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7 Reasons Your Audience Isn't Connecting With Your Brand

8-287reasonsWith the growing prominence of digital marketing, customers are coming to expect a more personalized experience, and today’s savvy brands are doing everything they can to measure up.

If you don’t connect with your customers in a personal way, you’ll fall behind competitors that do. That’s just the way business works these day. So whether you’re a startup or an enterprise corporation, you’ll find that personalization is more important than ever before.  

Has LinkedIn Made the Classic ‘Jack of All Trades’ Mistake?

linkedin spread too thinAny social network must deal with the tension between groups that use, maintain or run the service. Whether it’s Snapchat cutting off developer access to its API, or YouTube struggling with users over creator contracts, there always seems to be some discord. Now it seems the discord in LinkedIn’s business model is starting to impact the site as a whole.