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15 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog

15-Ways-to-Improve-Your-Business-BlogBlogs designed for businesses are, in my opinion, the center of operations for any online marketing campaign. They give you complete control over the content, allow you to populate Facebook and other social channels with self-made content, and enable you to give a voice to your brand unheard on social media.

Seasoned marketers know the perks of blogging better than most. That said, it never hurts to take a look at simple, intuitive strategies for ensuring your blog is doing everything it can to bring in readers, turn readers into conversions, and give your company a stronger platform for launching campaigns.

6 Ways to Kill Your Blog

do not actually kill your blogThe importance of blogging cannot be stressed enough in the social-content marketing arena. If you’re at all familiar with Internet advertising (which I assume you are) you’d know that a well-formed, high-end business blog is capable of pushing a brand’s products and services into the customers’ view more than pay-per-click advertising, social media, and other online marketing techniques.

As a blogger-for-hire, I’ve come to realize the most critical aspect that separates the good and the other business blogs: Mistakes.


Why Your Blog Isn't Enough [Infographic]

why your blog isnt enough

Content is a significant part of most marketing strategies, with content marketing leaders seeing 7.8x more traffic in today's digital marketplace.

But while a blog can educate, entertain, and inform an audience, it’s not the only media your content strategy should be focusing on. In fact, it’s just the starting point - that’s why 64% of marketers are now moving towards video and more than half of companies are considering engagement-first solutions like interactive marketing.