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Reports Suggest Instagram Could be Looking to Add New Long-Form Video Options

reports suggest instagram could be looking to add new long form video options

Longer, vertical videos on Instagram?

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Instagram will soon allow users to upload long-form video to the app.

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4 Reasons Why Micro-Influencers Are Key [Infographic]

4 reasons why micro influencers are key

While it may sound cool to enlist a celebrity or famous influencer with millions of followers to endorse your brand, they may not have what it takes to actually ‘influence’ the behavior of their followers, and shape their perception of your brand.

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Google Launches New Agencies Dashboard to Help Manage Google My Business Listings

gmail hacks and tricks to boost productivity

Google has launched a new Agencies Dashboard which will help agencies manage multiple Google My Business listings from one place.

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Facebook Adds New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers

facebook reports facebook stories usage begins testing of stories ads

Facebook continues to expand its fundraising tools and options, announcing two new features this week which will help individuals and nonprofits raise awareness for their causes.

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Could Apple's Latest Video Chat and Visual Tools Pose a Threat to Snapchat and Instagram?

could apples latest video chat and visual tools pose a threat to snapchat and instagram

Should Snapchat be concerned?

At their Worldwide Developers Conference this week, Apple has unveiled its latest tools for iOS 12, which include new digital masks, stickers and effects for the native iPhone camera app.

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10 Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing [Infographic]

10 benefits of blogging for business and marketing

Are you considering starting a blog for your business website? Want to fully understand the benefits to you and your business before getting started?

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