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What Robert Scoble really thinks of Facebook's Open Graph sharing


Before you bank on Facebook's open access to user information, you need to hear Robert's thoughts on the future of Facebook and what's coming next in social technology.

If Robert Scoble was a brand (one might argue that he is), his numbers would rival some of the biggest household names. He has 256 thousand Twitter followers, 245 thousand people have subscribed to his feed on Facebook, and 1.4 million people are following him on Google+.

When Robert speaks, techies takes notice. So when we got five minutes with him behind the scenes at ad:tech San Francisco, we asked what we hoped the digital marketing community wanted to hear: What does he really think of Facebook's Open Graph sharing?

Here's what he had to say about the advertising power of Facebook and Google+, as well as some of the new cool and "freaky" things we'll be seeing soon.

"Facebook is building a new media company. One where the media comes to you."

Watch the video at What Robert Scoble really thinks about Facebook's Open Graph sharing


Determine if you're addicted to Facebook, with The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale

facebook addiction socailmediopolis

It is possible to get addicted to almost anything. The most obvious candidates are things like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and food. But anything which causes some kind of obsessive behavior in even one individual has the potential to be addictive.That includes the Web and, in particular, social networking sites such as Facebook. New research from the University of Bergen (UiB) suggests Facebook addiction is not only real but measurable using the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale.

A research team led by Doctor of Psychology Cecilie Schou Andreassen classifies addiction to Facebook as "a subdivision of Internet addiction." The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale comprises six statements which are meant to be answered with (1) Very rarely, (2) Rarely, (3) Sometimes, (4) Often, and (5) Very Often. Answering with a 4 or above for four or more of the following statements may suggest an addiction to Facebook.

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Pantene, Starbucks Sponsor Video Content With an Edge [Video]

video socialmediopolis

Video producer Funny or Die worked with Pantene to create a video, "The Weird Science and Big Business of Working Girls in The Breakfast Club," a humorous tribute to the big hair phenomenon of the 1980s. The Pantene-Funny or Die video spoof was tied to the hair care brands's "Back by Popular Demand" campaign where it reportedly brought back previously discontinued products.

BMW attached its brand to a video series from The Daily, a digital publication designed for the iPad, Android, and Facebook. "The Ultimate Test Drive" features the show's hosts - Danny Dumas and Steven Leckart as they demonstrate an odd assortment of vehicles – from a Zamboni to a HydroBob. And The Onion's A.V. Undercover video music series, which features 25 bands covering 25 songs, scored Starbucks as a sponsor.

Watch the video at Pantene, Starbucks Sponsor Video Content With an Edge

11 Apps Every Marketer Should Download

mobile apps2 socialmediopolis

Apps are everywhere these days, and not just on your iPhone. Apps are all over Android, mobile devices, desktops ... even in your marketing software! And the functionality of these apps is ever-expanding, which is good news for marketers, because it means you can now download an app that does more than just fling angry birds at little green pigs. That's right -- now there are apps out there that make a marketer's life easier, and even make them better at their jobs.

As a marketer and fan of exploring new apps (although my colleagues might have a more emphatic name for me than "fan"), I wanted to share with you the apps that make marketers more successful at, well, marketing. Here are what I consider to be 11 must-have apps for marketers so you can really make a dent in your career!

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13 Ways to Create a Cringeworthy Social Media Presence

social presence socialmediopolis

This week, a new free social media tool called Klouchebag hit the web. If you haven't played around with it already, it's a tool that tells you how ... uh ... annoying you are on Twitter. Yeah, we'll just go with "annoying" for the sake of this blog post.

But it got me thinking: social media can be chock full of valuable content, but it's often buried among the mundane and useless social media updates, or hidden behind poorly constructed social media profiles. And this makes a marketer's job mighty hard.

So this post is going to outline all of the worst offenders we've seen in social media. If none of these apply to you, congratulations! Use these as entertainment over your lunch break. Otherwise, consider these cautionary tales to help protect your own social media strategy.

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