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Pinning? Bet You're Doing It on Mobile

pin0Smartphones trump tablets for pinning on the go

eMarketer estimates that 40.1 million US consumers will use Pinterest via any device at least monthly this year—and based on recent data, it’s likely that most of this activity will take place on mobile. According to Q2 2014 research by ShareThis, US internet users logging on to Pinterest via mobile were three times more likely to pin than desktop users.


Three-quarters of Pinterest sharing took place on a mobile device. In comparison, Facebook—which claimed the overwhelming majority of all social shares—saw just over half conducted via smartphone or tablet.

That the majority of pins happen on mobile makes sense when one looks at how much time Pinterest users spend with the social site on different devices. In February 2014 research by comScore, mobile dominated desktop when it came to share of Pinterest time, claiming 93% of all time US Pinterest users spent on the social platform, compared with just 7% for PCs.


Broken down by mobile device, ShareThis found that smartphones were more than twice as popular as tablets for mobile pinning, and the latter actually trailed desktops by 2 percentage points. The fact that smartphones were the device of choice for mobile pinning suggests that mobility—not size—matters more for Pinterest users.

Similarly, January 2014 research by Luth Research for ExactTarget found that smartphones grabbed the overwhelming share of mobile visits to Pinterest in the US, at 83%, vs. 17% from tablets. In fact, no other online property studied saw a bigger gap between the two devices.


(Article and body image via eMarketer)


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