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Learn how to increase your connections and results by 3X on LinkedIn


Hey, everyone - we all know how effective using LinkedIn for marketing can be. But do you know about all the very recent upgrades and changes that can make a HUGE difference in your business? Are you taking advantage of everything you should? I know I wasn't until I sat in on Lewis Howe's brand new LINKEDINFLUENCE 2.0 webinar.

Check it out here

If you don't know Lewis, he is THE authority on LinkedIn, the undisputed authority. And for the last 9 months, he and his team have been rebuilding their entire training platform. Even if you've attended one of these in the past, it is absolutely essential that you sit in on this one, because a LOT has changed. Lewis will show you a ton of new content that will really help you out. The agenda is here.

You will learn all this and more:

• Many of the new little known but important features, upgrades and changes to LinkedIn

• Why LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business professionals

• Why you should focus more energy on LinkedIn over Facebook

• How to use LinkedIn to sell more tickets to your live events

• How to drive More Traffic to your site

• How to generate More Sales on autopilot

• How to double conversions on LinkedIn Ads

• How to use this "secret network" to connect with key decision makers

• How to build a 40,000 person email list on LinkedIn

• How to get a job using LinkedIn (in any economy)

There is no cost. Sign up here!

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar. Here's to your success!