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Seriously cool: A free social media listening tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

bottlenose-logoOur mission is to organize the world's attention.

Bottlenose is a real-time discovery engine for the social web. It measures what the crowd is paying attention to, so you can discover and focus on what's important now.We are used by individuals and organizations to keep up with news and interests, gain live insights, and engage in real-time.

Welcome to the Stream

We are in a new era of the Internet. It's not about static Web pages anymore, it's about social networks, messages, conversations, and constantly flowing data. We call this the Stream.

As the Stream has emerged, the driving force of online attention has shifted from search to discovery, and from the Web to social networks. But social networks have also become increasingly noisy; it's getting harder to find the good stuff in all the chatter.

How do we make sense of this new landscape? How do we filter signal from noise in the Stream?

Search engines are not the solution. They index the past, not the present. They're great for finding Web pages, but no match for the real-time social Stream. We need a new approach: That's where Bottlenosecomes in.

Bottlenose is not a search engine, it's a discovery engine. It scans the present, not the past. It makes sense of what's happening now, and helps you discover what's important.

Use Bottlenose to spot real-time trends, track interests, and dive in where and when you want to. Stop drowning in the stream and start surfing it!

Bottlenose is simply the most powerful way to make sense of the Stream.

What it does

Bottlenose shows you a live streaming view of what the crowd is thinking, sharing and talking about right now. It's visual too - you can literally see what's happening. It gives you insights and analytics into what's behind the trends and who is influencing the conversation. And if you register, it also gives you a personalized dashboard for keeping up with all your news, interests and social networks in one place.

How it works

Bottlenose generates a dynamic semantic interest graph about every topic, link and person on the Stream, using a new patent-pending platform for social listening, analytics, and trend detection, called the StreamOSTM. The StreamOS does natural-language processing, semantic classification, sentiment detection, analytics, rules automation, attention profiling, trend detection, and personalization. It ranks topics and trends using StreamSenseTM, a new algorithm that measures attention. The StreamOS connects with many different social networks and data streams  -- Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, and more. It's easy to connect new streams and networks to it.The entire StreamOS platform is written entirely in Javascript and HTML5. It compresses down to the size of a photo and can instantly download and run in the browser for distributed "crowd computing," or can run in the cloud using Node.js

How do you get started?

It's easy. Just visit Bottlenose and search for topics that you want to track. No registration is necessary. But if you connect your social networks, you also get a personalized dashboard for tracking trends, news and interests around you.

But don't just take our word for it! Click here to read hundreds of rave reviews from our passionate users. Or better yet, register now and see for yourself!

More Information?

Get in touch with Bottlenose by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can reach us on Twitter at @bottlenoseapp.

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