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4 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Be Careful With Snapchat

4 reasons why marketers need to be careful with snapchat

As marketers, we're always in search for new and innovative ways to get our brand message out in front of our target audience.

Snapchat has been the obsession among social media marketers for the past few years - and for good reason. It's functionality, ease of use and easy to digest content presentation has helped the app establish a significant user base, users who now send more than 3 billion Snaps daily.

4 ways to make your social data work for you

Woman pulling graph dataWhat defines social media success? In the early days of social marketing, brands raced to amass legions of fans and followers. The accumulation of likes, tweets, shares, and impressions were considered by marketers as benchmarks of success. For brands, success often meant building, but not necessarily understanding, its social audience.

With the deep pool of data now available to marketers, we've begun to see a shift in how social success is defined: less by volume and more by action. By focusing on social segmentation, brands can use consumer data and social metadata to gauge not only the effectiveness of their content, but also the actual engagement of their audience.

Given the volume of social activity and data associated with some brands, the task of segmentation can seem potentially overwhelming. To help manage it, we've identified four steps to social marketing success.

8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights

8 reasons why google analytics data will never match your facebook insights

Tracking the performance of your social campaigns is critical in maximizing your success. But the fact is that your Google Analytics data and your Facebook data will never match entirely.

Why is this?

The only way to accurately measure your Facebook data is through Facebook reporting itself - here are some key reporting notes on the variations between the two, why they exist, and what you need to watch for.

Beat Facebook's Algorithm with These 12 Workarounds

Over the past year, Facebook has been rolling out algorithm updates which have resulted in decreased visibility for business organic page posts. In my article today, I'll cover 11 Facebook anti-algorithm tactics to help get your fan engagement back!

1. Share Great Content. The old adage remains true - (quality) content is king. If you post awesome content, your chances of being liked and shared increases, boosting your presence in Facebook news feeds. Many of Facebook’s algorithm tweaks are aimed at weeding out what Facebook deems “low quality content,” like memes. For greater reach, opt instead for quality content from news sites. It’s a bit bourgeois for Facebook to assume CNN articles are always classy and memes are always pond scum, but we don’t get much choice in how Facebook adjusts its algorithm. My suggestion? Ramp up on your own original high quality content with ebooks, blog posts, white papers, downloads, etc.

Building a team fit for a social business

building a social business teamAn exploration of how modern enterprises successfully structure their social analytics teams inside the wider network of their business, and the various approaches to hiring the right kind of people to populate them.

Building credibility and social media influence

social media influenceBefore launching a social marketing campaign, you need to determine your goals, writes Karen Repoli. It's important to figure out where your target customers spend their time online and to offer content that fits their needs.

Facebook beefs up Atlas analytics, adds video feature

facebook atlasVideo ad serving for livelier brand storytelling is one of the new features that Facebook has added to enhance its Atlas ad-serving platform. Another is Offline Actions, which allows marketers to upload point-of-sale data to compare it with ad campaigns.

How consumer behavior is evolving [video]

consumer behavior is changingWe live in a world where access to information for just about anything is accessible with a few clicks on your mobile device.  How has this changed consumer behavior?

How Social Is Your Business, Anyway?

SB10-29Evolving into a truly social business is a tricky task, and one that can take a while to accomplish. How does your brand stack up?

I think we, especially as marketers, can all acknowledge that whether or not companies admit it, all businesses are already social. After all, customers post comments and reviews and employees are individuals with lives they share with their friends and families - including thoughts about their employers. In fact, there is even a coined phrase "dark social" to describe referrals that aren't trackable by Web analytics (here's a great real world use case of dark social in action). But for those businesses that have knowingly picked up the gauntlet, where are we on the path to real social engagement?

Make a Monthly Content-Marketing Check-In a Must-Do

9-5contentA monthly content-marketing check-in gives you the opportunity to measure the success of your campaigns. Without a regular review, you won’t be able to take a strategic approach to your efforts, and if you don’t understand where you’re at, you can’t create a clear path for where you’re going.

Recover Sooner From Google Penalties By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

google7-16Starting and successfully growing a business today requires a strong online presence, most importantly a website that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back. But if Google doesn’t find value in your website or discovers a violation of its Webmaster Guidelines, your website can be removed from the view of customers by the dreaded Google penalty.

Manual action penalties can be found by visiting Google Webmaster Tools. Any violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines must be corrected, followed by a request for reconsideration.

Simple Twitter Analytics Tips to Immediately Improve Your Engagement [Infographic]

simple twitter analytics tips to immediately improve your engagement

Software helps companies run smoothly. From help desk platforms to communication apps to social media posts, technology helps businesses get to know their customers and employees and build relationships with them.

Twitter is one social channel many companies use, but few use it as well as they should to have truly beneficial interactions. Fifty-seven percent of users have discovered a new SMB on Twitter, and three out of five of their followers make a purchase from a company based on a tweet.

Snapchat data opened up by Snaplytics for influencers, brands

Snapchat influencer analyticsSnaplytics has unveiled an Influencer Tracking Platform that gives advertisers and influencers more campaign performance analytics on Snapchat and includes an influencer matching feature. The product will be free for influencers, but marketers will be charged.

The 10 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Monitor

the 10 most important social media metrics to monitor

Great marketing requires good data - you can’t know whether you’re making smart decisions and using the right strategies unless you measure your performance. This is true for all elements of marketing - and it’s definitely true for social media.

As a marketer, you need to constantly prove your value. You need to show that your company needs you as much any salesperson or business analyst.

You know you’re good, and it’s time to show that to everyone else.

Twitter Tells Brands They Can Reach 30% of Their Followers for Free Sharing new stats with marketers

tw7-19Twitter is telling brands, "Come to us if you want to reach fans freely." The company said today that marketers can hit an audience equal in size to 30 percent of their followers in a given week with a consistent and free tweeting strategy. That level of free exposure contrasts with Facebook, where brands have to pay to be seen by more than 5 percent of their fans.

"On Twitter, nothing comes between your tweets and your followers," the company said in a blog post today announcing new measurement tools for brands and verified users.

Twitter’s New Analytics Tell Advertisers And Publishers How Many People Actually Saw Their Tweets

twitter7-13If you’re looking for more details about how all of your tweets are doing, Twitter today released a new analytics dashboard for advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and verified users.

The company already gave its advertisers data about tweets that they’d paid to promote, covering things like impressions, replies, and link clicks, but there was nothing equivalent for “organic” tweets, i.e., regular, non-promoted messages. So the new dashboard offers a broader view of an account’s entire Twitter strategy.

What Does Facebook's New Algorithm Mean for Content Marketers?

7-1FBWith Facebook giving users more control of what they see in their News Feed, they're likely to remember their closest friends, but they may not necessarily remember their favorite brand pages.

Facebook users can now have more control over their News Feeds. But with people having more of a say in what they see, will that hurt content marketers?