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Don’t Make This Mistake! How to Handle Abandoned Shopping Carts [Sponsored]

dont make this mistake how to handle abandoned shopping carts sponsored

You have a website with great offerings. You have state of the art eCommerce systems in place to handle the traffic and orders. You have customers you KNOW are ready to buy but for some reason abandon their shopping cart halfway through. Why? What can you do about it?

Real-time Marketing 101: How to Turn Opportunity Into Results Immediately [Sponsored]

real time marketing 101 how to turn opportunity into results immediately sponsored

Real-time Marketing 101: What is it? It’s how to turn moments of opportunity into branding gold. Fortune favors the prepared in life — and in opportunity marketing. According to eMarketer, 80% of marketers believe that real-time marketing must happen within an hour of the relevant event to be effective. More than half go even further, saying it must be within one minute.

Social Data – The Key to Supercharging Your ROI [Sponsored]

facebook explains data collection from non users to quell concerns

Are you using marketing strategies from a few years ago, or even a few months ago? That’s not going to win any Superbowls and it’s definitely not winning customers. Keeping up to date with the best practices for utilizing social data is a critical must-do for campaign success.

Timing is Everything: How to Develop Your Social Media Calendar [Sponsored]

timing is everything how to develop your social media calendar

Content is the fuel you use to engage your audience, so understanding what you will publish on social media starts with a strong content strategy.

To develop an effective content strategy, you'll need to define your content mix, set your cadence, and determine the right posting frequency for your target audience.