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Branding Your Business:

branding business socialmediopolisThe Power of Cause Marketing

Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing initiatives. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to the design of you newsletter, everything your company does reflects your brand. It's critical to stay true to your brand, so it's a good idea to review everything your company is doing to ensure a consistent message is being conveyed to your audience.

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Sales 101:

communications socialmediopolisUncertainty Reduction Theory and Inbound Marketing

Human behavior dictates the world of sales & marketing.  If consumer purchasing habits and patterns sway one way, salespeople and marketers naturally adjust their content & tactics (as should all business-owners). Which is why a rather old and famous communication model can be applied to sales & inbound marketing strategy.

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How to Generate Online Traffic

online traffic socialmediopolis...Using a Keyword Strategy

A good keyword strategy that is relevant to our offer and opportunities helps us to reach people who can benefit. When we do this correctly we'll hit our target market. However, everyone is NOT interested in what we have to offer. Additionally, ranking high in search engines with keywords that people are NOT searching for is valueless. Ranking #1 in Google doesn't matter if we don't get traffic to our website, video, blog, or article.

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How To Start a Facebook Fan Page

facebook like 5000 socialmediopolis...with 5000 'Likes'

As a freelance Social Media Manager I have recently been getting more and more requests from businesses all asking me the same thing. They all say something along the lines of "we have 5000 friends and lots more requesting on out Facebook profile. . . now what do we do?"

A recently acquired client of mine is probably the best example I can give you. They are called Posh Pads and they deal in serviced Apartments for people to rent for short periods like weekend breaks.

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Valuable Content:

pillars success online socialmediopolisThe Pillar of Inbound Marketing

I was watching the movie The Shawshank Redemption the other day. For those of you who haven't seen it, the main synopsis is that an innocent man named Andy (Tim Robbins) is wrongfully sent to prison for the murder of his wife. Fellow inmate and narrator of the movie Red (Morgan Freeman, the narrator of all narrators) befriends Andy....and then lots of exciting stuff happens...but I won't ruin the movie for you.

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Why Stale Content is Ruining...

stale success kitten socialmediopolis...Your Website's Potential for Sales

"Wow... look at this website! When I mouse-over their logo, a cat meows. WHAT'S THIS?! 'Last updated: 1991'?! Oh well... back to Google."

This behavior is precisely what's going on when your website visitors notice your pages have shoulderpads, cassette Walkmans and MC Hammer pants.

Seriously though... ask yourself... what is the purpose of your website? Are you trying to attract sales leads? When you research companies on the web with intentions to purchase, don't you get turned off if the site is anything less than stellar? You can't afford to have stale content on your website; it's a deal-breaker in the world of internet marketing and sales.

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