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Twitter Awards to Highlight Top Marketing Efforts

Twitter AwardsThe social network created the Twitter Awards to recognize the best creative work by marketers advertising on Twitter, just as the Facebook Awards does for Facebook and Instagram. There are six categories, and Twitter will award one gold prize, two silver prizes and three bronze prizes in each.

Twitter Begins Application Process for Verified Accounts

twitter verified accountsTwitter Tuesday rolled out an online application process for verified accounts, giving individuals and organizations the chance to join the social network’s nearly 187,000 accounts with the blue badge icon. Verified accounts launched on Twitter in 2009, but there was previously no way for account holders to request verification.

'Pokémon GO' Is About To Surpass Twitter In Daily Active Users

Pokemon Go PopularityData from SimilarWeb shows that Pokemon Go is about to pass Twitter in daily active users on Android -- and it hasn't even launched in Asia or the UK yet. It’s currently only officially available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Niantic Labs has actually paused their global rollout due to overwhelming (and I have to suspect somewhat unexpected) demands placed on their servers.

10 Lessons Learned About Social Media From My Parents

8-12lesson1Some valuable parental life lessons translate well into fundamental strategies for social media. Use these basic principles to effectively connect and engage with your audience.

When I give presentations on social media, I often refer to Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. After all, so much about social media is about building strong relationships with others. And that's what Dale preached as well as anybody, especially in his classic book.

11 Things You Can Do Right Now to Perfect Your Twitter Profile

T9-25News outlets should be mortified by the way they describe themselves on Twitter. Learn from their mistakes, and from the companies that are doing it right.

Every high-schooler knows that you can't choose your nickname. Happily, social media offers a remedy for people of all ages: the chance to write your own bio.

This ability to self-brand is priceless. Yet many fumble it. In fact, major media outlets approach their Twitter bios as if they were students cramming to finish their homework on the school bus, rather than world-class wordsmiths. At a time when publishers are increasingly interested in driving social traffic to their sites, such box-checking results in a lost opportunity

12 Proven Tactics for Rapidly Growing Your Presence on Social Media

10-13twelveSocial media is not a clean formula. It can either intimidate people who have never managed a company account, or excite them with opportunities to elevate the medium. Over the past three months I've been working hard to grow both my personal and company brands on social media. It's been a big learning curve.

13 Ways to Generate Revenue on Twitter

make money on twitterTwitter is a fantastic tool that can help your business achieve a variety of objectives, from brand awareness to networking to increasing website traffic. But, as with all marketing efforts, if you dig deep enough the main objective is usually tied to the bottom line.

25 Digital-Marketing and Social-Media Experts to Follow on Twitter

9-3twitterTwitter is a great source of information. Every tweet is 140 characters or less, allowing you to quickly scan your feed and engage with the content that interests you. While this eliminates a lot of unnecessary noise, you still need to be following the right people if you want to be constantly flooded with great information.

37 SEO Experts Those in the Know Follow

SEO10-7Here's a collection of influential tweeters in the SEO world that you should follow in order to stay on top of the latest news, trends, tips, and tricks that will help you succeed in search marketing.

I've been speaking at search conferences since 2001 and have spent a ton of time getting to know who is who in the industry. In fact, I look forward to seeing some of you at SES Chicago to discuss Buyer Legends. Every day it seems that there are another dozen experts to follow on SEO. But, who should you really be paying attention to in 2014?

4 Reasons to Use Humor in Your Social Media Content

5-28hmrBrands that post funny stuff on social media are seen as more memorable, while also gaining insights and emotional responses from the audience.

Laughter is a universal language and one of our first communication methods. Before we had spoken or written language, humans used laughter to express our enjoyment or accession with a certain situation. It's also a form of communication that bridges the gap between various languages, cultures, ages and demographics.

5 Benefits of Twitter's 140-Character Update for Your Brand or Business

5benefitsoftwitterarticleThe update Twitter users have longed for is finally here - images and links at the end of tweets will no longer take up any of your precious 140 characters.

The change opens doors for much more in depth communication on the social media network - Twitter was always designed to be used with phones, but back when Twitter started we only really had SMS which would start to split messages at 140 characters (hence the character restriction). But it’s 2016 now, and I’m so glad Twitter has implemented new updates that keep the core of the network alive, while giving us a little more wiggle room.

5 problems Twitter must solve to survive

Twitter needs to changeIt’s time for Twitter to shake things up and redefine itself. But that’s easier said than done.

Twitter is struggling and will continue to do so unless it can change course, writes Bhaskar Chakravorti. The social network needs to find ways to make its users less passive, ensure that online chatter isn't dominated by elite users, and grow in key markets such as the Asia-Pacific region.

5 Reasons Social Media Is Not Working for You

6-15smEverybody is on social media now. OK, that is a slight exaggeration. Only 2 billionof the planet’s 7.2 billion people have active social media accounts. What is even more incredible is that there are almost 1.7 billion active mobile social users now.

Strictly from a business opportunity standpoint, I would like to say, “wow!” How and where else can you reach almost a third of the earth’s population so easily, so cheaply and so personally? It is a marketer’s dream and, if you are doing it right, you should be using social media marketing to dominate your market.

5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

8-25fivetrendsNot too long ago, observers on the Internet were witnessing Twitter’s revolutionary early days and the cautious caveat emptor notice about Facebook disguised as Academy Award-winning The Social Network. Now there’s Pinterest for the DIY-inclined, LinkedIn for the professional, Tumblr for teenage thinkers, Instagram for millennials exploring their FOMO, and even dating services doubling as social networking sites.

5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Mother's Day (from Twitter)

5 twitter marketing tips for mothers day from twitter

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday May 14th. First off, get your Mom something nice. Second, if you haven’t got your Mother’s Day marketing strategy locked in, Twitter’s provided a few ideas to get you thinking and help boost response to your campaign.

Here are Twitter’s key Mother’s Day ideas.

7 Twitter Tools to Amplify Your Productivity

Are you spending too much time on Social Media?

Are you finding it harder and harder to keep up?

Are you looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach your audience?

I remember the first Tweet I read…My cat ate ____ for breakfast. Really? I love animals, but as a businessman I shunned twitter. Then my curiosity of this new technology prompted me to take a closer look. Over the years I’ve come to learn the power of Twitter.

8 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Custom Twitter Hashtags

3-11hashCustom hashtags are most popular on Twitter but are also used on Instagram, Tumblr, Super, and other social networks. They are unique, an extension of your brand. Best of all, custom hashtags are completely free. 

1. Twitter chats.

Twitter chats are one of many ways to connect with customers and potential clients on Twitter. By using a custom hashtag, chat participants can follow the conversation by using Twitter’s search box. For a more professional look and a beautifully designed Twitter chat room, choose a third party Twitter chat provider. Most of them offer free Twitter chats and register the hashtag for you so you can easily track it.

A 5 Step Guide to Using Twitter for Business

a 5 step guide to using twitter for business

While more recent headlines have not been flattering, Twitter has earned its spot as a leading social media platform over the past eleven years.

Those 140-character snippets can provide tons of organic growth, engagement and brand recognition for businesses of all sizes. Users latch on to the conversational and up-to-the-minute nature of the platform. If you’re running a small business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing plan is likely a wise and cost-effective idea.

Today, we’ll review the essential steps to get your Twitter for Business account up and running - and most importantly, generating the positive results you want.

Apple's New iPhone Hit By 'Hairgate,' the Latest Social-Media Storm

I10-9First there was bendgate... now brace yourself for hairgate.

Fresh from the online uproar over whether the shiny new iPhone 6 bends when carried around in pockets, Apple has been hit by a new complaint - that the handset traps users' hair or beards when they make calls.

It is difficult to gauge whether there is any real issue, but Twitter users have made #hairgate a rising social media trend, leading major news outlets to pounce on the story.

Avoid these Twitter marketing mistakes

Twitter mistakes10 Twitter Marketing Mistakes Social Media Marketers Make

With more than 320 million active users, there is no doubt that Twitter is a great marketing tool. It gives you many opportunities to connect with your target audience. Whether you are marketing a startup or an established company, it plays a crucial role in your marketing landscape. That being said, you must be conversant with Twitter marketing etiquette, or you may end up offending customers and alienating prospects. Here are the mistakes you should never make on Twitter.

Branding trend: Identifying key consumer moments

mobile momentsThe Rise of Mobile Moment Advertising

Mobile ad campaigns that succeed in reaching consumers at the right moment are the latest push from companies such as Google and The New York Times. Aki Technologies President Alvaro Bravo explores the advantages and drawbacks of this technique that can help advertisers better understand their audiences and approach them at the right time.

Brands can now target ads on Twitter based on emoji use

Twitter is using emoji to show you adsTwitter has enabled advertisers to target users on the platform based on their use of specific emojis. Brands can now focus campaigns around particular icons, such as a pizza emoji for Domino's.

Can Social Media Save "Old, White, and Male" Baseball?

BB10-28-1As baseball fans grow older and the sport’s television viewership declines, the key to saving America’s pastime could lie in social media.

So far, this year's World Series has represented a low point in America’s interest in baseball. With an average of 12.4 million viewers per game, The New York Times reports that viewership of regular season football is almost double that of championship baseball. And not only is football’s audience larger, it’s also more diverse. According to Nielsen’s 2013 Year in Sports report, football appeals to a broad audience of both women and men, old and young, from different ethnic backgrounds, while the average baseball fan is older than 55, white, and male.

Can Twitter turn stagnation into progress, or has it hit the wall?

twitter bldgUser growth stalled, abuse was rife – but will it be able to break through in 2016?

In 2015 Twitter lost one chief executive, gained another, and nearly tossed them too, before eventually settling down with him – incidentally, one of the men who had founded the company way back in 2006.

It also finally admitted that it sucks at dealing with abuse on the site, made its first tentative steps from “platform” to “publisher”, and began testing the most controversial new feature it’s ever introduced.

Oh, and its stock price fell by one-third over the year, and is now two-thirds where it was at its peak.

2015 for Twitter has been … difficult.

Costolo Says Twitter’s Future Is More Curation, Relevance And Media

5-28TwOnstage at Code in Southern California this morning, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo fielded questions about whether he’d be keeping his job in the face of outside criticism and angst over the rate of user growth for Twitter.

“The board and I are totally in sync,” Costolo said in response to a question about whether he’d have his job by the end of the year. “You have to focus on the long term and continue to execute on that strategy.”

Edward Snowden is now on Twitter

9-29edWhistleblower and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter — and he’s already been verified by the social network, so we know this one’s for real.

The first tweet sports a rather innocuous “Can you hear me?” message, perhaps an homage to the Verizon “test guy” commercials. And perhaps the most notable facet of Edward Snowden’s new account is that he is only following one other Twitter user — the NSA.

Ev Williams: Twitter Should Be A Platform Company

7-15twTwitter and Medium co-founder Ev Williams was interviewed this morning by legendary journalist Walter Isaacson at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen. Isaacson didn’t hold any punches when it came to asking about Twitter’s future, either.

Facebook is hoping new Mentions app is a Twitter-killer

FB7-17When it comes to following celebs, Twitter is king.

Yes, Instagram is steadily gaining in popularity, especially among the younger demographics, but it’s hard to deny the power and influence that Twitter wields for those who want to know what’s going in the lives and minds of their favorite actors, musicians, or those who are merely famous for being famousright now. Despite the “Insta” in Instagram, it isn’t always instant.

Facebook, Google, And Twitter’s War For App Install Ads

IA12-2An unexpected consequence of our love of apps is that now there’s just too damn many of them. The app stores are overcrowded, leaving developers desperate for a way to get their games and utilities discovered. That is why the app install ad has become the lifeblood of the mobile platform business.

Big brands aren’t the only ones to suck up to anymore. No one buys a car or Coca-Cola on their phone, at least not yet, so proving the return on investment of mobile ads to these businesses is tough. There is one thing people will instantly plop down a few bucks for on the small screen, though: Apps.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - Your Free Cheat Sheets to Social Success!

Social Media imagesHow would you like to quickly learn all of the most important social strategies and success metrics? These three social media cheat sheets featuring Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn explain how to drive your brand, optimize your ads, and automate your social activities.

In these cheat sheets, you'll learn tips for mastering social, such as:

- Building your brand presence and fan base
- Advertising and optimizing your ads
- Best practices for creating a voice

Click here to download your free cheat sheets

Here's to your success!

Facebook, Pinterest Drive Social Traffic, Clipping Twitter's Wings

FP10-28-1Facebook remains king when it comes to driving social referral traffic, according to Shareaholic’s latest Social Media Traffic Report. The study found that referrals from social media drove 29.49 percent of overall Web traffic received by publishers, marketers, and site owners reporting last month from sites across the Web, with the majority of these referrals coming from Facebook.

According to the report, Facebook drives 22.36 percent of social referrals, while its closest competitor for referral share, Pinterest, drives only 5.52 percent. The study also found that while Pinterest and Facebook have continued to thrive year-over-year, nearly all the other sites counted have seen their social referral numbers fall.

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Continue to Make Moves into TV-Like Content

facebook twitter and snapchat continue to make moves into tv like content

As you’ve likely noticed, every social network seems intent on becoming a TV network these days.

YouTube recently announced a slate of original programming, Twitter has live-streaming deals in place with an expanding number of broadcasters and sporting codes, Snapchat’s working on episodic TV-style content to compliment their Discover material.

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? The Secret to Finding the Right Social Media Site for Your Business.

6-30smIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the social media changes. Now with the launch of Meerkat and Periscope and the recent Twitter/Google deal it seems loud and clear that social media is the best, and most innovative, place to gain more exposure and more customers for your small business.

If you’ve been in business for a while you’ve probably tested one or more social media sites. And maybe you’re on all of them because you feel like being everywhere is an important part of your marketing? But the truth is that it’s not. In fact, it’s not about being everywhere but everywhere that matters. Why? Because effective social media isn’t quantity, it’s quality, and this goes for likes and followers, too.

Facebook’s Audience Network Goes Global

FB10-7Facebook's Audience Network now allows advertisers around the globe to purchase ads powered by its targeting data that are hosted on third-party apps.

The social media giant officially launched the Audience Network at its f8 global developer conference in April of this year. The mobile ad platform is designed to help marketers deliver the most relevant ads on the right apps, and serves as a bridge between advertisers and developers. With it, advertisers no longer need to hire sales teams or need to figure out the right audience and measure by themselves. Developers too, can simply monetize their apps by hosting Facebook ads.

Free Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Cheat Sheets to Social Success!

5-13MktoofferWhen was the last time you updated your social media campaign tactics? Get the latest and greatest tips for mastering social on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with these brand new cheat sheets from Marketo. You will learn all of the most important strategies and success metrics for managing social campaigns for your brand.

In these cheat sheets, you'll learn tips for mastering social, such as:
- Building your brand presence and fan base
- Advertising and optimizing your campaigns
- Best practices for creating a strong social presence and voice
- Motivating your audience to take action

Click here  for your free Cheat Sheets.

Google May Not Give a F*** About Twitter, But Experts Say It Should

8-6gglTwitter's falling share prices have, once again, sparked speculation that the time is right for Google to buy Twitter, but what benefits would the buyout really have?

With Twitter shares at an all-time low amidst reports that the social media site has failed to win new users, the Internet is awash once again with speculation that Google may buy Twitter. 

Here's Why Millennials Care So Much About Snapchat

8-24LImillFacebook. Twitter. Instagram. All three are the juggernauts of the social scene. However, this may be all about to change with Snapchat becoming a more prevalent storytelling social platform. How will Snapchat disrupt the marketing landscape? For starters, Snapchat has the largest millennial following of all social media networks.

Here’s How Much Facebook, Snapchat, and Other Major Social Networks Are Worth

heres how much facebook snapchat and other major social networks are worthThere’s been a lot of movement in terms of valuation for the major social networks over the past few months. Snapchat has seen its stock price fall back to its IPO value, while Facebook has risen to all-time highs. In the meantime, companies like Pinterest are still waiting to step from the private into the public realm, and LinkedIn and Tumblr have settled into their new digs at Microsoft and Yahoo, respectively.

With all of these changes taking place, we figured it would be a good time to go over where a few of the major social networks currently sit in regards to their valuation. Each of the companies listed in the chart below is valued based on their most recent sale price, valuation, or market cap.

How 10 Nonprofit Brands Roll on Twitter

5-19TMany nonprofits, such as Operation Smile, the World Wildlife Fund and the Central Park Conservancy, are doing Twitter so well they're outperforming their business brethren.

Branding. Marketing. Selling. There are countless reasons why you would use social media for business. And if you’re a nonprofit organization, one of those reasons is fundraising.

How Facebook is eating the $140 billion hardware market

6-15fbIt started out as a controversial idea inside Facebook. In four short years, it has turned the $141 billion data-center computer-hardware industry on its head.

Facebook’s extraordinary Open Compute Project is doing for hardware what Linux, Android, and many other popular products did for software: making it free and "open source."

That means that anyone can look at, use, or modify the designs of the hugely expensive computers that big companies use to run their operations — all for free. Contract manufacturers are standing by to build custom designs and to build, in bulk, standard designs agreed upon by the group.

How Marketers Should Approach the New Twitter

1-30twDespite a user base of nearly 300 million, Twitter recently announced plans to ramp up new account signups, along with a host of other offerings aimed at both individual and business customers. Reporting from Twitter’s first Analyst Day event in November, 2014, Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman said the company “plans to speed up its product development process to ease the onboarding process, broaden content syndication efforts, expand the overall app ecosystem and continue building up ad products.”

How Social Media Is Reviving the Teaser Campaign

TC10-16Teaser campaigns have always been popular, but the ability to push these kind of campaigns on social media is drumming up even more interest.

One of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns of the year couldn't have happened without Twitter. In May, musical group Coldplay promoted its forthcoming album "Ghost Stories" in a most mysterious way: by hiding lyrics from its new songs in libraries located in nine countries around the world. The "international scavenger hunt" started with a tweet that set fans in Mexico City searching. Handwritten lyric sheets were found in books of - what else? - ghost stories, one of which included a ticket to watch the band perform in London.

How Social Titans Market To Win

how social titans market to win

It’s sexy these days to analyze the gaudy advertising budgets that brands allocate towards promotion on social media channels.

But what about the ad spending of the social channels themselves? We’re glad you asked …

Kantar Media took a peek at the five big social channels in the US, and the $117.9 million they spent last year on marketing. Two of them stood well above the rest in expenditures and success.

How the Value of Social Content is Increasing

7-23smWhen it comes to platforms like Facebook, Flipboard and LinkedIn, the quantity of content doesn't matter. Those who understand the right content to share will come out ahead.

In an era when emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn connect requests and countless bleeping apps are screaming for more and more of our attention during the business day, the marketers who will succeed are the ones who understand how to consolidate and funnel target-grabbing content on the channels that matter. Content for the sake of producing content does not work anymore. Only content developed and delivered to support the target's content needs has high value.

How to Get Started: Advertising on 6 Social Networks

CellphoneMost Internet users feel entitled — to consume online content, tools and programs free of charge and free of advertisements. Often, any attempts to monetize Web pages ruffle the feathers of the modern Web-surfer, so many of them have turned to Web-based ad-blocking tools to combat the ads they so loathe.

This contempt for online ads is not really their fault. Many companies have weighed down their sites with horrible ad formats, and the intrusive nature of those ads make for a clunky and annoying user-experience. Below is an example of a website that serves an astounding 330 advertisements upon entrance—not even the most forgiving user would read through that many ads.

As marketers, we can’t condone this type of advertising behavior, and associating our brands with poor user experiences can leave a bad taste in the mouths of our prospects. If we continue alienating our audience with crummy ads, ad-blocking tools will continue to gain popularity—something both publishers and advertisers should worry about.

Enter the rise of social media advertising...

How to Launch Your B2B Social Media Presence: A 30-Day Plan

1-5 planThis monthlong plan will help you develop a social media presence for your brand without having to pay for followers. Are you ready to get started?

I’m often asked how a B2B company should start building a social presence. My consultancy works with many start-ups in the ad technology and digital media space, developing their go-to-market strategies and often launching their first marketing campaigns.

How to Start Building Your Personal Twitter Brand Today

build your brand with twitterWhen an investor, business partner, potential employer or colleague searches for you on Twitter, what will they find? Is your profile professional and thoughtful? Interesting and opinionated? Or is it full of slightly inappropriate photos, random quotes and pictures of your lunches?

How to Use Twitter for Business

T10-17A look at why some tweets catch on and why some business are killing it using Twitter.

One of the big questions I have consistently in my daily personal Twitter activity is why do some tweets get a lot of love and retweets and why do some just sit there with not a chirp to mention?

A class from Nate Riggs, "The Secret to Business Success on Twitter," attempted to answer these questions and taught me a lot about how to succeed on the social platform.

How Twitter can solve its onboarding problem

T9-25I love Twitter — I get so much value from it. I never want it to go away and I actually have a bet with a friend that Twitter will be here in 20 years. Twitter was also the first network I added to my company.

But, Twitter has an onboarding problem.

This problem stems from the simple fact that it is not simple or easy for a new user to learn how to use Twitter to maximum benefit. It takes a lot of work to make Twitter work for you.

How Twitter Could Win Out in Streaming TV Through Niche Focus

how twitter could win out in streaming tv through niche focus

Twitter’s focus on video seems to have been misinterpreted by many, while their actual strategy could end up yielding significant results – both for Twitter and for advertisers alike.

This week, Twitter's announced a new deal with Bloomberg to have Bloomberg broadcast content on their platform 24/7 - the first such deal since Twitter announced its intention to provide round the clock live-streaming content - along with a range of additional content partnerships to expand on their current video offerings.

Human Rights Groups Lambast Twitter For Banning Service That Tracked Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

9-4twittSeventeen international human rights and transparency groups, including the Sunlight Foundation, EFF, Free Press, Open State Foundation, Human Rights Watch and others, are taking Twitter to task for its decision to ban the Politwoops tool last month, which was used to track politicians’ deleted tweets. Twitter had earlier banned the U.S. version of this tweet-tracking service in May, saying it was in violation of Twitter’s developer agreement. At the time, Twitter also noted that every user on its service should have the same rights to privacy.

If you wanted a middle ground between Twitter and blogs, Woto is it — and it just raised $800K

woto10-6Publishing platform Woto has raised $800,000 (£500,000) as it hopes to become the leader in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites.

The London-based startup lets you easily create standalone pages from scratch when you want — rather than having to set up a whole blog.

The startup says it’s aimed at social sharers who need more than the 140 characters that Twitter offers but less than a full website or blog.

The investment has been led by Ingenious Ventures and also included Galata Business Angels, a Turkish business angel group.

Increase Engagement on Twitter With Solid Tactics Backed by Research

1-8twIf getting more from your company's social-mediachannels is one promise your marketing team made at the start of this year, then increasing engagement should be on the list of expected outcomes.

Having more people interacting with your company's social-media profile raises the likelihood of more eyeballs on your content and brings you more opportunity to glean valuable data about what they think about your products or services -- in real time.

Increase Twitter Engagement with these 10 Easy Steps

Twitter is perhaps unique among all social media platforms in that it is most suited to mobile traffic. Indeed, it generates maximum revenue from mobile and tablet traffic. That apart, it has been growing at a phenomenal rate with close to 60 million tweets going out each day. If you are not already earnestly trying to get traffic via twitter, read the above-mentioned facts again. They are predictors of the future.

Here are some very easy ways to increase twitter engagement and traffic generation.

Inside Wendy's Social Media Secret Sauce

inside wendys social media secret sauce

Even if you haven't had a Wendy's burger or Frosty in years, you've probably heard about their social media this year.

It started with their hilarious clapbacks, in which they called out everyone from McDonalds to trolls.

Instagram In and Twitter Out? Not So Fast, Say Experts

7-31outAfter an eMarketer forecast predicted Instagram's revenue soon outpacing Twitter, and Twitter's disappointing Q2 reports, many marketers may shy away, which could be a big mistake.

While it's been a banner week for Instagram, Twitter's latest numbers show the social media platform falling far short of expectations. However, some experts say that marketers should think twice before fleeing from Twitter toward Instagram's greener pastures. 

Instagram Overtakes Twitter With 300 Million Users

I12-15The image-sharing platform is also launching verified badges and vowing to kick out spammers.

Facebook's $1 billion image app software acquisition is four years old, pretty full of itself, and stuffed with some 300 million users.

The social media company bought Instagram back in 2012.

Introducing the Power Users of Social Media You Want to Reach

P10-14Many probably believe milllennials are the most active and influenced users of social media since representatives of this generation have played with electronic gadgets and computers earlier than members of any other generation.  

 “Younger users are more susceptible” to social-media messages, especially those emanating from influential users, Brock University professor Anteneh Ayanso wrote in his new book Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Analytics.

Is Twitter Making a Comeback? Some New Treats for Marketers

5-22TwFor anyone who pays attention to the stock market (which I don’t) or the news (which I do), it’s clear that Twitter hasn’t been looking so hot these days. Last month, the social platform fell short of its projected revenue for the first time as a public company. Somewhat embarrassing, right? Twitter’s much younger cousin Instagram even surpassed its monthly active user count when it hit 300 million monthly active users back in January.

Meerkat CEO explains the secret to the app’s success: ‘We didn’t have to do a lot’

8-18meerkatOvernight, live-streaming app Meerkat became the “it” thing in app-happy San Francisco this spring. Everybody seemed to be doing it.

Suddenly, Twitter acquired Periscope in mid-March and shortly afterward cut off Meerkat’s access to the Twitter social graph. Then at the end of March, Meerkat announced that Greylock Partners, known for backing social media companies, was putting money behind the startup.

Mobile Acquisitions and Ads to Shape the Future of Social Media

1-30MA1A recent flurry of mobile-related changes in the social media industry means we're about to witness yet another transformation. Are you up to speed?

If content creation is a digital marketing trend for 2015, then Tumblr is ahead of the game. Last week the blogging platform announced that it will launch an ad network called the Creatrs Network. Through partnerships with Tumblr-based social influencers, brands will be able to gain access to curated and original content for use in their Tumblr campaigns. If they so choose, they'll also have the ability to distribute the content in ad-form to audiences on Yahoo, Facebook, and Instagram.

New Twitter Design Gives an Advantage to Businesses

new twitter design, twitter profile, social media strategyThe new Twitter design has been completed and rolled out to users on the Web. User reviews of the new Twitter design are mixed but businesses really like it. The new design changes are explained below.

New Twitter Design Emulates Other Social Media Sites

First, the profile page is made to look more like other social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. A large header that spans the top of your profile page can give your business a huge opportunity to promote your product or service. The recommended size of this header is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall with a maximum file size of 5 megabytes. The header is responsive and will adjust accordingly to the size of your web browser.

New Twitter Research Highlights the Potential of Tweet Monitoring

new twitter research highlights the potential of tweet monitoring

Twitter data can unlock a range of powerful insights – right now, tweet insights are used to track earthquake activity, to predict crime, to monitor flood damage to better focus relief work. The power of Twitter’s real-time stream is far more significant than most realize. Yes, the platform's great for tweeting about the latest TV show or sharing memes, but there’s also a key, functional value in tweets, a utility which takes it beyond those surface behaviors.

That value is significant, and can be of great benefit to those businesses that are able to tap into the stream and identify the key data points. The challenge is in just that – identifying the signals amidst the noise – but as the noted examples show, the value is there.

Nike Takes the Women’s World Cup with #NoMaybes

7-6NikeNike’s #NoMaybes campaign has caught lots of attention during the Women’s World Cup. What can other brands learn from the Nike's success?

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team had a 5-2 victory over Japan yesterday, while the team's sponsor, Nike, had a big win on social during the game.

Not good at using Twitter & Facebook for news? Nuzzel’s new email subscriptions may help

nuzzel10-15For those of you that either don’t have the time or aren’t very good at using Twitter and Facebook to find the best or most important news of the day, know that you are not alone. News aggregation startup Nuzzel, however, does have a pretty good solution: Mooch off of other people who are good at it.

Today the startup is launching a new feature that will let you subscribe to email updates collecting the aggregated social news feed from certain influential people. The goal here is that you can benefit from someone else taking the time to follow and interact with the best news makers/sharers on Twitter and Facebook, even if you rarely use either service often.

Now That Your Public Tweets Are Searchable, Here's How to Delete the Embarrassing Ones

TD11-20This week, Twitter opened up its archive to the public, making it possible for users to search every Tweet that's ever been published. According to the site's engineering blog, Twitter's search engine has indexed about half a trillion sent tweets, dating from its launch in 2006. 

Previously, the entire archive was only available to a few partners, like social analytics platform Gnip(which was subsequently acquired by Twitter in September), the Library of Congress and MIT's new Laboratory for Social Machines, which got a $10 million investment from the social giant in October.

Public Tech Companies Are Already Recovering From Brutal Stock Market Decline

8-24smktThings didn’t look good this morning. When stock markets opened, Facebook was down 12.1 percent, Apple was down 10 percent, Google was down 6.5 percent, etc. But public tech companies are already recovering from this brutal drop, with Apple leading the way.

As of this writing, Apple is back in the green, up 0.19 percent compared to Friday’s closing price to $105.96. Other companies are slightly down, but nowhere near the level of this morning.

Real-Time Marketing Isn't Just About Twitter MTV uses Snapchat, ESPN's on Twitter, and Hyundai works Tumblr

AW7-29-1When MTV announced the nominees for next month’s Video Music Awards, it leaned on social media, of course, to create buzz. But the channel it selected for the big reveal underscores how real-time marketing is suddenly becoming a fragmented affair. 

MTV used neither Facebook, where it counts 50 million fans, nor Twitter, with its 11 million followers. It instead chose Snapchat where it has just 150,000 followers.

Report: Twitter Met with Yahoo About Possible Merger

Twitter kicked tires on Yahoo mergerReps from witter met with counterparts from Yahoo this week to discus a possible merger, the New York Post reported, citing unnamed sources. The newspaper reported that Twitter quickly abandoned the bidding process, with CEO Jack Dorsey declining to attend a meeting between the two companies. Yahoo has been trying to sell its core Internet business. Top suitors reportedly include Verizon, AT&T and several private equity firms.

Requests for User Data Rise in Twitter’s Latest Transparency Report

twitter-7-4Twitter said that it has seen an increase in requests from government agencies around the world for account information and content removal.

Twitter on Thursday released its bi-annual transparency report, detailing the number of requests for information the company receives from government agencies around the world.

Releasing transparency reports, a practice pioneered by Google four years ago, is now commonplace for many large technology companies; Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft regularly release their own similar versions.

Sharing On Twitter And Pinterest Leans Mostly Mobile

mobile7-14By now it's clear that mobile and social have become more than a shotgun marriage. Findings from comScore last month showed that more than 70% of time spent in social media takes place on mobile devices (including tablets). And total mobile engagement on social is up 55% in the last year.

In its latest quarterly report, ShareThis took a closer look at sharing activity among top social platforms on mobile. Twitter and Pinterest emerge as the most mobile-centric networks, with 75% of all content sharing on those platforms happening in mobile. By comparison, half of sharing activity on Facebook is mobile.

Simple Twitter Analytics Tips to Immediately Improve Your Engagement [Infographic]

simple twitter analytics tips to immediately improve your engagement

Software helps companies run smoothly. From help desk platforms to communication apps to social media posts, technology helps businesses get to know their customers and employees and build relationships with them.

Twitter is one social channel many companies use, but few use it as well as they should to have truly beneficial interactions. Fifty-seven percent of users have discovered a new SMB on Twitter, and three out of five of their followers make a purchase from a company based on a tweet.

Snapchat reportedly surpasses Twitter with 150 million daily users

snapchat surpasses twitterSnapchat has 150 million people using the service each day, said people familiar with the matter. That makes the four-year-old messaging app more popular than Twitter Inc. by daily active users. Snapchat has been growing quickly, boosted by its popularity among young people.

The 10 Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts We Learned From Oscar Night

2-26TwBrands took to Twitter during Hollywood's biggest night, with varying degrees of success. What can we learn from their highs and lows?

With Twitter in the midst of a new product push that includes the introduction of a native video tool, all eyes are on the site to see whether it's a "sustainable business." One thing is certain: it remains theplace to go to measure consumer sentiment and zeitgeist in response to major events. After Sunday's Academy Awards, the media once again took the pulse of viewers by analyzing the tweetstorms that swept across the platform. "What’s the trick to watching the Oscars without a) falling asleep, b) napping or c) resting your eyes for a bit?" askedThe Guardian. "It’s following the action, or often lack of, via Twitter."

The best Twitter tech spats of 2015

twitter spats


What year would be complete without someone curating the year’s sum of human unkindness and misunderstanding into one handy reference list?


The Social Trick You're Missing: Emails

use social to build email listsTry focusing social strategy on collecting customer email addresses, rather than on likes and shares. Use polls, competitions or campaigns that capture an email and get permission to contact a customer, so you've got an easy way to connect with them again and again.

Tinder Regrets Its Drunk-Tweeting Response to Vanity Fair's 'Hook-Up' Article

8-12tindTinder should know, better than anyone, that rage-fueled rambling isn't very attractive.

On Tuesday evening, Tinder took to Twitter to attack a Vanity Fair article titled “Twitter and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse.'” The rant went on for more than 30 tweets, and criticized the article's writer, Nancy Jo Sales, for failing to reach out to the company and portraying users in a limited and negative light.

Tweet Them Right: 3 Steps to Increasing Customer Loyalty Via Twitter

7-23trQ: How can I use Twitter to boost customer loyalty?

A: Long Island, N.Y.-based social marketing strategist Ted Rubin says companies should use Twitter to engage, respond and add value to their customers. “Twitter is so great,” he says, “because you can put out content rapid-fire, and you can see what people react to.” Rubin knows of what he speaks: He has 278,000 Twitter followers of his own.

TweetDeck Announces New Features, Adding to Functionality

tweetdeck announces new features adding to functionality

TweetDeck may be the most under-rated Twitter utility available.

While there’s a wide range of social media monitoring tools and Twitter-specific options on the market, many providing excellent functionality, TweetDeck remains a key app for anyone looking to maximize their use of tweets and find the most relevant information amidst the fast-moving tweet stream.

Tweets of the Week: #CecilTheLion Inspires Outrage, Activism

7-31tOwThis week, Twitter mourned the death of Cecil the Lion, Kraft Dinner changed its name, and brands celebrated #FriendshipDay.

This week, the death of Cecil the Lion, a world-famous lion living at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, shocked the world, and outrage over his killing at the hands of poachers spread throughout Twitter, inspiring 670,000 Tweets in just 24 hours. 

Tweets of the Week: Farewell, Don Draper and David Letterman

5-22TweekThis TV-centric week, brands tweeted about the Red Nose Day charity event as well as The Late Show with David Letterman and Mad Men, both of which aired their final episodes.

As this week kicked off, Twitter was buzzing about Sunday's Mad Menfinale. Trending several days after the episode aired, Mad Mengarnered thousands of tweets, one of which came from Coca-Cola, thanking Don Draper the shout out at the end of the series.

Tweets of the Week: McDonald's Says No; Everyone Else Says Woof

8-28TOWBrands typically steer clear of the hard news trending on Twitter, preferring to use the platform to celebrate things like National Dog Day... or snarkily shut down peace offerings from competitors.

This has been a busy week for news, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Tweets around Monday's stock market crash and the Virginia gunman shooting a reporter and photographer on-air. Neither of those are exactly conversation candy for brands, who generally prefer to go the light and irreverant route on social media.

Tweets of the Week: Rapper Beefs, Jon Stewart and Underwear

8-7TOWTwo rappers' Twitter beef prompted Tweets from burger brands, Jon Stewart's Daily Show departure brought nostalgia, and National Underwear Day mostly just made brands get weird.

One of the dominant trending topics this week was the Twitter battle between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. Fast food brands wasted no time making puns around the beef between the two.

Tweets of the Week: Sharks Take Over Twitter

7-24sharkRamadan, #mickfanning, #Sharknado3 and #unexcitingvideogames dominated the week in Twitter.

This week, the Twittersphere buzzed with Ramadan blessings and shark-mania.  

More than 8.4 billion impressions around #Ramadan were generated on Twitter as the 30-day festival came to a close on July 17. This heat map shows Twitter engagement for the topic over the Ramadan period.  

Tweets of the Week: U.S. Open and Star Wars Lead the Way

9-4twittThis week, Twitter went to the U.S. Open, unveiled McDonald's latest plan for serving breakfast, and hosted big sales for the Star Wars franchise.

Twitter had a packed social calendar this week: it started with conversations around the 2015 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, it then rolled into chatter about McDonald's #AllDayBreakfast plan, and ended with lots of tweeting around the eagerly awaited movie Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.