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How can you use Facebook's new Video Creation Kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?
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What is Video Creation Kit?
A tool enabling advertisers to convert static-imagery and text assets into mobile-optimized video ads, for Facebook and Instagram that are 15s or 6s in duration.

You can choose from four video templates combining text overlays & product or brand logos with motion, following one of these themes:
• Promote a product (6 seconds)
• Sell multiple products (6 seconds)
• Drive product discovery (15 seconds)
• Show product benefits (15 seconds)

What are the benefits?
Video ads tailored to how people watch videos on mobile provide a better experience for users in Facebook and therefore, you are more likely to achieve your intended objectives.

How can you access the tool?
In the 'single video' ad format in Facebook Ads Manager. It's also available under the 'Videos' section of Page Publishing Tools.

What ad objectives should you run these videos for?
The templates are compatible with all ad objectives. Choose the ad objective that aligns best to your business goal.

More information, including case studies can be found on the Facebook Business Blog and Help Center, see below.


Is anyone using this tool? Would love to hear about your experience and how effective it has been in helping achieve your objectives.


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