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Four Digital Experience Trends Shaping The Future Of Marketing

is content kingThe days of optimizing user interface on a website and calling it a day are as archaic as door-to-door Britannica salesmen. The digital experience of the future is an omni-channel, multi-stage, behaviorally targeted, device-agnostic, user-journey-centric experience that seems part science-fiction, part psychology, and part technology.

To understand the future of digital experience, we must stay abreast of emerging patterns and learn to let go of aging paradigms that no longer make sense in today’s (and tomorrow’s) virtual ecosystem.

Content Curation: The Biggest Benefits [Infographic]

Marketers are responsible for producing content at an extremely frequent rate. According to countless studies, content marketing is proven to help generate leads, increase traffic and establish thought leadership, among other benefits. However, many lack the time, staff or budget to publish enough original content to keep up with the demand.

That is where content curation can come in.