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Twitter and Mobile Device Usage [Infographic]

twitter and mobile device usage

With Mobile World Congress 2018 (#MWC18) currently underway in Barcelona, Twitter’s UK team has released new research into how and why mobile users turn to Twitter at different moments.

The data, compiled into the below infographic, highlights when users are more likely to be active on Twitter, what they use the platform for, and what they’re looking for from brands.

And while the findings are not revolutionary, there are some interesting notes, including:

  • Twitter users are significantly more likely to share their views and recommendations than non-users
  • 76% of Twitter users follow a brand account on the platform
  • Users see Twitter as a great place for finding promotions and deals

Take a look at the full infographic from Twitter UK for more detail.

twitter and mobile device usage infographic


Article and image(s) via Social Media Today

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