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This Website Uses Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

job-employment-600-275x171Chances are you already know how difficult it is to find any job in this economy, let alone your dream job. Last month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 12.7 million unemployed Americans, and there aren't any quick fixes in sight.

With millions of others looking for the same jobs, you don't have time to scroll through hundreds of listings every day — you need to be able to optimize your search. Luckily there's a new website that has found a way to utilize your online social circles to lead you to gainful employment: Jackalope Jobs.

Jackalope Jobs focuses on job seekers like you, helping you gain an edge on the competition by sorting through your social networks and pinpointing valuable connections. The way the site works is simple: You log in with LinkedIn, Facebook or Plaxo, and Jackalope Jobs imports all of your contacts, credentials and connections.

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Socialcam CEO: Don't Let Video Intimidate You

smartphont-girl-600Much like Pinterest in 2011, Socialcam is achieving an unpredicted and unmistakable rise to prominence in 2012, with more than 75 million users and a recent partnership with The Washington Post to cover the Summer Olympic games.

Of course, for CEO Michael Seibel, video is not a new medium. He spent five years overseeing strategy and business development at Justin.tv as its co-founder and CEO. In that time it grew to 30 million unique visitors each month. Socialcam, his newest creation, is an easy way to make and share videos via a smartphone. We recently spoke to Seibel about video, competition, and the future of his company.

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How to Choose the Right Social Marketing Platform

digital-marketing-600While much of the tech and financial world has been focused on Facebook's post-IPO performance, something else has happened that is starting to define the social marketplace. Savvy firms like Salesforce.com and Oracle have strategically gobbled up some of the top social vendors. These acquisitions signify that social business has become big business. The formulation of meaningful social categories is also taking shape, and marketers — particularly CMOs — should take note as they look to gain real ROI from social.

The best way to determine what social categories and tools you company should utilize is to look at what companies like Salesforce.com and Oracle are investing in. Both companies have identified and invested in three main categories of social technology: social media management, social media monitoring, and social infrastructure. By examining what these categories look like, and what technologies matter, you can determine where to focus your business resources.

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The Collaborative Organization

ColOrgFree Chapter Download - The First Step to Recovery Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Written by: Jacob Morgan

Chapter Excerpt

"...the most important thing collaboration enables employees to do is form bonds and connections with one another, in effect building relationships. These relationships and the engaged employees are what lead to ideas and discoveries within organizations. The more employees can share, communicate, collaborate, and engage with one another, the
greater the flow of ideas is. These ideas can be new revenue-generating opportunities, cost-cutting strategies, recommendations for productivity enhancement, improvements in product development, and almost anything else."

We are excited to have partnered with Jacob Morgan and McGraw-Hill Professional to offer you a complimentary download of Chapter 2 of The Collaborative Organization.

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This Pinterest-Like Bookmarking Tool Organizes Your Online Life

woman-on-computer-600Name: Clipix

Quick Pitch: Clipix is a simple way to organize your life online.

Genius Idea: Lets users save and organize what they find online to personalized clipboards so they can come back to it whenever they want.

How many times did you have to search for something online that you forgot to save the first time you found it? Probably too many times to count.

To help you organize your life online, Clipix gives you a place to keep everything you find that you want to come back to in the future. Whether it's news articles, recipes or shoes, Clipix lets you save it onto personalized clipboards.

It's simple to use –- just drag the "clip" button to your bookmark bar. When you find something you're interested in online, clip it to a clipboard. Users can also upload PDF files and Word and Excel documents.

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Social Marketology: Process in Social Media Marketing

social-marketology-book-cover*Free Webinar*

Join us on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 2:00 PM Eastern for an informative webinar with author and speaker Ric Dragon

Now more than ever, today's marketers are in need of a social media process that allows them to articulate and realize their online marketing goals. With the widespread adoption of social media by consumers worldwide, companies now have new, previously unimagined opportunities to engage directly with consumers. Ric Dragon's Social
Marketology explicates how the most distinctive features of social media marketing—dynamic and rapidly evolving patterns of customer engagement, the broad dispersal of information across a variety of fora, and the transparency and agility with which campaigns are conducted—can be brought to bear on a particular project, regardless of the platform being utilized. It is the ideal resource for the business professional looking to implement a measurable and effective social media campaign.

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