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USO Creates Temporary Facebook Profile Picture Frame for July 4

USO Facebook FramesJust in time for the Fourth of July, United Service Organizations (USO)created a temporary profile picture frame (through July 5) for Facebook users.

The USO created the frame in recognition of its 75 years of servicing active duty military with care packages, letters to military members and partnerships over the years with celebrities including Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno and Katy Perry.

Interested Facebook users can go to the USO Facebook page and click the “Try It” button on the post pinned to the top, or:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes.
  2. Click the drop-down box and select “Causes.”
  3. Click the “Happy 4th of July” frame with military service members.
  4. Adjust size and click button “Use as Profile Picture.”


#Facebook Ends BlackBerry Support

facebook for blackberryFacebook followed in the footsteps of WhatsApp and announced that it was discontinuing support for the BlackBerry platform.

10 Lessons Learned About Social Media From My Parents

8-12lesson1Some valuable parental life lessons translate well into fundamental strategies for social media. Use these basic principles to effectively connect and engage with your audience.

When I give presentations on social media, I often refer to Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. After all, so much about social media is about building strong relationships with others. And that's what Dale preached as well as anybody, especially in his classic book.

10 Top Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

FB9-29Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 1.1Billion users worldwide. Having a Facebook business page for your business is really important and here are 10 top tips to a successful Facebook Business Page.

  1. Post a Relevant Article Once a Week

It is so important for your business that you are seen as a thought leader in your industry and one way to do this is to post a relevant article once a week so your followers can see you are staying up to date.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

6-28fbIf you are wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook business page, you are not alone. With over 1.440 billion monthly active users, the social network is attractive to businesses across the globe. While some businesses just have a Facebook page for the sake of having one, you can learn how to get the most out of your Facebook business page by applying best practices.

Here are ten things that can boost your Facebook page.

12 Proven Tactics for Rapidly Growing Your Presence on Social Media

10-13twelveSocial media is not a clean formula. It can either intimidate people who have never managed a company account, or excite them with opportunities to elevate the medium. Over the past three months I've been working hard to grow both my personal and company brands on social media. It's been a big learning curve.

3 Extremely Profitable Types of Facebook Ads

3 extremely profitable types of facebook ads

If you haven’t explored the power of Facebook advertising recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of their product offering. The platform is much more than boosting posts and buying likes.

Think about it – other than the NSA, who has more data on you than Facebook? They know what websites you visit, who you work for, where you grew up, your favorite football team – there’s an endless amount of data open to advertisers.

So if you’re still just boosting posts, you’re leaving some of the lowest hanging fruit in the orchard. To really turbo charge your Facebook advertising, try these three Facebook ad campaigns. They’re sure to boost your marketing efforts. After you watch the video, you can get a deeper look into each of our favorite types of Facebook advertising below.

3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Nurturing Strategy with Facebook Ads

3 ways to boost your lead nurturing strategy with facebook ads

There are two important trends today’s eCommerce businesses need to be aware of. First, eCommerce is increasingly a mobile and app-based experience. Second, email marketing performance is declining as spam filters improve and users become “ad blind” due to the deluge of marketing emails hitting their inboxes every day.

This adds a new level of challenge for your marketing efforts - one tactic to consider is linking yout retargeting and lapsed user email campaigns together with social media outreach in order to boost your lead nurturing strategy.

3 Ways to Use Facebook for Direct Response

facebook direct response adsAre you using the Facebook direct response ads that are best for your business? Columnist Brad O'Brien shares his top three and discusses how you can implement them.

4 Reasons to Use Humor in Your Social Media Content

5-28hmrBrands that post funny stuff on social media are seen as more memorable, while also gaining insights and emotional responses from the audience.

Laughter is a universal language and one of our first communication methods. Before we had spoken or written language, humans used laughter to express our enjoyment or accession with a certain situation. It's also a form of communication that bridges the gap between various languages, cultures, ages and demographics.

4 Reasons Why 76% of Small Businesses Don’t See Positive ROI from Facebook

4 reasons why 76 percent of small businesses dont see positive roi from facebook

Social Media Marketing is the most cost effective way to reach a targeted audience, however, recent data shows that a clear majority of small businesses aren’t seeing positive return on investment (ROI), specifically from Facebook.

A study of over 4,700 US small businesses with fewer than 10 employees found that only 24% were seeing positive ROI. This makes me sad considering there's a wealth of information online that can help you piece together a social media marketing strategy that drives business results.

4 Recent Facebook Updates Businesses Should Know

FB9-4Are you staying up-to-date with the most recent Facebook updates and other changes? If you’re not, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some of the social network’s most recent announcements and updates that affect businesses.

1. Updates to the News Feed Algorithm (Again!)

Facebook has announced two major changes to the News Feed algorithm in the last couple of weeks. Both affect businesses and how you craft your Facebook posts.

4 Steps You Can Follow to Generate Leads on Facebook [Infographic]

4 steps you can follow to generate leads on facebookAre you posting to Facebook for your business, but not getting any serious engagement with your audience?

Do you know how to boost a Facebook post, but have stayed away from Facebook’s Power Editor and other ad management interfaces?

If so, then this new infographic is for you.

4 Tips on How to Avoid Being a Jerk in Facebook Groups

4 tips on how to avoid being a jerk in facebook groups

One of the hottest topics within the online marketing space today is whether Facebook Groups are on the rise or headed for the gutter. Let's talk about it some more.

On the one hand, Groups have become these micro hubs of people with specific interests coming together to network, learn and share. This is obviously positive: it creates an opportunity for collaboration, friendship, growth, and sales. At the same time, many groups have become digital dumpsters, full of cheesy sales pitches and robotic requests. This is obviously negative: who wants to participate in a group that regularly gets bombarded with links that read “Book a free call with me to see how I can help improve your credit score!”? Yuck.

5 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

5 new facebook updates and tests spotted this week

Facebook’s always testing new ideas and features to keep you on Facebook for longer, some of them major – like Facebook Stories – and others less so.

To help provide some additional context on these smaller tweaks and tests, we’re co-ordinating them into a weekly update to help keep you updated on what Facebook’s trying out, where they’re focused and what you should be watching for in future.

5 Questions Every Facebook Ad Must Answer

5 questions every facebook ad must answer

Facebook ads offer significant opportunities for brands to reach highly specific, targeted audiences. But the key to success is in the detail - while there are a wide range of options to utilize, this means there's also a huge array of variations to consider, which can make the process confusing for those unfamiliar. In some cases, this can lead to less than optimal targeting, while some people simply choose the basic options and hope Facebook will automatically generate results.

This is not the best approach.

To truly maximize your Facebook ads, you need to understand the purpose behind each campaign, the intent, and the measures you'll use to calculate their success (or failure).

5 Reasons Social Media Is Not Working for You

6-15smEverybody is on social media now. OK, that is a slight exaggeration. Only 2 billionof the planet’s 7.2 billion people have active social media accounts. What is even more incredible is that there are almost 1.7 billion active mobile social users now.

Strictly from a business opportunity standpoint, I would like to say, “wow!” How and where else can you reach almost a third of the earth’s population so easily, so cheaply and so personally? It is a marketer’s dream and, if you are doing it right, you should be using social media marketing to dominate your market.

5 things that could change Facebook after F8

Facebook F8Following a week packed with product launches, a Facebook's developer conference, F8, is set to shed new light on the power of chatbots, live streaming and the Messenger app. Facebook's F8, an annual pow wow for technologists that build products on top of the Facebook platform, commences early Tuesday in San Francisco.

5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

8-25fivetrendsNot too long ago, observers on the Internet were witnessing Twitter’s revolutionary early days and the cautious caveat emptor notice about Facebook disguised as Academy Award-winning The Social Network. Now there’s Pinterest for the DIY-inclined, LinkedIn for the professional, Tumblr for teenage thinkers, Instagram for millennials exploring their FOMO, and even dating services doubling as social networking sites.

6 Important Facts about Facebook and Local Presence Management

6 important facts about facebook and local presence management

OK, I'll admit it – I am a 59-year-old Facebook junkie. Facebook's success in the last decade has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I’ve been on the bandwagon ever since I discovered it. As a matter of fact, it's hard to imagine a world without Facebook. I use it both personally and for my business, daily.

At first, I wondered if Facebook would go the way of MySpace, but all that negative thinking is far behind me. Today, even Google struggles to compete with them, failing to take any significant market share with the rollout of their Google+ platform in 2011.

6 Things Your Business Must Do Before Launching a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

6 things your business must do before launching a chatbot on facebook messenger

Chatbots - a service, powered by rules, and sometimes artificial intelligence, that your customers interact with via a chat interface - have come a long way over the past couple of years, from basic robo-helpers embedded into websites, to more human-like helpers central to aiding with customer service on social media.

Rather than a complete turn-off, nowadays, many people actually enjoy interacting with them.

7 Questions That Will Get You the Right Facebook Fans [Infographic]

7 questions that will get you the right facebook fans infographicOf all the social media platforms, Facebook is still king. When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook's the common denominator, whether you sell accounting services or couture clothing. But while most Facebook advertisers focus on engagement and cost-effective ads, there’s a very important step in the process that should always come first: audience creation.

High engagement and cost-effective ads are difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right audience in place. This new infographic from visme.co outlines seven questions every Facebook advertiser needs to ask in order to build the right audience.

You’ve got to know yourself before you can expect to draw an audience. First things first: define your business, your goals, the mission behind your company, etc.

8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights

8 reasons why google analytics data will never match your facebook insights

Tracking the performance of your social campaigns is critical in maximizing your success. But the fact is that your Google Analytics data and your Facebook data will never match entirely.

Why is this?

The only way to accurately measure your Facebook data is through Facebook reporting itself - here are some key reporting notes on the variations between the two, why they exist, and what you need to watch for.

8 Tips to Help You Harness the Power of Facebook Live

8 tips to help you harness the power of facebook liveJust because Facebook Live is accessible from an app on an iPhone, that doesn't mean that a brand’s live broadcast should have the quality of an iPhone video.

Facebook Live is not an excuse to deliver sub-par content, but rather a unique platform which enables you to deliver material content instantly, and to a large group of people, giving them an immersive experience, and giving you the ability to interact with your followers in real time.

9 Ways to Use Automation to Optimize Your Facebook Ads [Infographic]

9 ways to use automation to optimize your facebook ads

Creating new campaigns on Facebook at scale, and ensuring that the tracking works properly, can be repetitive and time-consuming. Launching and managing Facebook campaigns typically involves performing several manual tasks in Ads Manager or Power Editor, tasks which eat into your valuable time, which may be better spent analyzing results and focusing on strategy.

Having a checklist is necessary to keep from overlooking an important step, but often, a comprehensive Facebook checklist can turn into multiple pages of bullets and sub-bullets. Surely, every social media professional dreams of editing that list down.

A Brief History of Facebook's Acquisitions on it's Journey to Perfection [Infographic]

a brief history of facebooks acquisitions on its journey to perfectionFacebook is undeniably one of the biggest success stories in technology, and in business.

Now a household name, the company has evolved from a simple networking site for select college students to a multi-billion dollar empire, with close to two billion users worldwide.

So how has The Social Network evolved to became the giant it is today? The company’s extraordinary growth is at least partially attributable to its multitude of acquisitions over time.

A Peek Inside How Facebook Decides What Goes Into Your News Feed

5-29fb1There’s nothing more central to Facebook, literally, than its news feed, the middle column of posted stories from friends and business connections, or on the smartphone, the only column. Besides serving as the key place where ads run, it’s what makes people keep coming back to Facebook–though all too often they wonder why the heck they got this viral video post when their sister’s post got lost in the scrolling depths.

A Quick Guide to the Different Facebook Ad Objectives

a quick guide to the different facebook ad objectives

As of this writing, there's no more cost-effective way to reach a targeted group of consumers than Facebook Advertising. Facebook has a great, data-backed ad platform that can drive some serious business results when used properly.

But in order to maximize your Facebook ads, you must understand the different Facebook ad objectives and how to use them. Using the wrong ad type can cause a campaign to grossly under perform, thus wasting time and money.

A Silly Look Inside The Mario Maker Level Hackathon At Facebook HQ

7-31marioThe latest perk of working at Facebook: getting to play the new Nintendo game Super Mario Maker a month before it comes out. Yesterday, Facebook hosted a hackathon where 100 employees built their own levels using Mario Maker.

Ad industry bristles at Facebook's dominance

facebook dominanceAd industry insiders at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity have gained a pastime: grumbling about Facebook's increasing dominance of the online ad business and the way the network's "walled garden" has let it position itself between brands and customers. "Facebook seemed to have assumed the role of Frenemy No. 1," writes Jim Rutenberg.

Advertising is reportedly coming to Messenger

facebook messenger adsFacebook is reportedly bringing advertising inside Messenger, with ads only showing in communication threads with businesses. Brands will only be allowed to deliver ads to consumers who have already contacted them using the platform, according to a leaked document.

Americans spend 335,000 years of their lives in Facebook’s app every month

6-26fbIn the fierce battle for our mobile attention, Facebook has almost no peer.

Google and Facebook have similar total reach among U.S. adults, between 228 and 222 million monthly users. But Facebook stands alone when you combine time spent and total reach, even if you add Google and YouTube together.

An end to clickbait?

facebook clickbaitFacebook wants to rid your News Feed of clickbait. Finally. Publishers who post click-bait will be limited in news feed with the new algorithm.

Are You Team-Player Enough to Let the Company Post to Your Facebook Page?

8-13teamFBIf you’re like me, your social media accounts are personal and sacred. Posting company news isn’t something I do very often, but I run my own business, so I am inclined to do a little self-promotion once in awhile. Recently I’ve seen more and more people mixing business with pleasure on social networks. LinkedIn for example is seeing an upturn of people posting personal stories compared to previous business-only content. Facebook is also seeing this mix.

Ask Mark Zuckerberg Anything During His First Public “Community Q&A” On Facebook Nov 6

FB11-2Most people have a burning question to ask about Facebook, whether they’re one of its 1.35 billion users or not. So taking a cue from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is upping the transparency and will play customer support himself on November 6th when he does Facebook’s first “Community Q&A”.

The hour-long livestreamed session will answer the public’s questions submitted to the “Q&A With Mark” Facebook Page. Zuck says the Q&A is themed after a Facebook tradition where “every Friday we have a Q&A and all employees can come and ask me questions about anything they want.”

Bad News For Media Industry In KPCB Internet Report

bad news for media industry in kpcb internet report

There's no good news for media companies in the latest Internet Trends report from VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as Google and Facebook share an astounding 85% of all new Internet advertising.

Last year it was 74% — an acceleration that demonstrates the competitive advantage of scale these companies have in the media sector or as Mary Meeker the report's author succinctly writes: "Big Get Bigger & Go After Other Bigs."

Beat Facebook's Algorithm with These 12 Workarounds

Over the past year, Facebook has been rolling out algorithm updates which have resulted in decreased visibility for business organic page posts. In my article today, I'll cover 11 Facebook anti-algorithm tactics to help get your fan engagement back!

1. Share Great Content. The old adage remains true - (quality) content is king. If you post awesome content, your chances of being liked and shared increases, boosting your presence in Facebook news feeds. Many of Facebook’s algorithm tweaks are aimed at weeding out what Facebook deems “low quality content,” like memes. For greater reach, opt instead for quality content from news sites. It’s a bit bourgeois for Facebook to assume CNN articles are always classy and memes are always pond scum, but we don’t get much choice in how Facebook adjusts its algorithm. My suggestion? Ramp up on your own original high quality content with ebooks, blog posts, white papers, downloads, etc.

Beyond YouTube: Alternate Video Venues

6-7vidWhile YouTube is the dominant platform when it comes to video SEO, the video offerings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat shouldn't be ignored.

By now it likely you've heard that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google in the U.S. and probably globally. That's a lot of visibility and SEO/Social opportunity. But I urge you to think beyond YouTube in your video SEO and social strategy.

Brands can live stream on Facebook

facebook live-streamFacebook opens its live video-streaming tool to verified Pages

First there were celebrities, then influencers, then nonverified individuals. This week Facebook opened up access to its live-streaming service, Facebook Live, to brands on the social network. Now T-Mobile, Nike, Ford, NBC, the Golden State Warriors, and other savvy businesses will be able to talk to you live — because we all know conversing with our favorite brand rocks.

Can Ello Dethrone Facebook?

Brands are welcome to join Ello, but sponsored posts are out of the question, since the hottest new social network is adamantly against advertising.

E10-9Ello, the newest social media network on the block and the latest to offer an ad- and data-mining-free zone, promises to be the antithesis of Facebook. And with a manifesto that reads, "Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that's bought and sold," it certainly sells itself as just that.

But while Ello strives to be the antidote to Facebook, there are similarities between the two. For example, much like the early Facebook, Ello isn't accessible to the general public. Available only from current users or by submitting a request on the homepage - the platform is currently fielding 40,000 requests every hour — invitations are coveted enough that people are selling them on eBay for up to $50.

Can You Be Too Old For Facebook? This 113-Year-Old Was, But That Didn't Stop Her.

A10-14The truth didn’t set Anna Stoehr free on Facebook. A lie did. Well, a little white lie. 

The 113-year-old Plainview, Minn., resident recently joined Facebook in much the same way countless whippersnappers under the age of 13 do (at least the ones who aren’t already soooo totally over it, that is). Stoehr fudged her age by a few years. Technically, when she activated her account on the world’s largest social network, she was 113 years young, but she said she was 99.

Chicken soup for the Facebook soul

5-7FBcIt's 1:30 p.m. – three hours before a morsel of food will be served – and a crowd is already gathering outside of Miriam's Kitchen.

If you didn't know it was there, you'd probably walk right by it: Located in Washington, D.C.'s Foggy Bottom neighborhood, known primarily for wandering undergrads and lush embassies, Miriam's Kitchen hides inside of the Western Presbyterian Church on Virginia Ave NW.

For its patrons, however, Miriam's Kitchen might as well have an iconic marquee worthy of a five-star eatery.

Codenamed “Moments”, Facebook Has Built An App For Super-Private Sharing

FBM9-19Facebook has failed repeatedly to get us to use complicated lists and privacy settings to share intimate moments with just our closest friends and family. It’s clumsy and confusing doing that with the same composer for blasting News Feed updates to everyone. But now Facebook is polishing off a new app codenamed “Moments” designed to make this micro-sharing much simpler, multiple sources tell TechCrunch, including one who has seen a live internal version of the app.

Coming soon to Facebook: Video ads that follow you from device to device

FB7-21Advertisers on Facebook see the emerging method of sequential mobile advertising as a way to better control their branding message with consumers on social media.

Sequential video advertising allows marketers to place targeted video ads in front of a user when they click an ad on their mobile device. Based on what the person clicks, and what the product or message is, marketers are then able to follow up with similar video ads as they hop from one device to another.

CrunchWeek: iOS 9 Is A Hit, Facebook Has Empathy, & Snapchat’s Rainbow Barfers

9-18tcHello fellow disrupters, and welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech.

This week we’re chatting about iOS 9 landing, WatchOS2 not, Facebook’s working on a not-dislike emoji button and people are rainbow barfing all over Snapchat. Also, we invite Ahmed to join us in the TechCrunch studio the next time he visits San Francisco.

Delayed European Legal Opinion On Facebook NSA/PRISM Coming Later This Month

9-7fbA European legal opinion regarding Facebook’s alleged data-sharing co-operation with the NSA/PRISM dragnet surveillance program that’s due to be issued by the Advocate General (AG) of Europe’s top court is now slated to be delivered on September 23.

The AG had originally been scheduled to deliver the opinion in June. The delay has not been explained by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Did OkCupid send a bunch of incompatible people on dates on purpose?

ok8-1Last month, Facebook got in hot water when one of its data scientists published a paper revealing the company had attempted to alter the emotional content of hundreds of thousands of people's news feeds, just to see how they'd react. For many, the experiment crossed an ethical line, while others, like Vox's Nilay Patel, argued that screwing with your emotions is Facebook's entire business model anyway (personally, I just thought the study's methodology sucked).

But Facebook is hardly the only web company to use its power over what users see for the sake of research. In a blog post Monday (thanks to UNC sociologist Zeynep Tufekci for the link), OkCupid's Christian Rudder laid out three separate experiments the company has run on users.

Does Facebook’s Atlas Solve the "Cookie Problem"?

FB9-29Facebook kicked off Advertising Week today with the launch of Atlas. The advertising platform will avoid cookies, and allow marketers to serve and track ads across devices with only Facebook targeting data. But is this new ad platform really a good "cookies-less" solution?

Facebook's revamped Atlas advertising platform, revealed on the first day of Advertising Week, will now leverage login data to allow marketers to track Facebook users as they move around the Web, and let advertisers purchase ads on properties Facebook doesn't own.

Exclusive: Meet Facebook's top troll hunter

exclusive meet facebooks top troll hunter

Nathaniel Gleicher may well have the toughest job in tech right now. Gleicher, a former prosecutor with the Justice Department, has been given the unenviable task of ridding Facebook (FB) of foreign trolls and state-run disinformation campaigns of the sort that wreaked havoc on the 2016 US presidential election -- and threaten to do the same in November.

Facebook Adds GIFs in Comments, Releases New Data to Celebrate 30 Years of GIFs

facebook adds gifs in comments releases new data to celebrate 30 years of gifs

Is it pronounced with a soft ‘g’, as in ‘giraffe’ or a hard ‘g’ like ‘gorilla’?

However you say it, there’s no denying the ubiquity of the GIF. The Graphics Interface Format, founded by Steve White while working for CompuServe in 1987, has taken on a whole new lease of life in the modern era, with advances in network capacity making it easier than ever to share these short, micro-snippets of video to help express your opinion on whatever grabs your attention.

Facebook adds holiday shopping season ad-targeting segment

Holiday Shopping GiftsFacebook users who consistently engage with content related to the holiday shopping season may soon see that reflected in the ads they are served by the social network.

A new ad-targeting segment will enable brands to reach users who are "highly engaged" with content related to the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Facebook said the segment will run from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, giving brands a way "to reach the most engaged and scaled audience related to the season, such as holiday planning and retail-related activity."

Advertisers: Do you believe this new ad-targeting segment will be useful?

(Article & image courtesy of Social Times)

Facebook adds video to lead-generation ad offers

facebook video leadsFacebook now offers a lead-generation video ad that incorporates a call-to-action button during the video to encourage viewers to fill in their personal details. The platform is also boosting its lead-generation offerings by letting marketers duplicate forms and edit questions across pushes.

Facebook aims its ad machine at virtual goods and video games

facebookvideogame-adFacebook is juicing up its advertising efforts by going after one of the most popular spending items in the app store: Video games.

The social networking giant said Thursday it was launching a new advertising effort that allows developers to sell virtual goods within an ad on its site. The ads can appear in both the news feed and the typical advertising section on the right-hand column of the company's website.

Facebook allows video cross-posting, launches look-alike audiences

Facebook adds cross-posting of videosFacebook's new look-alike audiences feature lets marketers replicate the makeup of existing targeted audiences in new territories. The platform is also letting marketers cross-post videos from other Pages as long as they get permission from the original poster.

Facebook alters News Feed to deliver engaging stories

facebook newsfeedFacebook is aiming to provide stories in its News Feed that users not only want to see but will prompt action. The social network says the adjustment was made in response to consultations with its Feed Quality panel that concluded stories shown at the top of a feed deliver a better experience when they are ones users are "both likely to rate highly if asked and likely to engage with."

Facebook Announces First Ever Communities Summit for Group Admins

facebook announces first ever communities summit for group admins

Facebook has been putting more emphasis on Groups of late, adding new tools and features to help promote increased use of what Facebook themselves have labeled an ‘under-appreciated product’.

Many don’t realize it, but Groups has over a billion monthly active users, a milestone they hit ahead of both WhatsApp and Messenger, underlining their utility and value within the Facebook experience.

Facebook Announces Stricter Guidelines For Research And Experiments On Its Users

F10-2After a study on whether emotional manipulation in the News Feed could make people sad turned into a PR disaster, Facebook has now set up a formal review process for pre-approving research on its users, and Research At Facebook website to centralize all the academic work done on its enormous data set.

Facebook admitting to screwing up with the emotions study, explaining “We were unprepared for the reaction the paper received when it was published and have taken to heart the comments and criticism. It is clear now that there are things we should have done differently. For example, we should have considered other non-experimental ways to do this research. The research would also have benefited from more extensive review by a wider and more senior group of people. Last, in releasing the study, we failed to communicate clearly why and how we did it.”

Facebook Announces that Anyone Can Now ‘Go Live’ via Desktop – with a Focus on Gamers

facebook announces that anyone can now go live via desktop with a focus on gamers

Facebook’s giving you a new way to broadcast live on the network. Well, new if you didn’t already have it – they’ve been rolling it out for a few months – but now, all users can live-stream from their desktop PC, in addition to their mobile device.

As explained by Facebook:

“While it’s been possible for people to go live to Facebook from mobile devices since last year, desktop or laptop computers provide a stable camera setup that can be beneficial to many types of Facebook Live broadcasts — from Q&As to vlogs to tutorials to any broadcast from someone who isn’t on the move.”

Facebook Asking 'Hard Questions', Outlines Efforts to Eliminate Extremist Content

facebook asking hard questions outlines efforts to eliminate extremist content

If you were seeking some perspective on the significance of social media in the current communications landscape, you need look no further than the debate around Facebook’s influence over the news cycle, particularly around the most recent elections across Europe and North America.

In varying capacity, social media has been blamed for everything, from the rise in extreme political movements to the proliferation of false propaganda - and all of that is true to some degree.

Facebook Basically Shrugs Off User Outrage Over 'Emotional' Experiment

FB-exp-7-4OK, Facebook, here we go again.

The big blue social network came under fire this weekend following a report about a published study for which Facebook manipulated content seen by more than 600,000 people. The reason: To find out whether the changes would affect people’s emotional state.

Facebook beefs up Atlas analytics, adds video feature

facebook atlasVideo ad serving for livelier brand storytelling is one of the new features that Facebook has added to enhance its Atlas ad-serving platform. Another is Offline Actions, which allows marketers to upload point-of-sale data to compare it with ad campaigns.

Facebook Closes WhatsApp Acquisition

WA10-6Facebook on Monday announced it was closing its $19 billion deal to buy WhatsApp.

“We are looking forward to connecting even more people around the world, and continuing to create value for the people who use WhatsApp," reads a terse statement from the company about the closing. As part of the deal, WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum will join Facebook's board of directors.

Facebook considers 'tip jar' proposal as part of push to monetize posts

facebook considers tip jarFacebook is considering the introduction of a virtual "tip jar", so users can tip small amounts of money to the pages and people they like most. Opportunity to pay small amounts to favoured pages is being mooted along with other options. But would tipping really catch on on the social network?

Facebook declares war on ad blockers

facebook cripples ad blockersFacebook is rolling out an ad-preferences tool that makes it harder for ad blockers to strip ads but gives users more control over the kinds of ads they see. The approach, which favors less disruption and more tailored advertising, is seen as a potential model for publishers to follow.

Facebook defeats shareholder litigation over IPO

7-24fbipoNEW YORK (Reuters) –

A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of litigation by Facebook shareholders who accused Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and other officials of deceiving them about the social media company’s growth prospects prior to its May 2012 initial public offering.

Facebook Drops Microsoft's Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing

FB12-15Facebook's relationship status with Microsoft's Bing has changed to "it's complicated."

Facebook has ditched Microsoft's Bing search engine as a provider, in favor of a proprietary engine.

There had previously been an option to view Bing results during a Facebook search, but over the past few days it has disappeared without notice.

Facebook Enhances Remarketing Capabilities With New Features

facebookimage1Facebook has unveiled two new enhancements to help brands build awareness and advertise to consumers who have already visited their websites.

The improved remarketing capabilities include multi-product ads and new changes to Custom Audiences.

The multi-product ads, available on both desktop and mobile, appear as a slideshow, where marketers can showcase three products within a single ad unit. Facebook says this feature increases the likelihood of a person seeing a product and further clicking on the ad.

Facebook Expands Access to Personal Fundraisers, Adds New Fundraising Categories

facebook expands access to personal fundraisers adds new fundraising categories

After announcing the first trial of their new personal fundraising option in March, Facebook’s now making the tool available to all US-based users, enabling more people to raise money for personal causes via The Social Network.

Now, if you have a personal cause you want to promote, you can create a Page to raise funds for it, where people will be able to donate via secure payments without leaving Facebook. Once they’ve donated, they’ll also be able to forward your message to more people, helping to generate wider awareness of your campaign.

Facebook expands free Messenger video calling to almost every country

5-19fbFacebook has rolled out video calling on its Messenger app to more countries around the world, following the introduction of the feature in 18 countries last month.

“We’re happy to share we’ve now rolled out the capability globally, with the exception of a few countries we’re still working on improving quality for,” David Marcus, vice president of messaging products, announced in a Facebook post today. “So make sure you get the latest and greatest version for iOS and Android, give it a try, and as always… tell us how we can make it even better for you!”

Facebook faces legal trouble over facial-recognition technology

facebook facial recognitionThe social media network just lost the first round of a lawsuit brought against it by a group of users in Illinois for “unlawfully” storing facial information - or “faceprints” - used to tag automatically people who appear in photographs. A federal judge agreed that the company violated the law by not explicitly seeking approval to collect such identifiers.

Facebook files patent for using a photo’s camera signature to connect you with other users

9-18FBFacebook has filed a patent for a new way to ascertain the digital signatures of cameras from photographs and then associate it with users within a social network. The application notes that the association of camera with users can be used “beneficially for the social networking system” for things like recommending potential connections, events, or groups to users, detecting fraudulent accounts, and even determining affinity between users.

Facebook finally opens its data firehose to select advertisers

3-11fbUntil now, Facebook has been wary of doling out big data to advertisers. It's a practice long used by Twitter — a company that has profited immensely from it.

But now, the social media giant is finally making its firehose available to a select group through Topic Data, a new analytics tool developed with DataSift, an analytics company.

For now, Topic Data will only be available in the U.S. and U.K. to a "limited number of DataSift's partners." All of the partners will be Facebook-approved.

Facebook Further Reveals Plans for Internet-Connected Drones

FB9-24Yael Maguire, engineering director at Facebook Connectivity Lab, doesn't like to use the word "drones" when it comes to "beaming" Internet to the developing world. He prefers "planes."

But whatever you want to call them, Facebook and Internet.org are looking to the skies in order to get the last 15% of the world's population, who aren't connected, online. At the 2014 Social Good Summit on Monday, Maguire gave more details on the Connectivity Lab's plans, first revealed in March, in a conversation with Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore.

Facebook goes all-in on stickers, bets millennials will love ‘em

FB10-14Actually, Facebook first launched stickers back in April 2013, but only in private messages. Now Facebook is rolling out the feature to timeline posts, enabling users to voice their opinions with a Pusheen cat, a smiley, or anything else in Facebook’s Sticker Store. Initally only available in Japan, the feature appears to be rolling out globally today.

Unfortunately, these stickers won’t boost your brand’s engagement stats any time soon — they’re not available for use on pages at the moment. Here’s a closer look at stickers on Facebook:

Facebook Goes Nuclear On The Messaging War With Its M Assistant

8-26fbookmAll messaging apps are the same no more. A few years ago, there were few differences between SMS and a slew of chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk and Facebook Messenger. But each have slowly defined themselves differently, whether through simplicity, connections to businesses, media, stickers, games, location, and other features.

Facebook has made nearly $2 billion from suing spammers to ‘remind would-be offenders that we will fight back’

money10-6Facebook has obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, the company revealed today. In its explainer on the fight against spam, Facebook says the lawsuits serve as a warning to “remind would-be offenders that we will fight back.”

Spam is only “worth it” to spammers if it’s profitable. As such, Facebook tries to make it difficult for spammers to make money by regularly tweaking its various automated and manual systems for stopping suspicious activity. These systems span various points of interaction on the site, the company says, including registration, friending, liking, and messaging.

Facebook has now gone down three times this month

9-28fbAt about 12:00 p.m. PDT today (3:00 p.m. EDT), Facebook went down. This is the third time the social network has gone down this month.

VB staff from across the world confirmed they either couldn’t reach the social network or it was incredibly slow. The generic “Service Unavailable” and “Sorry, something went wrong.” errors showed up, as did another generic “Page not found” message. A quick check at DownForEveryoneOrJustMe confirmed the issue was widespread: “It’s not just you! http://facebook.com looks down from here.”

Facebook Is Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit for Scanning Users' Private Messages

12-29 fbFacebook Inc must face a class-action lawsuit accusing it of violating its users' privacy by scanning the content of messages they send to other users for advertising purposes, a U.S. judge has ruled.

U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton in Oakland, California, on Tuesday dismissed some state-law claims against the social media company but largely denied Facebook's bid to dismiss the lawsuit.

Facebook Is Giving Out Free Bluetooth Beacons to Businesses

6-8FBEntrepreneurs take note: Facebook is making a new feature for businesses more widely available.

Facebook announced today that it is rolling out the Place Tips feature beyond the testing phase. Starting now, interested business owners can request a free Facebook Bluetooth beacon from the company, as Facebook plans to make beacons available to thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S.