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63 Coupon Statistics You Need to Know in 2018 [Infographic]

63 coupon statistics you need to know in 2018

Coupons are changing the way consumers shop. Today’s coupons have evolved far beyond the Sunday clippings once associated with a promo deal. They’re targeted, they’re digital, and they influence everything from a consumer’s purchase journey to their brand loyalty.

According to recent research, 90 percent of consumers use coupons in some way during the buying process. For brands, coupons offer a way to reach existing and new customers in a tailored way that influences their purchasing decisions. Check out our list of all the coupon statistics you need to know for 2018, or see our infographic to learn how you can use coupons to influence customer purchases.

Coupons are becoming a vital part of the purchasing process. The number of consumers using coupons is slated to increase in the coming years, and consumers are noting their desire to see more offers and deals from companies.

For brands, coupons can drive more than just sales. They’ve been shown to increase brand awareness, generate loyalty and influence overall purchasing decisions. For a look at how you can use coupons to drive customer loyalty and influence purchases, check out our full infographic below.

63 coupon statistics you need to know in 2018 infographic


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