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How do you compare? Benchmark against 500+ Marketing Leaders - AMEX, Verizon, Nestle and more [Sponsored]

how do you compare benchmark against 500 marketing leaders sponsored

With increasing pressure to cut through the noise and impress your customers, Incite Group has got to the bottom of just where marketers will be spending their time in 2019.

They asked over 500 marketers, including leaders from Abbott, AMEX, Bloomin’ Brands, Capital One, Gameloft, Gerber life Insurance, Home Depot, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Mondelez, Nestle, Prudential, Sears, Southwest, Verizon, Wells Fargo about their biggest priorities and challenges for 2019.

Find out the results and compare your own marketing department today: http://bit.ly/BestPractice2019

Download this exclusive report to learn about:

  • Investment for 2019: Discover how marketing executives are planning to spend their budget in 2019, and a breakdown of spend across creative, insights & attribution and more.
  • What is now critical to marketing success: Did you know moving towards a one-to-one relationship with their customer is now critical to over 57% of marketers?
  • Find out how marketers are prioritizing their content strategy for 2019: Measuring Content Success, Content Distribution, Content for Brand Awareness, Brand Consistency
  • New technology adoption rates: What % of marketers are pioneering new technologies: AI, messaging apps, VR and more?

Pick up your copy of exclusive white paper here: http://bit.ly/BestPractice2019


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