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Content is King and Here are the Crown Jewels for Free! - Reduce the Cost of Your Lead Gen Efforts with these Great Tools

how to build and operate a content marketing machineHelping great leads find you through good inbound and content marketing is among the most cost-effective ways to drive new leads. Our friends at Marketo want to help you do this more effectively, and are offering a number of great free assets on inbound and content marketing.


A cornerstone of any strong inbound marketing program is great content. In "How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine," you'll learn how to:

  • Develop and refine your content plan
  • Get your content produced, published, and distributed
  • Convert content visitors through targeted, content-rich nurturing

Click here to download -->: http://ow.ly/gPXKi


Use this Content Marketing Cheat Sheet to quickly map out your own buying stages and determine which content to best associate with those stages. You'll learn:

  • The six rules of content marketing
  • How to map content to buying stages
  • The three R's of content optimization

Click here to download -->: http://ow.ly/gPXVc 


Inbound drives good results, but combining with tactics such as SEO, social, and automation, you can amplify its impact. Download "Amplify Your Inbound Marketing" to:

  • Access a handy checklist for amplifying inbound and identifying additional promotional opportunities
  • Create your ideal mix of inbound, outbound, and marketing automation activities
  • Avoid common inbound marketing mistakes

Click here to download -->: http://ow.ly/gPXeA 

Here's to your success,
Tyler Crosson
Community Manager
Social Media Marketing Group

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