3.5 million Twitter followers.

Google+ Hangouts allow up to ten people to chat face-to-face via their computers or the Google+ mobile app. According to NASA, thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live from NASA's Google+ page or via the NASA Television YouTube channel. NASA has 400,000 followers on Google+ and 213,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Brand Your Twitter Profile to Increase Engagement [Template]

Take control of your brand. Your Twitter profile page is completely public — anyone can view it without joining or logging into Twitter. You have the opportunity to instantly make an impression to a new visitors when they see your Twitter profile page by featuring your most important content and visually representing your brand.

Here are recommendations and best practices to take advantage of all the branding opportunities on your Twitter profile. Customize your brand's Twitter profile to increase engagement and conversions.

If you have a design team, the below will be helpful for them, and heres a template to help build out creatives (click to enlarge):

Twitter Web Profile Template


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How Facebook is Shaking Up Search Marketing

how facebook is shaking up search marketing

"How many 'likes' do you have?" Until very recently, skeptics argued that social marketers were obsessed with building social media followings while unable to articulate the value of a fan.

Well, that changes with Facebook Graph Search, which will make the ROI of a Facebook following as easy to measure as SEO efforts on Google. Welcome to the new era of SEO: instead of links and keywords, it's "likes" and "check-ins" that will get your business to the top of the search results.

Hailed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as one of three pillars of the social network (the other two being Profiles and News Feed), Graph Search has the audacious goal of providing relevant search results to a user based on their friends' preferences. For those that haven't been granted beta access to the new feature yet, Graph Search allows users to query their network of friends for their preferences on brands, restaurants, locations, and a variety of other categories. With this new search type, marketers have been challenged with figuring out a new model of SEO to generate business through Facebook.

Mapping connections, interests, and activities on Facebook to real-life interactions is a complicated task, involving evaluation of a variety of activity types on and offline. But, as countless studies indicate that friends' endorsements carry significant weight, this hard work will pay off: 92% of people trust recommendations from their friends, as compared to below 50% for other forms of advertising or endorsements (Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q3 2011). In short, a consumer will go to their friends first when making decisions like where to eat, who to date, where to shop, or where to vacation.

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How To Get a Job in Social Media

how to get a job in social media

Social media is a rapidly growing career choice for young professionals and recent college graduates. It sounds sexy, after all. Many people will be impressed that you pay your mortgage with an activity that they pursue for fun and convenience.

However, a career in social media involves much more than having personal experience on Twitter and Facebook. It requires expertise in many facets of business, including human relationships, communication, marketing, internet technologies, customer service and more.

A few of the daily responsibilities might include:

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