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3 things every marketer should do now about ad blocking

mobile ad-blockingEver since Apple announced that it would enable "content blockers" (Apple-speak for ad blockers) in iOS9, we have seen a flurry of media and industry attention on this issue.

The reality is that this has been an issue for far longer. AdBlock Plus has been available on Chrome (the world's No. 1 browser) since 2006, and if we want to go broader, ad blocking has been around since at least the 1950s, when the first TV remote control was invented.

Flipboard, Rubicon Project partner on programmatic ads

Flipboard and Rubicon partner for programmaticProgrammatic and native ad space will be available on mobile app Flipboard starting this month. The service, available through the Rubicon Project marketplace, will offer targeted access to Flipboard's 90 million monthly users.

Google warns it will crack down on "intrusive interstitials"

Google penalizing interstitial adsGoogle has announced that it will begin cracking down on "intrusive interstitials" on January 10, 2017, because this type of ad "can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller." Google will be potentially penalizing - i.e., lowering the rankings - of these web pages.

In-App ads are soaring as messaging apps take off

app advertisingIn-App Advertising Is Taking Off, But When Will Messaging Open Up?

Consumers spend an enormous amount of time on mobile, particularly with chat and messenger apps, such as Line, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This represents a huge business opportunity for marketers, who must figure out how to leverage messenger services and add the in-app channel into their cross-device campaigns.

Rising share of Facebook's profits come from mobile ads

facebook earnings upMobile ad spend accounted for 84% of Facebook's Q2 revenue, compared to 76% this time last year. The number of daily active users on the platform averaged 1.13 billion last month, up 17% from a year prior.

The Domination of Mobile Ads: Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

the domination of mobile ads statistics and trends

These days, it’s hard to imagine consumers without a smartphone. It’s an essential piece of technology that consumers use to shop, check customer reviews, compare prices, and so much more. Many studies are seeing this trend, too.

Why mobile ads will be transformed by Facebook's Canvas

facebook canvasFacebook's Canvas ads will force all mobile ad products to improve, with its fast loading time and quick escape features, Adam Kleinberg writes. Canvas also solves the marketing dilemma of where to place content, and it's simple for marketers to create ads using the tool.