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Social Media is Word of Mouth Marketing

Social media is modern day word of mouth marketing. It is as simple as that. It is about how business today interact and build strong relationship with their individual customers on social media.

It is not about one to many people, but it is about one to one.

Throw Away Mass Advertising Mindset

Social Media Is Word Of Mouth Marketing image bin2

If your business wants to do well on social media marketing in order to generate better profits and customer loyalty, then you should throw away any ‘inch’ of that mass advertising mindset.

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10 Bold Strategies for Increasing the Click Factor

As a writer who, on a daily basis, competes with premium and traditional news outlets for readers’ time (oh, and Buzzfeed too), I’m keen to learn how I can get you to read and share my story.

Arm-twisting and blackmail aside, I recognize one of the more critical things that gets consumers of digital content to click and share is an exciting headline.

Therefore, I’ve consulted a few marketers and members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, for their responses on:

Q. What’s your secret for creating highly shareable headlines for your blog posts and articles?


1. Take a Trip to Your Local Magazine Store

Magazine Stand by Mannobhai

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Top Ten Website Metrics You Need to Know

Top Ten Website Metrics You Need to Know

Websites are incredible. They provide us with loads of useful and great information with hours of entertainment. However, nowadays there’s added pressure to keep them updated and performing effectively. A way to improve a website and monitor how it’s doing is through website analytics or metrics, and this blog is going to provide the top ten that are most valuable to know.

(1)    Visits

The first metric is visits which is how many times a user has visited your site. So when you visit a website such as this page,  this is registered as one visit. The greater number of visits you get to your website, the more you can determine that it’s designed effectively and has efficient usability.

(2)    Unique Visits

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The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird: a testament to mankind's cruelty. The app that destroyed so many lives in just a short amount of time will live in infamy forever, or at least until we all forget about it. It's supernatural meteoric rise to fame took us all by surprise and it seemed that none of us were ready.

Created by just one man, Flappy Bird topped the app stores in over one hundred countries worldwide and is one of the most downloaded apps in history. The absurd difficulty of the game was perhaps why it was so popular; the addictive nature of it couldn't be ignored and the more we lost the more frustrated we became. Many speculated that success in the game was just random and driven my computer bots, other's thought it was just a PR stunt for a bigger game company.

From the nonstop outrage of the millions of players, creator Dong Nguyen announced via Twitter on February 8th 2014 that he would be taking Flappy Bird down. And thus was the end of a modern day plague; perhaps next time we will be better prepared.

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7 Reasons "Facebook Fraud" Is Seriously Flawed

FB flaw
You’ve probably seen the 9 minute ‘Facebook Fraud’ video by Veritasium.
I’ll just say I love his videos, they are entertaining, educational and refreshening (or quality content in case you’ve seen my recent tweets).
But, I’ve been asked my opinion on ‘Facebook Fraud’, so I wanted to put it out there.
In all reality I agree with Jon Loomer about this because he’s spot on. I wanted to throw in my two cents, for my followers and anyone else wanting a quick read rebuttal post.

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