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You Heard What on Twitter?!?!

You Heard What on Twitter
The fact is that most social media networks have been saturated with eager businesses that are looking for that marketing edge. When it comes to Facebook, the marketing methods are pretty straight forward. You know how to find what you are looking for and how to ensure people find you. However, Twitter is a bit more layered. If you do not utilize each of these layers, chances are you are missing prime marketing opportunities that are literally right at your fingertips.

The problem for most small and big businesses alike is the fact that they are not using Twitter properly. If they are not using it properly, they are also not using it to its full potential. The following tips will help you learn the proper ways to use Twitter and make your marketing efforts profitable.

Your Streams

Chances are if you are on Twitter the only stream you read regularly is your News stream. In fact, for more users, they do not even know that other or multiple streams are possible. You need to set up your Twitter account so that you have several different streams of information, this will help you be informed about multiple actions and help you interact with more people, more often.

In order to make the most of your Twitter account you should set up the following streams that will put you "in the know" to all the latest happenings that are pertinent to your industry.

Personal Mention: You should set up a stream that will alert you each time that someone mentions your name on Twitter. Once you receive this notification, you can quickly respond, engaging the user and making a positive reputation for you.

Mentions of your Business or Brand: This stream will be dedicated to your brand, business or website. In most cases this stream is likely to get a larger number of mentions; however it is still important to appear in these conversations occasionally.

Your Timeline

Your timeline for your Twitter page is likely very "noisy." This is because this is where all of your followers and those your follow tweets show up. For most businesses, this is not an area you spend much time. In fact, most of the content may not even be relevant to you or your brand. This is true for your personal timeline, as well as your business timeline.

Some other streams you can easily set up that will alert you to when you are being mentioned no Twitter, good, bad or ugly, it is always good to know what is being said. Twitter gives you the tools to ensure you can respond to every comment or person that mentions you or your brand. This makes your "real" in the virtual world of social media.

Some other streams to consider setting up for Twitter and to optimize your marketing efforts include:

• A stream that alerts when your customers mention you or your brand.
• A stream that alerts when your leads mention you or your brand.
• Competitors: Set up one that will alert you to when your customers mention a competitor, or when a competitor mentions you.

If you take time and effort to learn to use Twitter properly and effectively you can easily maximize your marketing efforts. Also, you will not miss out on those important conversations or tweets that may not ever make it to your raw news feed, which you probably do not read much anyway.


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