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Why Businesses THINK They Have a Social Media Manager!

social media manager socialmediopolis"We have a Social Media Manager. . . our receptionist is on Facebook in her lunch break"

Its one of the most common remarks I used to hear from marketing managers and business owners "We have a Social Media Manager. . . our receptionist is on Facebook in her lunch break"

The next thing i would say is " that's fantastic! your lucky to have her. So how is your social sentiment looking?" Or " That's wonderful, so he/she has built your Iframe to? Wow! Hang onto them!"

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Start Blogging To Become Popular In Social Media!

popular blogging socialmediopolisWant to be viewed as an expert in your field as well as interact directly with potential customers without breaking the bank? Instead of spending money to interrupt your target audience, gauge their interests to seek you out!

So, what's the secret? Social media! There are many useful facets of this realm, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. However, blogging is a very useful tool in gaining popularity in social media. It's not just for people to ramble on about random topics in their lives, but can be used as a useful Inbound Marketing strategy.

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Why Your Website is a Second Business Location

website business money socialmediopolisWhat's a website to you?

Is it an evolving, useable, virtual business location that generates sales for your company, or is it the creepy bodega on the corner that has two aisles covered in dust?

Your site, whether you spend $300 a month or $100 every ten years, is a reflection of your brand; it is just like having a second location of your business. And why does this online presence matter?

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Branding Your Business:

branding business socialmediopolisThe Power of Cause Marketing

Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing initiatives. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to the design of you newsletter, everything your company does reflects your brand. It's critical to stay true to your brand, so it's a good idea to review everything your company is doing to ensure a consistent message is being conveyed to your audience.

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Sales 101:

communications socialmediopolisUncertainty Reduction Theory and Inbound Marketing

Human behavior dictates the world of sales & marketing.  If consumer purchasing habits and patterns sway one way, salespeople and marketers naturally adjust their content & tactics (as should all business-owners). Which is why a rather old and famous communication model can be applied to sales & inbound marketing strategy.

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How to Generate Online Traffic

online traffic socialmediopolis...Using a Keyword Strategy

A good keyword strategy that is relevant to our offer and opportunities helps us to reach people who can benefit. When we do this correctly we'll hit our target market. However, everyone is NOT interested in what we have to offer. Additionally, ranking high in search engines with keywords that people are NOT searching for is valueless. Ranking #1 in Google doesn't matter if we don't get traffic to our website, video, blog, or article.

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