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Promoting and Supporting...

...Our Social Media Connections

This post was inspired by and dedicated to Professor Shari Weiss, who has done so much to not only assist me in my brand development, but also to guide me in my educational pursuit of Social Media. Thank you, Shari!

One of the wonderful things about having a Social Media circuitry is the ability to share with others the works of those we appreciate and admire. Granted that we utilize personal networks to broadcast our own efforts. But it is good to to also promote the accomplishments of our fellows. The greatest gift is giving as I've been told. Who does not enjoy seeing their toils being advocated? When we retweet, guest post blogs, or otherwise champion the endeavors of our compeers, we not only assist, we expose to those who follow us the added value of someone else's achievements. This is an advantage for everyone, especially those whose enterprise would not reach as large an audience otherwise. Thus we have at our disposal a great contrivance, one with which we can benefit not only those we succeed, but those who accompany us as well. My own path has been supplanted greatly by others who have been a foundation for my aspirations, and I can do no less in turn. Let us each attempt to further the industries of others, and in so doing increase our own worth.

Social Media Described in One Word

The Pro’s Speak Out!

For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imaginations. We learned to talk, and we learned to listen.  ~ Professor Stephen Hawking

Social media is a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online. Where media means digital words, sounds & pictures which are typically shared via the Internet and the value can be cultural, societal or even financial. ~ Wikipedia; The Free Encyclopedia

I take here at the outset the fortuity to express my sincere thanks to each of the very busy people that took of their valuable time to answer my call to arms. One of the wonderful things that make Social Media a viable entity is the fact that those involved are so willing to give, and the contributors present exemplify that principle to its highest magnitude.

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Making sense...

...of mobile application development

In the past month, a land slide of research on mobile internet usage and application downloads has hit the market. On smartphones, iSuppli has pointed out that Android will soon overtake Apple in terms of the number of handset it is available on, which is further backed by NPD which found that one in three US smartphones sold are Android devices. It is only natural that Android will overtake Apple as the smartphone platform of choice given the much larger selection of devices, and also the fact that Nokia's Symbian is losing market share (still to be seen whether the upgraded version of their platform will have an impact).

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Clubv3 Announces Strategic Alliance...

...with Green Leaf Film Studios

Isle of Man-based social network games and media specialist, Clubv3, has announced a far-reaching strategic alliance with Chengdu-based Chinese film studios, Green Leaf Film Studios.

The two companies are working together on the creation of social network games based on Green Leaf's TV and film properties for Western and Asian social networks, including the likes of Facebook, MySpace, Netlog, Mixi, RenRen, QQ, Orkut and Hi5. Development is already underway on a number of initial products based on Clubv3's platform.

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How the games changed the face...

...of Social Networking

...and how brands communicate with consumer through them

If just a few years back it was a science fiction thing to convince a business angel to invest in a project which will produce incomes by selling pixels to people now, for sure that most of them which avoided such projects have second thoughts.

The virtual goods market in The USA has reached $ 1 bn revenues in 2009 and will climb at $1.6 bn revenues in 2010, $835 mil coming from start-up companies which didn't exist three years ago. The virtual goods market in Asia was at $5bn (2008) and $7bn (2009) and will increase also in 2010. The European market was at 1$bn in 2009 and will increase in 2010.

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New Social Network Games...

Developer and Publisher: Clubv3 Douglas, Isle of Man

Isle of Man-based clubv3 is a new social network games company founded by veterans of the video games industry, concentrating on making top quality and branded games for social networks, such as Facebook and Hi5.

With over thirty years' experience making video games between the company's two directors, clubv3 has a wealth of experience in making mass-market appeal games, integrating brands and localising products for multiple languages and territories.

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