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Facebook Gives Marketer Pages New Customer-Service Tools

facebook for businessBrands Can Now Set Away Messages, Annotate Private Messages With Customers

Marketers may have seen their abilities to initiate converstations with customers through Facebook compromised when Facebook curtailed their posts' organic reach. But that hasn't stopped customers from initating conversations with businesses through Facebook.

Google takes on social again with topic-driven Spaces

google spaces social chatGoogle is having another go at social with Spaces, a social chat app focused on group sharing augmented by Google-owned YouTube, Search and Chrome. The spaces referred to are distinguished by topic rather than people with three posting types that open conveniently in the mobile app: links, photos and text.

How Is Gen Z Using Social Media?

gen z social mediaGeneration Z is starting to come into its own and distinguishing itself from other generations. Very often we hear talk about millennials using social sites, but Gen Z should be your focus if you’re trying to capture viewers and users in emerging markets.

LinkedIn plunges 44%

linnkedin stock dropAfter LinkedIn's Quarterly report on Thursday, LinkedIn's stock had its worst day ever on Friday

Marketers can now track video view count on Instagram

Instagram video view countsInstagram is extending its video metrics, and marketers will be able to track video view counts in addition to "likes." Internal Instagram data show the amount of time viewers spend watching ads has increased by more than 40% in the past six months.

Reach Your Audiences More Effectively Through Social [Sponsored]

reach your audiences more effectively through social

The amount of time individuals spend with social networks continues to increase, especially with the proliferation of newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. US adults averaged approximately 51 minutes of daily time with social networks in 2017.