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Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz for Better Engagement [Sponsored]

accurately track your social media buzz for better engagement sponsored

Smart marketers have always known the power of generating buzz. Being able to tap into public conversations about your brand is invaluable, effectively turning the entire social media world into a gigantic focus group.

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The Top 8 Indispensable Reports Every Marketer Needs for C-Suite Success [Sponsored]

the top 8 indispensable reports every marketer needs for c suite success sponsored

Do you know how much actual revenue was driven last quarter vs. last year from your marketing programs? Do you know what your real social marketing ROI is versus other marketing channels And what reports are you using to back up your data?

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Social Demand Gen Ignites Your Marketing Toolkit [Sponsored]

2 common types of pillar pages and how they boost seo

There are a lot of "must haves" in the marketing world— however, what works for one marketing plan doesn't necessarily work for another.

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Amazon Tests Ad Tool That Rivals Google, Criteo

amazon tests ad tool that rivals google criteo

Amazon.com Inc. is taking its most assertive step yet into the digital-advertising market by testing a new display ad offering that threatens multibillion-dollar revenue streams at Google and firms like Criteo SA.

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5 Ways GDPR Will Change Your World

5 ways gdpr will change your world

On May 25, a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going into effect in the European Union. The law was created to protect EU citizens from potential abuses, like the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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2018 Trends: Fresh Predictions From Ecommerce Marketing Experts [Sponsored]

facebook explains data collection from non users to quell concerns

In a world where time is a customer’s most valuable asset, how do you get them to spend their time (and money) on your website? Deeper relationship building. This is how you win.

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