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Entrepreneur's 10 Hottest Stories About Social Media in 2013

Entrepreneurs 10 Hottest Stories About Social Media in 2013








Social media. When used right, it can be a huge boost for your business. When used incorrectly, you have a PR disaster on your hands.

From tips on becoming a social media guru and beefing up your LinkedIn network, to common misconceptions entrepreneurs have about connecting with their audience, here are the most popular stories about social media (that you read and then, naturally, shared with others).

10. 10 Questions to Ask When Creating Your LinkedIn Company Page
Want to create a LinkedIn page for your company that generates leads, sales and traffic? Here's some practical advice to get you started.

9. LinkedIn Tips: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Network
To celebrate the social media giant's 10th birthday, read up on our best practices for business owners on LinkedIn.

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UK Social Media Statistics for 2014

Welcome to our third annual roundup of statistics for social media use in the UK.

The UK Social Media Landscape for 2014

As in previous years, this post is written using the best data we could find at the start of 2014, looking at demographics, overall user numbers, and any other interesting snippets we came across which suggest changes to how the major social media sites are being used, and who by.

Our sources* are listed at the end of the post, and we have been selective in some cases to try and highlight the most recent and / or credible information.

UK Facebook Statistics 2104

Facebook’s growth period has clearly come to an end, with Comscore reporting an end of december 2013 user base of just over 31 million users – 31,456,000 to be precise. This time last year the figure was around 1.5 million higher.

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Top 3 Tips for Social Media Success in 2014

Social media success means different things to different people, but one of the unifying elements for successful social media marketing for us all is usually – is it delivering a financial ROI? Is social media engagement providing cash in the bank for your business?

This question is the acid test for many. There are many businesses out there who will struggle to answer it satisfactorily.


So, here’s my top three tips for social media success in 2014:

* Test, measure, then repeat

One of the great things about social media marketing is the ability to cost-effectively test and measure different campaigns, to see what works and what’s missing the mark. Using social media marketing to measure the successful elements of your social media engagement can make the difference between failure and success. If it works, repeat it. Read this for hints and tips.


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What Do Millennials Want from Social Media?

What Do Millennials Want from Social Media

Millennials make up a good chunk of active social media users. If your brand is looking to target them on social channels, there are a few things that you should know. Before we cover these awesome stats, lets just make sure that everyone knows what we mean when we say, “millenials”. This is a group of young people who were born from the early 1980’s up until the early 2000’s. Essentially this group is tech savvy, motivated by trends and very hard to romance with hard-selling marketing. Now that we know who we are talking about, what do we need to know about them? A recent study by Render Positive teased out some great statistics that I thought were very important to note when trying to appeal to the ever-elusive millennial. Let’s take a look at what they found.

When asked why they follow brands on social media:

  • 57% wanted competitions and freebies
  • 39% wanted product recommendations
  • 30% wanted entertaining media
  • 15% wanted overall fun conversation.

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