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3 Notes on Being More Human and Building Your Brand in Social Media

One of the most exciting things about social media is that we are working in a period of change. We're seeing an being more human as a brandevolution in the way people approach work, play – life in general is absorbing new methods of interaction as social media grows into our collective cognizance. We're creating a new atmosphere and expanding our reach to the wider global community. And one of the best aspects of this is we’re all learning. Unlike traditional media where everything’s been done before, the social media landscape is being crafted by experimentation. No one has all the answers on how best to use social media for business, we’re all asking questions, trying new things. Definitely, there are processes that work, and through the research of thought leaders we’re guided, everyday, to expand our knowledge, but those leaders are as keen to learn as anyone else. We are in a period where ideas and thought are of significant value. Because no knows for sure where this road takes us next.

Whilst more people are embracing creativity and experimentation, there are some things that we’ve learned that are universally true, some aspects that, regardless of the medium, will remain influential in success. Those elements are human factors. You can’t do business without people. It's people who purchase your products, people who spread your brand message. You can’t succeed in social media without understanding the importance of building and maintaining human relationships. Whilst social media is technology based, it’s people who drive it, and we don’t build relationships with avatars and user names alone. Here are three things that will help humanize your brand and build better business relationships through your social media presence.

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Influencers are Everywhere

Marketing and PR pros have incorporated some component of influencer marketing since the beginning of time. influencers are everywhereThe word “influencer” has just been shoved down our throats lately so hey, let’s go with it.

However, so many articles and strategies focus on influencers who reach far and have a digital presence. This is great, don’t get me wrong. But, we’re forgetting something. Influencers are EVERYWHERE.

Mentally walk through your day and think about how many people who you trust recommended a brand or product to you. For instance:

  • This morning my mom told me that I should be taking a natural cold remedy instead of an over the counter product and I listened.
  • One of my Facebook friends took a picture of themselves in their new prAna shirt so I added it to my shopping cart.
  • My co-worker knows I’m in the market for a camera so he recommended the one he has and showed me how to use it. I think I’m going to buy that one.
  • And it’s only noon….

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33 Captivating Statistics That Could Change Your Marketing Strategy

33 Captivating Statistics That Could Change Your Marketing StrategyFacts. Facts. Facts.

There are enough restaurants in New York City for one person to eat out every night for 54 years and never visit the same place twice.

If WalMart employees were an army, it would have the second largest military in the world.

Do these facts help your social media strategy? Most likely not. You probably now know not to anger WalMart employees, and just booked a flight to New York City.

The facts below will razzle and dazzle your social media strategy.

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SEO-Optimized Web Content: How Do You Optimize Without Overdoing It?

SEO Optimized Web ContentSearch engine optimization? Isn’t that dead? Nope! If you thought it was, then you were misinformed. SEO isn’t dead or dying, it’s simply evolving, according to our SEO predictions for 2014. And it’s still important to know how to optimize without overdoing it.

When is the last time you overdid something? Be honest! We all overdo things from time to time because we get wicked excited or have a habit of overthinking and second guessing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because it amounts to human nature. But when it comes to something as important to your business as SEO-optimized web content, how do you make sure you don’t overdo it? Is there anything wrong with overdoing it? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss.

The SEO Golden Rule

There’s a golden rule in every industry, isn’t there? In a lot of industries, the golden rule boils down the age old saying, “The customer is always right.” When it comes to the content industry, I’ve heard a slight various to this adage: “The audience rules.”

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Google+ Changes Shared Link's Post Preview With Larger Images

While many remain skeptical about the popularity or eventual success of Google+, I for one am quite happy with the experience Google+ provides. I’m a part of some interesting communities where I often find interesting discussion taking place, and often it’s a little more fun to go through my Google+ feed rather than my Twitter feed because it’s a lot more visual.

Today, I noticed that Google+ had taken a leaf out of Facebook’s book, and had changed the way link-shares were being displayed. After sharing an article about Moz, I noticed that the image being shown in the share was a lot larger than I had previously encountered across Google+.

Here’s what the post looks like:

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