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How to Choose a Messaging App for Your Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

how to choose a messaging app for your marketing campaign

We live in a world of non-stop connectivity. Every minute, every second, people are talking to each other and exchanging stories. And thanks to messaging apps, sharing your stories with the world has never been easier.

In 2017 alone, there has been an estimated 1.82 billion people using messaging apps on a daily basis, and the numbers suggest these apps aren’t going anywhere.

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3 Ways Businesses Can Utilize Twitter's New "Bookmarks" Feature

twitter and mobile device usage

Last week, Twitter finally rolled out its new 'Bookmarks' feature to all users.

The option enables users to bookmark tweets that they want to save for later viewing, and is a great addition, since previously there was no easy way to save tweets for later reference other than “liking” them.

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