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EU OKs Facebook’s $19B WhatsApp Acquisition, Clearing The Last Antitrust Hurdle

wa10-3This just coming in: the EU has approved Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp — deciding that the two are “not close competitors”. WhatsApp today has 600 million users, while Facebook has 1.3 billion, with 300 million using its Facebook Messenger product.

This marks closure for the last big regulatory hurdle that the social network needed to pass before closing the deal.

In-App ads are soaring as messaging apps take off

app advertisingIn-App Advertising Is Taking Off, But When Will Messaging Open Up?

Consumers spend an enormous amount of time on mobile, particularly with chat and messenger apps, such as Line, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This represents a huge business opportunity for marketers, who must figure out how to leverage messenger services and add the in-app channel into their cross-device campaigns.

LinkedIn’s messaging tool gets new chat-like interface, support for emojis, stickers, and GIFs

8-31LIIf you’ve ever received messages on LinkedIn, chances are it wasn’t the greatest experience in the world. It just doesn’t lend itself to communicating with people in the way that existing tools like Facebook Messenger and Skype do. But that’s all changing now and hopefully for the better. LinkedIn is rolling out a new messaging experience in which the tool has been redesigned to support not only photos and documents, but emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more.

Pinterest Rolls Out Messaging So Pinners Can Have Conversations Around Shared Pins

Pinterest today is unveiling a new way users can communicate, collaborate and share with one another. With the launch of a new messaging feature, users will be able to keep discussions going on Pinterest around their favorite Pins without having to leave the site or apps.

Last spring, Pinterest launched its Send a Pin feature, which enabled users to share interesting Pins with their friends on and off the site. Users that were connected on Pinterest would receive a notification that would point them to the shared pin. And others would receive emails about the content that was shared.

The Most Popular Messaging Platforms, By The Numbers [Infographic]

the most popular messaging platforms by the numbers

Messaging is exploding. As Mark Zuckerberg says, it’s one of the few things more popular than social networking. Around the world, people are using messaging apps to communicate with one another – and unlike SMS, these apps are free.

The power of messaging apps is in their numbers. One of the main reasons companies like Facebook have been so active in trying to purchase messaging competitors is their access to users. If WeChat or WhatsApp can figure out how to make just a few dollars for every user they have, look out.

The Snowball app for Android is your ticket to unified messaging

SB10-8If you’ve noticed that your conversations with friends, family, and colleagues spread across a jumble of mobile apps, you’re not crazy. It just sort of happened. Today a startup called Snowball is launching an Android app to respond to the madness by bringing all those conversations into a single place.

Rather than forcing you to use Snowball, the app directs you right to a thread inside the messaging services it integrates with, including WhatApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Line, WeChat, Twitter, and Slack.

Twitter upgrades Direct Messages to compete with messaging apps

twitter messaging like featuresTwitter is upgrading its Direct Messages to make bigger inroads on popular messaging apps. New features include typing indicators, Read Receipts and web link previews, as well as the ability in group messages to see which people see shared items.

Twitter will increase DM character limit from 140 to 10,000 in July

6-11twGet ready to receive Twitter direct messages that are a lot longer.

Twitter announced today that DMs will no longer be capped at 140 characters. Now they will be limited to 10,000 characters.

Twitter’s Sachin Agarwal informed developers of the news ahead of the change, which will be rolled out to users in July. There is no official date for the change.

What Snapchat’s imminent ads might look like

SC10-9Yesterday evening Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel sat onstage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit and made headlines with his statement that ads will be coming “soon,” and that they’ll be in the app’s Our Story feature.

He also added that they would not be targeted to users based on tastes, and from his description, they will not interrupt users’ one-on-one communications.

Now, this isn’t all that shocking. When Snapchat introduced Our Story back in June, it was pretty darn obvious that the feature would become an occasional billboard.

Yahoo Shows Off Its New Livetext Messaging App

7-30yltextYahoo unveiled a new app today called Livetext, where users can send each other video and text — but no sound.

To get a sense of how it works, we spoke to Yahoo’s Arjun Sethi (formerly co-founder and CEO of MessageMe). He and I even had a short little Livetext session. Sethi also explained the opportunity he sees in taking the audio out of video messaging.

Yahoo’s silent video chat app Livetext rolls out globally

8-13yahooEarlier this month, Yahoo debuted its new messaging app called Livetext focused on the silent video. It was available to those in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, and France. However, it’s time to ramp things up as now everyone in the world will be able to test out this new app as it rolls out globally.

Yahoo says that it will support most of the major languages in this release, however Arabic and Japanese are not included, but hopefully will be added in the future.