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Free eBook: How To Optimize Your Social Media to Generate More and Better Qualified Leads

Optimizing Social Media for Lead Gen

Using social media to generate leads isn't a groundbreaking strategy. However, if executed properly, social media can transform your lead generation efforts from blah to WOW! To help you successfully utilize social channels, download Social Media for Lead Generation. This new eBook dives into the latest research on social marketing strategy and highlight key tips for elevating your lead generation.

This eBook explores in detail:
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• How social marketing is shifting away from company-to-buyer marketing
• Why social sharing is important and how to get your audience to share – tips & tricks to improve virality

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Twitter Rolling Out Revamped Look Resembling Facebook

Twitter may soon look like Facebook as users of the social networking giant report that they are seeing a new layout which observers note look like a mix of Facebook and other social networking stars.

One of those users is the Twitter account used by Full Sail University’s Electronic Dance Music Organization (@FSEDMOurWay) which took to Twitter to post the screenshot embedded below.

The new layout looks like a hybrid Facebook Timeline and Google+ stream at first glance.

Twitter, new look,

(Image from @FSEDMOurWay)

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Facebook Custom Audiences: 7 Strategies Marketers Can Start Using Today

Facebook RetargetingAt the end of January, Facebook announced the global rollout of Custom Audiences, an ad targeting and retargeting solution it began testing in October.

Custom Audiences allows marketers to retarget Facebook users who earlier visited their websites or mobile apps, as well as combine first-party data such as customer emails, purchase data, and CRM data with Facebook's own targeting parameters to make their Facebook ads much more relevant.

Already, Facebook's easy-to-use Custom Audiences targeting has proved highly popular among marketers. By simply appending Facebook's tracking pixel, you can now segment website visitors into target audiences and re-engage them with highly targeted messages across the world's largest social network.

Finally, advertisers have a Facebook retargeting solution with the power and scale of FBX, but without the monthly fees charged by third-party FBX media-buying partners.

Now that Custom Audiences are here to stay, what are some of the coolest ways marketers can use the targeting platform to reach more customers? Here are seven Custom Audiences strategies you can start using today.

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How the Threat of Amazon Made CVS Pull Cigarettes Off the Shelves

How the Threat of Amazon Made CVS Pull Cigarettes Off the Shelves

Amazon revealed recently that a new feature in their mobile app will allow a consumer to point his or her camera at a product, like an empty mouthwash bottle or a can of furniture polish, and that photo alone would place an order on their website. The new Flow feature in Amazon’s mobile app is a classic example of how markets are “commoditizing” and is why improving the Customer Experience is so essential for businesses.

Just think about the Amazon logo. It has an arrow between the A and Z. There is a reason. They want to be the supplier of everything a consumer needs, right down to shaving foam and tissues. Making a decision on price and selection alone is not going to be drivers for the future of retail. Instead, consumers will go to the place where the customer has the best experience.

We all know everyone sells the same goods or services. Whether it’s Target, Publix, CVS or Walgreens, or any other of the multitude of retailers that specialize in selling consumer packaged goods, there is usually with a negligible price difference. But when you need this mouthwash or furniture polish, you usually go to the store that you like the best.

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8 Compelling Reaons Why You Should Be Using Social Media



If you still aren’t convinced and your business hasn’t started using social media yet, here are 8 compelling reasons to do so.

As a business, understanding your target audience and their motivation to follow you on social media is key in determining how to best connect with, and grow your audience. Knowing your own USPs and understanding your customers well, will help give your business a voice and means you’ll be able to create and curate content that resonates with your followers.

We all know that social media is a must these days and that a huge and growing number of businesses are utlising social media as part of their marketing, but for those that aren’t yet on board; what are the benefits of investing in social media?

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