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FREE ACCESS to SocialAppHQ's product suite!

139729556I've found a very cool company that has been flying under the radar until I read about them in Robert Scoble's blog.

He said, "They will treat you different" and boy, was he right. I contacted them about our group and they made us an offer we can't refuse: FREE ACCESS to SocialAppHQ's product suite, but only for a limited time. This is WAAAAYYYY cool! It's like a combination of Radian6, HootSuite and Wildfire Apps all rolled into one. And even though they are still in stealth mode, a ton of major businesses already use them including Paypal, Harley Davidson, Papa John's, AARP, BBB, Vin Diesel, Sean Paul, SnapDeal, Motorola and IBM.

It is so easy to use and has such an intuitive and elegant control dashboard that we're using it for SocialMediopolis and several other sites.

You can try it for yourself at no cost - register for FREE for SocialAppsHQ here.

SocialAppsHQ provides you with social media monitoring, actionable analytics, engagement tools, viral apps and a lot more in one easy-to-use platform. They will listen for your mentions across the web – Twitter, Facebook, Forums & Discussion Boards, Video sites, News and everything else. You can even enter your sites and they will start crawling them just for you. They will then analyze and show you trending topics, heat map of popular times to post/engage, demographics, sentiments, influencers and advocates. (Did you read that... even heat maps! Outstanding!)

Did I mention they have the largest Facebook app store on planet with 29+ apps? It will get your Facebook marketing started on steroids!

Why are they doing this? Because they want to build a base of enthusiastic professional users. Other companies charge a lot of money (~$1,000+) just to give you the kind of listening & monitoring these guys provide, and you'll get it for a limited time for free. For the first time, you will have access to technology that was limited to companies with big budgets only.

This special group offer won't last long, because they have limited customer support to pay for, so register today here.

Here's to your success,

Mike Crosson