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Why Social Media Marketers Should Shelve Holiday Hard-Sell

112987077Marketers are facing a conundrum this holiday season, a new study suggests. Consumers want to see more deals on social media than brands have been offering. But they also tune out companies that bombard them with too many promotions around the holidays. Marketers need to walk a fine line, the study finds.

Many leading retailers are underutilizing social media as a channel to promote deals, according to a study of more than 500 consumers conducted by Yesmail, an email marketing firm. Yesmail asked them about their general and holiday shopping preferences and incorporated their responses in an analysis of digital marketing campaigns.

While the resulting study showed that consumers are more open to social media promotions in general, it also revealed a potential pitfall for marketers: Holiday-themed promotions often perform worse than nonholiday promotions in terms of engagement.

The study tracked the social media campaigns for the brands released during the spring and summer, where 14 percent of Facebook campaigns and 8 percent of Twitter campaigns had a holiday theme. The findings showed that those campaigns that focused heavily on getting consumers to make purchases showed less-than-average engagement, while the messages aimed at simply getting followers into the respective holiday spirit performed much better.

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4 Out of 10 Consumers Use Local Search Once a Day

112987077Four out of 10 consumers use local search at least once a day, according to a new study commissioned by local search company YP.

YP's new study "How Consumers are using Local Search" found that with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, more consumers are using local search. According to the study, a large group of consumers called "avid local search users" account for half of all local searches. YP says that avid local search users are early adopters who hold key information for how people will be using local search in the future.

The new YP study was commissioned out to marketing consulting firm immr. The company surveyed 1,100 consumers to discover what sorts of devices were used for local search and what kind of information users were looking for.

According to the study four out of 10 consumers use local search at least once a day. While another two-thirds of users use it at least three to four times a week.

YP says that consumers are using local search to not only find out a company's name, address, and phone number (NAP) but also to find out things like customer reviews.

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Election Night Hits Record High: 20 Million Tweets

Election Night Hits Record High 20 Million TweetsMore than 20 million tweets have already been sent about the election Tuesday night, Twitter's government team revealed. That makes it by far the most tweeted political event in U.S. history.

The number was announced at 10:16 p.m. ET, with the election still in the balance — suggesting that the final tally would be much larger before the night was over.

With 20 million tweets, Election Day just became the most tweeted about event in US political history. #election2012

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Fee Whitepaper Download160 Amazing Social Media Statistics

Fee Whitepaper Download160 Amazing Social Media StatisticsOn Election Day 2008, 1.8 million tweets were sent. Today, that number of tweets is sent every 6 minutes. Both candidates have invested in social media heavily this election, and many feel that social media will have a measurable impact on the outcome of the election. We've found 160 mind-boggling stats around the 2012 Presidential election around the general themes of:

What separates Democrats and Republicans when it comes to digital advertising?What do Obama and Romney talk about on social media?How active are the candidates on social media?Which national convention stirred up the most conversation?
How many tweets did Obama get during the campaign versus Romney?

In certain instances, we'll provide actionable takeaways for you to apply to your own social marketing strategy.

Download 160 Amazing Social Media Statistics today! Download here.

How to monetize mobile app re-engagement

112987077If you spend any time in mobile app marketing, you know that the vast majority of advertising campaigns are based on app installs. Whether an ad network or publisher is charging for impressions, clicks, or installs, the majority of app developers are backing everything out to a cost-per-install. We've started to see a shift. It's a shift I'm extremely excited about because it brings advertising back to a cost-per-action (CPA) for mobile apps.

Let's say you have a utility style app that's installed on millions of devices. Your users keep the app on their phone in case they want to book a trip, check in, listen to music, or pick up on a game they thought was interesting. Acquiring new app installs is certainly still important, but what if you could pay publishers and advertising channels for the users they re-engage, causing those users to return to your app and make a purchase. Wouldn't that be worth something?

We have to start thinking about the value of a user's actions beyond the install. What is a purchase in your app worth to you? How would this impact your budgets?

Imagine how this impacts the monetization of social media traffic. Though it might be likely that a user sharing their app experience on social media might be broadcasting to others that already have the same app installed, perhaps this re-engagement causes a new purchase decision or in-app action. Incentivizing marketing and advertising partners by paying for this actual revenue event will only drive more quality users to make more in-app purchase decisions. 

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