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In-store shopping isn’t dead, but is your strategy?

in store shopping isnt dead but is your strategy

Consumers of all demographics are still attracted to the in-store shopping experience, but why do they make the trek? The team at Oracle Bronto set out to understand the shopping habits of U.S. consumers, such as how frequently they’re shopping, what motivates them to shop in-store and what they want to see in the future.

We learned some interesting facts about who is shopping in-store—and why. Variables depend on motivating factors such as need, income, demographic, or intangibles like the desire to see or feel a product. Get this guide to learn more about in-store shopping trends and how you can increase your store traffic.

Find out more here: http://ora.cl/pM1TT

What you'll learn:

  • Which generation shops in-store most frequently.
  • What factors inspire consumers to shop in-store.
  • What consumers expect out of their shopping experience.
  • How personalization can work for your company.

Click here for the guide: http://ora.cl/pM1TT


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