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"Our goal is to build the world’s largest and most robust community of professional Social Media Marketers with the objective of sharing experiences, education and career advancement tools."

SocialMediopolis is a private community dedicated to one thing and one thing only: social marketing.
We offer a spam-free environment with NO advertising and strictly relevant content. You will find:

  • Free Community where you can network with other Members, upload articles, links, videos, blogs, contact information
  • Specific Groups for Discussions related to the most important social marketing topics, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other venues

  • Resources to expand your knowledge-base and build your personal professional value

  • Sharing of Books, Tutorials, White Papers, and Research to solidly ground you in the ever-changing world of social media.

  • Webcasts & MasterMind meetings that will inspire, educate, entertain and encourage SocialMediopolis Members.
  • Jobs, Consulting and New Business Opportunities where we match you to others looking for help.

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