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4 Tips to Improve Email Data Quality

You may be the savviest salesman in the world but, at the end of the day, you’re only as good as your data. improve-email-dataAnd for many companies, data could be a lot better.

In a recent State of Salesforce report by Bluewolf, 25% of companies cited data as their No. 1 business challenge. And as many as one in four B2B databases are inaccurate, according to research by SiriusDecisions. Marketers are clearly having trouble with their data quality.

What’s more, this “data problem” is costing marketers serious money. SiriusDecisions Senior Research Director Jonathan Block points to the 1-10-100 rule: It takes $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to cleanse and re-duplicate it and $100 if nothing is done. And these costs multiply exponentially as databases grow.

Ultimately, bad data can creep into your database for a variety of reasons, but you can eradicate most of it with a proactive approach. Below are four ways to improve your data quality ASAP.

Ask for More with Less

To effectively target customers, you need more than a name and email address; you just don’t need it all at once. Just as you wouldn’t reveal everything about yourself on a first date, your customers don’t want to feel pressured to share too much too soon. Make it easier for them with smarter, simpler forms.

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Top 5 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Top 5 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing StrategyCreating a social media marketing strategy is a must in order to have an effective social media campaign.  Social media marketing should be merged with your traditional marketing efforts, however, a separate marketing plan should be in place to document content strategies and guidelines, short-term and long-terms goals as well as how to specifically measure all social media efforts. 

Here are 5 tips to help you create an effective social media marketing strategy:

1.      Make sure everyone is on board.

When creating a social media marketing strategy everyone from the CEO, the marketing & advertising team and all upper and middle management should be included in the decision-making process that will result in a company’s social media marketing strategy.  This strategy will set the guidelines for the social media director, consultant or team that is responsible for utilizing and monitoring all social media networks.  Once the social media strategy is developed, all company employees should be made aware of all social media campaigns and encouraged to participate and solicit participation from others outside of the company.

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Social Media ROI: What You Should Be Doing and Why

Social Media ROI What You Should Be Doing and WhySocial media is not solely about making a direct conversion, but it does play a key role in the sales funnel. As such, it should be properly tracked to ensure that conversions are occurring as a result of social efforts. Social media is all about building relationships, developing bonds, and influencing customer conversions—and if you’re not tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaigns properly, you could be missing out on important details that could lead you to higher conversions and an improved social media ROI.

Gone are the days when fan counts and traffic are all we should care about—digital marketers are faced with evolving attitudes toward what actually constitutes an effective digital marketing campaign. Today’s campaigns are all about converting visitors, fans, followers and the like into customers. Reliable indicators as to what constitutes an effective social media campaign are out there—you just need to know what you should be doing to track ROI (and why).

Tracking Conversions Across Multiple Tools

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How to Keep Your Brand in the Social Media Conversation

Once you create a Twitter account and link it to your website your brand will become a viral sensation, right?brand social media conversation


Social media algorithms and strategies change daily, so how do you keep your brand in the conversation on social day in and day out? Oftentimes my clients think their social media presence will develop overnight which is unfortunately not the case. Mashable’s list of Top 10 Brands on Social Media in 2013 reveal specific reasons why brands are popular on social media. Now of course, the term “popular” should be used loosely, as brands all have different goals and measurements of success on social media. Some are looking to increase their following while others are looking to achieve higher engagement rates. It is important to keep in mind when developing a social media strategy that it must be tailored specifically to each client or brand in order to meet their goals.

Though those listed on Mashable’s Top Brands list are all well-known companies, there are reasons other than their large following and popularity that landed them on this list. How did they do it? Here are a few tips to ensure your brand stays relevant on social media, for the long-term:

1. Consistency

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Tracking Social Media Success with Google Analytics

Google-AnalyticsIn today's world, having a large social audience can mean BIG BUCKS and because of that, now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are investing a lot of time and money into social media as a form of branding and marketing. With that being said, I wanted to share how you should go about tracking the success of your social media efforts using Google Analytics in a few simple steps. Using Google Analytics makes it easy for you to track how many conversions that you are getting from your social profiles the beauty of using Google Analytics is that it is TOTALLY FREE! 

Google Analytics & Social Media Traffic

Assuming you are doing some search marketing to supplement your social, you should probably already have Google Analytics setup. If you don't, there are tons of video tutorials out there and Google's support page on installing Google Analytics is also a great learning resource.

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