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Oxford Learning Lab – advanced marketing training for a full year with a special group discount

oxford learning lab logoMost of us have one or two key strengths when it comes to marketing, but are weak in others. That tends to bring down the performance of everything across the board. For example, I know I'm not too good at project management, so when I launch campaigns, sometimes they can turn into fire drills.

But when Oxford Learning Labs contacted me and showed how their program teaches a full pantheon of great marketing courses by well-known experts, I was very impressed. No more 'Jack of All Trades and Master of None' for me! Their courses include Marketing Planning, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Project Management, Social Media, Brand Management to mention just a few.

The quality of their training is outstanding, but it is also surprisingly affordable. They have agreed to provide a special group discount knocking off $100 (now just $197) from the full 12-Month Total Access package.

Check out the details here: http://oxlearn.com/landing/#.UKZWbOSr7h5

Wow! This is a full year with access to over 50 hours of videos on demand, thousands of pages of related course materials, 26 hot marketing topics and more. Marketing Strategy training has never been so convenient. Learn at your own pace, at work or in the privacy of your own home.

No matter if your needs are a Boardroom level or you are coming from a Start-up point of view, our experienced presenters will explore different and challenging scenarios.

You will learn (among tons of other cool stuff)
1. Winning techniques for Mobile, SEO, PPC, Web Ux, Email Marketing & Copy Writing
2. How to build and grow a Brand
3. Marketing Planning that achieves actual results
4. How to Manage Large Marketing Projects
5. 10 Questions a CEO should ask their Marketing Teams

Check out the full details here: http://oxlearn.com/landing/#.UKZWbOSr7h5

I'm sure you will find this a great investment for a very low cost. And since you'll have a little downtime during the holiday, it's a great way to spend some quality time on yourself.

Here's to your success,

Tyler Crosson
Community Manager

PS. Michael Crosson (Founder and Moderator, Social Media Marketing Group on LinkedIn) is going to be speaking at the Social Media Marketing World Summit in San Diego in April, 2013... come network with top social media leaders there. See Social Media Marketing World: http://ow.ly/ewnyE  #SMMW13

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