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The True Meaning Of Leading By Example

New managers are often told it's best to “lead by example”. Rightfully so – but like most platitudes, “lead by example” doesn't give you particularly instructive action.

So, let's dig in.

First lets talk about the idea of “personal brand.”

A great personal brand isn’t an artificial construct. A great personal brand – like a great company brand – is authentic. Your personal brand is simply a snapshot view of who you really are. Yet thousands of people try to use tactics to “create” a personal brand as if it’s a product or commodity when a personal brand is built on genuine statements and authentic actions.

When a personal brand is an authentic extension of the real person and not an artificial construct, it inspires trust.

Which brings us back to leading by example. Leaders aren’t given respect; they earn the respect of the people they lead. Leaders are not automatically trusted; they earn the trust of the people they lead. In cases where someone “inherits” a position or is given a position arbitrarily, they don't really have trust — they have a title. Those are different things.

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Google, Facebook, more than 100 other tech companies pressure FCC on net neutrality

Google Facebook more than 100 other tech companies pressure FCC on net neutralityA coalition of more than 100 of the world’s top tech companies have come out to support net neutrality as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler faces a revolt within his own ranks. In a letter submitted to the FCC, a group led by Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Netflix publicly advocated for a free and open Internet, in what may be the most significant condemnation of the agency’s new proposals.

“According to recent news reports, the Commission intends to propose rules that would enable phone and cable Internet service providers to discriminate both technically and financially against Internet companies and to impose new tolls on them. If these reports are correct, this represents a grave threat to the Internet,” the coalition said.

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LinkedIn Promiscuity: Should You Be Selective in Whom You Accept Connections Requests From?

Linkedin ChocolatesIn short, not really.

While there are a number of elements of LinkedIn that resemble other networks, successful usage of their platform is much different than the others and you most likely will not be posting anything sensitive in nature. You won’t be posting pictures of your summer vacation or what you had for dinner on LinkedIn anytime soon, nor will you be checking into a coffee shop or sharing home décor tips. You will be raising your personal and business’ brand awareness, identifying job candidates and developing high-quality sales leads…if you use their tools right.

I live by the rule that you never know who is connected to whom, so I generally accept all connection requests. Generally speaking, the people that will want to connect with you on LinkedIn are from your industry or a related industry and more likely to be interested in your content. You may not know them, but they may like what you have to say, which will lead to more social shares of your content, better SEO and more web traffic. Think of everyone you connect with as either a potential targeted inbound lead or someone that could indirectly introduce you to one.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Bit.ly links sometimes prompt a virus warning from Macafee or Norton. These are false warnings. The links are perfectly fine and are hosted directly by Marketo.


Word-Of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

The advent of technology and the rise of social media in the Digital Age have changed the way that word-of-mouth-retro-640x400-300x187consumers receive marketing messages and perceive advertisements. The entire process involved in buying a product has been transformed, and traditional advertising is beginning to lose its effect and importance.

Paid media – television and radio commercials, print advertisements, billboards – still influence the consumer to a certain extent, but not as much as they used to. People are inundated with these forms of advertising, and it can be overwhelming. With so many ads and commercials out there all the time, the atmosphere has become congested with self-promotions from companies, leading the consumer to ignore the constant claims of product superiority.

Word-of-mouth marketing – earned media – is the oldest form of advertising, the most simple and often the most effective. Before there were billboards, radio commercials or newspaper ads, people shared their opinions of products and services through conversation. Today, with the online communities that form on social networking sites, word-of-mouth marketing has become even more important.

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