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“Free” Shows Which Friends Are Available To Hang Out

6-11freeSick of lonely nights at home browsing feeds? Free tells you which friends are…free…and let’s you ask if anyone wants to meet up without making you look desperate. Launching today on iOS, Free lets you announce plans or that you’re flexible, and group chat to organize your congregation. It’s like a green dot online status indicator for your real-life availability.

Free was co-founded by Path’s Danny Trinh, a true man-about-town with insights from his ex-employer’s missteps. “It was so frustrating. We were working on a core utility that everybody already had a behavior pattern for elsewhere” Trinh tells me.

10 Digital Trends That Will Change Our World In 2016

world changing digital trendsA redefinition of luxury, the rise of health data, and a shift towards bringing design thinking in-house will each have a profound impact on business, government, and society in 2016.

3 Effective Channels for Marketing Your Mobile App

MA11-1When you study the successful apps and their history of how they got their first million customers, you can see many common threads between them.

In this article, I touch upon three such channels that will help you get your marketing started and help you scale user growth. Two factors play a key role here. One is focus. Working on these channels alone will ensure focus in your activities. Secondly, these channels bring in predictability in growth and user acquisition.

4 Instagram Tools That Help Grow Your Account

IN10-26Instagram is one of the most powerful, engaging, and fast-growing social media platforms of the year. I’ve written before about it’s click-through rates (and how they compare to Facebook), tips on using Instagram, and a number of other IG-related topics.

But what about tools? With a few carefully selected tools, you can turn casual “brand-awareness Instagramming” into an actual Instagram marketing campaign. Here’s a list of a few Instagram tools that may be worth checking out.

5 Trends That Will Shape TV Mobile App Advertising in 2016

tv mobile app advertisingApp developers target second-screen users
App developers will continue to create emotion-provoking TV campaigns, such as Supercell's humorous Legend of the Lava Pup spot that stars James Cordon and Christoph Waltz. TV ads result in a 24% upturn in app installs after the first 10 minutes of broadcast, Fetch reports

Amazon Sued by FTC Because Kids Keep Making In-App Purchases

FTC7-12The U.S. government's consumer protection agency has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for allegedly billing customers for unauthorized in-app purchases, many of which are made by children.

The Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday that it sought to refund millions of dollars in purchases made by children on their parents' accounts and put a permanent ban on Amazon's ability to bill for unauthorized in-app purchases.

The complaint said that Amazon keeps 30% of all in-app purchase revenue.

Americans spend 335,000 years of their lives in Facebook’s app every month

6-26fbIn the fierce battle for our mobile attention, Facebook has almost no peer.

Google and Facebook have similar total reach among U.S. adults, between 228 and 222 million monthly users. But Facebook stands alone when you combine time spent and total reach, even if you add Google and YouTube together.

Apps and kids: Google may be next in FTC crosshairs

FTC7-13Apple leaped into action after the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on iPhone and iPad apps that let kids spend their parents’ money without permission. Not even a week after the news broke in January, the company’s top lawyer quietly took aim — at a competitor.

“I thought this article might be of some interest, particularly if you have not already seen it,” Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell wrote to FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez and Democratic Commissioner Julie Brill, pointing to a report that criticized Google’s app store over the same issue of unauthorized purchases. The previously undisclosed email was obtained by POLITICO through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Apps and sites where brands will connect with young people in 2016

brand mobileThe next hot digital playgrounds for brands to explore in 2016

If you’re a brand looking for Web cred, you can’t go wrong with money, memes and messaging. That’s why marketers will be looking at a few apps and sites that remain under the mainstream radar, places like Imgur, Kik and Venmo.

Facebook May Be the Next Tech Company Collecting Your Health Data

FB10-3Facebook may be the latest tech company eyeing your health information.

The social network is reportedly looking into creating a healthcare-related app and "support communities" on the site where people suffering from certain ailments would be able to connect, according to a Reuters report.

The "preventative care" would help users improve their lifestyles, it added.

Facebook Rolls Out 'Safety Check' Feature to Connect Loved Ones in Times of Crises

FB10-17Facebook is unveiling a new feature for users affected by a disaster or crisis to quickly let friends and family know they’re safe.

The tool, called "Safety Check," asks users who appear to be near an affected area to check in to let others know they’re safe or aren't in the disaster zone. Once users reply, their friends will see them marked as safe.

Facebook, Google, And Twitter’s War For App Install Ads

IA12-2An unexpected consequence of our love of apps is that now there’s just too damn many of them. The app stores are overcrowded, leaving developers desperate for a way to get their games and utilities discovered. That is why the app install ad has become the lifeblood of the mobile platform business.

Big brands aren’t the only ones to suck up to anymore. No one buys a car or Coca-Cola on their phone, at least not yet, so proving the return on investment of mobile ads to these businesses is tough. There is one thing people will instantly plop down a few bucks for on the small screen, though: Apps.

Foursquare shifts execs, focus

foursquare logoFoursquare announced Thursday that CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley is stepping down from his role as CEO, becoming the executive chairman.

The new CEO is Jeff Glueck, who has served as COO for the past year. Steven Rosenblatt will move into the role of President.

Hackers Unmask Anonymous Posters On Secret, Including App's Founder

S10-24“This is the third girl I’ve dated in three weeks, and none of them know about each other.”

“I’m late. I don’t know how to tell my husband. Especially since he had a vasectomy.” 

“Is Lucy the cutest dog?” 

These are recent posts on the mobile confessional app Secret, posts which typically veer toward the salacious and should all have one thing in common: they’re anonymous and untraceable. Yet in the above three cases they weren’t.

Security researchers Benjamin Caudill and Bryan Seely were able to identify the names of their friends behind the first two posts. They also learned that the third post about “Lucy” came from the founder of Secret, ex-Googler David Byttow.

How the Value of Social Content is Increasing

7-23smWhen it comes to platforms like Facebook, Flipboard and LinkedIn, the quantity of content doesn't matter. Those who understand the right content to share will come out ahead.

In an era when emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn connect requests and countless bleeping apps are screaming for more and more of our attention during the business day, the marketers who will succeed are the ones who understand how to consolidate and funnel target-grabbing content on the channels that matter. Content for the sake of producing content does not work anymore. Only content developed and delivered to support the target's content needs has high value.

Messaging App Jott Is Blowing Up Among Junior High And High Schoolers

As Facebook and YikYak try to grow a younger audience, a startup that taps into one of the key attribute of teen users – no money for data plans – is blowing up.

Jott, a messaging app that works without a data plan or WiFi connection, has caught on among junior high and high school students, according to co-founder Jared Allgood. He says the app more than doubled to half a million active users in March, up from 150,000 active users previous.

Periscope Is Secretly Building An Apple TV App

9-7periPeriscope is developing an app for the new Apple TV, according to multiple sources. It will allow users to watch livestreams on their television that are broadcasted from Twitter’s Periscope app. You could consider it a coming of age moment, considering the acquired startup’s website is Periscope.tv

Should Your Uber Driver Know Exactly Where You Are? They Could Soon

5-30ub“Where are you? I’m outside. Do you see me? Where should I meet you?” These kinds of frustrating calls with your Uber driver could be a thing of the past. Today Uber updated its privacy policy, saying it will now ask to pull people’s exact location while the app is running in the foreground or background.

You’ll have to decide whether that’s helpful or creepy.

The Evolution of Apps – And What's Coming Next [Infographic]

the evolution of apps and whats coming next

Maybe you forgot, but there was almost certainly a time when you were thrilled to download Evernote (“You mean I can make a note on my phone and the same note will be instantly available on my computer?”).

Today, the original release of Evernote - or Angry Birds, or Candy Crus, or whatever app got you hooked years ago - wouldn’t be all that impressive. We take them for granted.

Take just the other day for example, when Instagram launched face filters (a Snapchat clone in just about every possible way). Years ago, of course, this would have been revolutionary.

Twitpic Couldn’t Find An Acquirer, Will Shut Down After All On Oct 25th

tp10-16The reports of Twitpic’s survival were greatly exaggerated. Despite claiming it had found an acquirer to save it from death following a trademark complaint from Twitter, the photo sharing service today announced that didn’t happen and it’s game over on October 25th. Users can now export their photos until the 25th, at which point they’ll vanish into the void.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett wrote on its blog that:

Vine Challenge: Use the Newest Update to Create Cool Six-Second Videos

V10-6Vine's latest update introduced a ton of new features, the biggest of which is probably video import. iOS users can now upload any video from their camera roll directly into the app, and trim longer ones down to the six-second limit.

This, of course, does not mean the good ol' days of #AllNaturalVines are over — anything but! Vine allows a combination of outside videos and footage shot in-app, so really, it opens up doors to collaboration and more creativity.

Why Periscope Is the Next Big Thing in Social Media

9-18periWith more brands emphasizing the importance of a solid presence on media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, this article predicts that the next big marketing frontier is the Periscope app.

As social media becomes less of an afterthought among brands and more of an essential ingredient in the marketing mix, it is increasingly difficult to stand out on these online channels.

There is only so much attention from consumers and customers to go around, and the social streams are overflowing with content in all shapes and sizes.

Why social apps are abandoning the cloud and what they will look like next

S10-1In 2015, popular online social networks will be reduced to serving for social branding, and a next generation of apps using peer-to-peer networking instead of cloud computing will be used for texting and image and video sharing.

The exodus from popular social networks will be accelerated by increasing revelations of both the storing and monitoring of personal communications by the government, and experimentation on users of social networks for the financial benefit of third parties. The exodus, like most all technological trends, will be led by the young and the tech-savvy, and the rest of the worlds’ users will slowly follow as technology inevitably spreads.

Yahoo Shows Off Its New Livetext Messaging App

7-30yltextYahoo unveiled a new app today called Livetext, where users can send each other video and text — but no sound.

To get a sense of how it works, we spoke to Yahoo’s Arjun Sethi (formerly co-founder and CEO of MessageMe). He and I even had a short little Livetext session. Sethi also explained the opportunity he sees in taking the audio out of video messaging.