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Pinterest says it will attract some 50M back-to-school shoppers this season

pinterest says it will attract some 50m back to school shoppers this season

As students gear up to head back to class, we are at the peak of back-to-school shopping season. Starting in early July and lasting through September, Deloitte’s 2018 Back to School survey reports 90 percent of back-to-school shoppers are most active during the month-long period between late July and early August, with 67 percent of all “back-to-school” shopping dollars spent the first two weeks of August.

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Here’s how to ‘expertly’ hit a link-building home run

heres how to expertly hit a link building home run

We all know the importance of great content, and we also know that without relevant, authoritative links in sufficient quantities, even great content won’t perform well in search.

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Virtual reality enters its ‘trough of despair’ as shipments decline

virtual reality enters its trough of despair as shipments decline

According to analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC), global shipments of virtual reality (VR) headsets were down about 34 percent year over year in the second quarter. The company put a brave face on the decline, saying, “IDC expects this to be a temporary setback as the VR market finds its legs.”

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Exclusive: Meet Facebook's top troll hunter

exclusive meet facebooks top troll hunter

Nathaniel Gleicher may well have the toughest job in tech right now. Gleicher, a former prosecutor with the Justice Department, has been given the unenviable task of ridding Facebook (FB) of foreign trolls and state-run disinformation campaigns of the sort that wreaked havoc on the 2016 US presidential election -- and threaten to do the same in November.

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Good riddance to social media mass production

good riddance to social media mass production

I’ll admit it. I’m on a crusade to save social media marketing. Social media marketing is in a near-crisis situation. Here's what marketers must do to survive and thrive.

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63 Coupon Statistics You Need to Know in 2018 [Infographic]

63 coupon statistics you need to know in 2018

Coupons are changing the way consumers shop. Today’s coupons have evolved far beyond the Sunday clippings once associated with a promo deal. They’re targeted, they’re digital, and they influence everything from a consumer’s purchase journey to their brand loyalty.

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