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4 things media buyers can do today to improve online advertising

Media Buyers keywordsWhat is a media buyer to do? It seems like every day some trade publication is harkening the doom of online advertising due to ad blocking, fraudulent traffic, non-viewable impressions or some other crisis du jour. Are buyers simply helpless victims of an industry whose sky always appears to falling? Far from it! In fact, media buyers have as much influence as anyone in regard to establishing and maintaining confidence in the online advertising eco system. Here are 4 simple and vital steps they can take in this endeavor.

KPIs for Your Social Media Dashboard

KPI9-22Ever wondered what you really need to measure in order to gauge your success on social networks? The social conundrum is that we often find it hard to report on the success of given initiatives, while at moments we get overwhelmed with a stream of stats and indicators, struggling to make sense of it all. Too much data, or not enough? Here are the key performance indicators (KPI) I typically focus on with my clients, so I hope you find this useful!

NOTE: These are metrics that ought to be followed by social media managers, in order to report progress and performance of given accounts on these social networks. It’s assumed these metrics must be aligned with business metrics, i.e. sales growth, increase awareness, generating leads, etc. but it isn’t the focus of this post.