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Your Q2 Program Planning Template - Ready, Set, Grow [Sponsored]

your q2 program planning template ready set grow sponsored

2018 is already well under way and Q2 is just around the corner. Do you have your marketing programs planned and ready for go-live yet? Download Marketo’s “Q2 Program Planning Template” to help you organize and streamline your marketing programs for this critical quarter.

Here’s a snapshot of what is included:

  • Helps you develop your overall marketing goals and objectives
  • Create effective marketing strategies
  • Use these two marketing program planning templates to save time
  • Implement yearly program view by quarter
  • Benefit from Marketo's funnel analysis program chart
  • Outline Campaign details, goals, and much more

Download here at no cost: http://bit.ly/Q2PlanTemplate

For a closer look at how Marketo can help you engage and connect with your audience, register for one of their upcoming Marketo demos! Register here: http://bit.ly/2IFJuRm

Here’s to your success,

Mike Crosson
Moderator & Publisher


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