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Like, Tweet and Add: Social Marketing Tips for Multi-Tiered Campaigns

112987077There are many major players today in social media marketing, and a well-run campaign incorporates the strengths of several of these websites. A highly multi-tiered campaign can be hard to manage, so here are some tips and ideas to help keep track of a campaign's status and progress.
The Strengths of Major Social Media Players


The grandfather goliath of the social media sites (so long MySpace) incorporates aspects of many of the different sites. With over a billion users, 600 million of them on mobile, its greatest asset is the colossal community, and it provides many opportunities for targeted advertising. It's up for debate how effective direct advertising with Facebook really is, but a the greatest strengths of Facebook are its capabilities for user interaction over simply trying to boost your "likes." With Facebook location servers and mobile user base, it's a great platform to run a heavily user-driven campaign. Encouraging user-generated content and interaction is the key to success for the FB side of your social media campaign. Facebook also offers helpful Analytics tools for business pages with Facebook Insights, which can help you build a profile of your clientele and fans, which can be invaluable in figuring out how to target your demographic.


Foursquare has established itself as a giant on the mobile side of social media marketing. It's primarily used with location services on smartphones, "find" and "share" with physical, brick and mortar businesses, but some larger brands, such as The History Channel, have had success with the platform by encouraging check-ins at various historical locations around the United States. Physical establishments have the most to gain through Foursquare, especially with the new API that allows new levels of interactivity.

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Merging Mobile and Social to Humanize Your Brand

112987077We talk a lot about mobile devices as the great enabler in terms of connecting you to your audience anywhere, anytime. By taking advantage of the flexibility mobile offers, combined with the wealth of information sharing and connectivity of social platforms, there is no limit to the relationships you can create with customers; that is, unless don't you create those relationships.

One of the biggest missed opportunities that so many companies fall victim to with social media is not capitalizing on its ability to humanize your brand. Unlike traditional marketing, social media offers customers the ability to interact on a level deeper than buy/sell, so it is crucial to create a sense of realism. Never before has the ability to humanize been so accessible, thanks to mobile devices. So, how do you take advantage of them?

Live Tweeting

One of the easiest ways to show your customers that your brand is not a robotic, link-spewing, marketing-obsessed, egomaniac, is to live tweet events or promotions. Live tweeting has been shown to have a better rate of engagement and is a perfect way to show your audience that there is an actual person behind the messages they see.

The beauty of mobile is that it gives you so much freedom to tweet from anywhere, allowing you to push more content quicker. You also now not only have the ability to tweet from places you might not have been able to in the past like concerts, sporting events, etc., you also can give your audience the ability to track and interact from anywhere by making all your tweeted links mobile friendly (i.e., optimized landing pages for all links).

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Sorry, No Calls...





The following is an article inspired by my earlier article, MustSayNo.com, which has literally been life-changing for me. Also, a quick apology for the somewhat self-indulgent nature of the article. I like to think that I'm not a complete schmuck because I do have a tough time saying no. Thanks for your understanding.

Dear Friend,

I know you've asked to setup a "quick call" to chat. Could be just an introductory "get to know you" call, or you might just want to catch-up, or there's a specific question or topic you have in mind.

Sorry, but I don't take phone calls. I hate them. My aversion borders on the pathological.

You will find this surprising and abnormal (because it is), but in a given year, I'll usually have < 15 non-personal phone calls. I often go weeks and weeks without a single call (joy! bliss!) When I do have them, I have to emotionally prepare myself. And, just so you know, I have a tough time with personal calls too, much to the disappointment of my mom and dad, who live in India.

Hence, this article, which you can find at SorryNoCalls.com (domain setup to make it easy to reference. I might even print it on my business cards some day).

Why I Hate Phone Calls

Here are the reasons why I hate phone calls so much. The snips shown below are from an absolutely fantastic comic titled "10 Reasons To Avoid Talking On The Phone" by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal. I've pulled the few segments that particularly resonated for me.

1. I don't like synchronous communications.

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The Marketing Naughty or Nice List

marketing naughty or nice list

Naughty List

Keyword Stuffing

You might be used to stuffing a christmas stocking with lots of little things, but stuffing your website with keywords that aren't relevant to the content just to draw traffic is bad.

Link Farming

Reindeer live on farms, er... I think they do. But your website links shouldn't. Don't wear a black hat and add your website url to a link farm dedicated to just creating a long list of businesses and links with no other value.

Hiding Text

If you have white text on a white background, you can't see it but the search engines can. The sole purpose of this is to fill your site with misleading or junk content for the sole purpose of building your search engine rankings. That will land you on the naughty list.


A little more complex, and you're clearly deliberately being naughty if you use this technique. The process of cloaking involves showing a search engine spider different content than whats actually on the page and different than what an actual visitor sees.

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How To: Add Pinterest's Buttons & Widgets to your site

112987077Didjya hear the news? Yesterday, Pinterest launched business accounts! If you're feeling a little frazzled -- "Ahh! What do I do? How do I get one? I already have a regular profile acting as my business page! Oh, the humanity!" -- take a breather. We've pulled together a brand spankin' new ebook with step-by-step instructions about how to set up your Pinterest business account -- or convert your current profile into one. You can get your free copy here.

But once you've completed the account setup or conversion process, what can you do to promote your business' Pinterest presence outside of Pinterest? First things first: let your audience know you have one! Luckily, yesterday Pinterest also announced some other awesome tools and resources just for businesses, including a couple of brand new widgets that help you promote your business' Pinterest presence through one of your most powerful marketing assets: Your website!

Pinterest's 4 Buttons & Widgets

Pinterest offers four different types of buttons and widgets to add to your website:

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Amazon CEO Receives Fortune's "Business Person of the Year" Award


Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos won the Fortune's Businessperson of the Year Award today for his part in changing both the bookstore and the book itself.

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 and has since redefined what a bookstore should be. He has always prioritized long-term gains over short-term profitability, a philosophy that's yielding palpable results. It is estimated that Amazon Web Services, a cloud-based computing platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, could generate over $1.5 billion.

Most recently Bezos introduced a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet that competes directly with Apple's iPad Mini. As opposed to his competitors, Bezos often pushes the idea that Amazon won't make money off of its hardware, but will make money off of the content that brings those tablets alive.

At the Fortune event runners-up include Apple CEO Tim Cook, eBay CEO John Donahoe, and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon.

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