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3 products Millennials just aren't buying

millenial shoppersIf there's anything Millennials hate more than being lumped together into one generalized group, it's being told what to do or buy. So when it comes to targeting these consumers, a marketer's job sure isn't easy. There's certainly a wide variety of personality types and behaviors present in every demographic, but there are also those common traits marketers can pick up on to help them do their jobs better. In the case of Millennials, a fair amount of data on spending behavior is available, and this information can provide valuable insights to inform ad campaigns and overall marketing strategy.

6 Strategies for Pinterest Buyable Pins

7-29PINPinterest just became massively valuable. The brand itself is valuable enough already, with a valuation around 11 billion. Now, they’re valuable for you.

Two words:  Buyable pins.

In June, Pinterest rolled out the highly-anticipated buyable pin feature. Buyable pins are select pins with a “buy” button, allowing users to purchase what they see in select Pinterest pins.

Furthering Its Goal to Get Physical, Amazon to Open West Coast Pop-Up Shops

A10-16If you live in San Francisco or Sacramento, Amazon's about to show off its struggling line of gadgets -- tablets, e-readers and its inaugural smartphone -- at holiday pop-up shops in a mall near you.  

The Seattle-anchored ecommerce giant today confirmed that it will open “pop-up” retail shops in both California cities. The branded electronics seasonal sales push echoes a similar pop-up shop campaign Amazon launched last year in a handful of malls ahead of the holidays.