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7 Ways to Boost Your Engagement on Instagram

7 ways to boost your engagement on instagram

If you’re marketing your business on Instagram, then you’ve probably come to realize that, at times, the platform can be a tad frustrating - especially, if you’re trying to grow your following, engage an audience, generate leads and make some sales.

Don’t worry, I know just how you’re feeling.

Facebook ranks articles based on how long you read them

facebook articlesNaturally, Facebook decided to make the changes based on yet more analytics gleaned from its "Feed Quality Program." After surveying thousands of people, the company found out that likes, sharing and comments don't tell the entire story about whether someone wants to see an article.

How to get the most from 4 social networks

get the most from social networksMarketers can tap Facebook's anonymized data to discover what the platform's 1.59 billion monthly users are saying about their brand. Snapchat's reporting is not yet as sophisticated, and brands need to manually sift data to find interactions. Tumblr's blogging traffic is growing at 74% per year and gives marketers an opportunity to engage with influencers, and Instagram's 400 million monthly users can be engaged with brand hashtags.

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Your Business

Facebook Messenger for businessLooking for a new way to connect with customers and prospects on Facebook?  Have you considered Facebook Messenger?
Messenger for business pages makes it easy to offer instant one-on-one customer service, while keeping a record of the conversation.

The Illusion of Social Media Content Consumption

social media illusionHave you ever published a piece of content that was meant to inspire, but then angered people? Social media is tricky. And as the platform evolves, so does its users. There is no telling how consumers will react and respond to content, if they react or respond at all.

Twitter users during TV shows have higher ad recall [Infographic]

twitter tv engagementConsumers who use Twitter while watching television are 62% more likely to remember the ads that aired during the program, Starcom and Canvs report. Viewers who post emotive tweets during TV shows are three times more likely to remember the brands that advertised.