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Sympathy for the Devil: Twitter Campaign to Free Muslim Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev


First of all, a lot of people that apparently knew Dzhokhar keep saying how nice he was and they just can't believe the news. Yes, a "true angel". As Greg Gutfeld points out, however, evil people can still smile, hit the gym and apparently go to parties after killing three people and injuring more than 170 others. Ted Bundy was a nice guy, too.

Secondly, a government set up? Really? It's not as though police found and arrested the Tsarnaevs solely based on footage of Dzhokhar dropping off a backpack near eight-year-old Martin Richard without further incident. No, no, no. Surveillance video shows Dzhokhar taking his backpack off, placing it down, not reacting to the first explosion and dodging the second. The brothers also murdered an MIT police officer, hijacked a car and bragged to the car owner that they were the bombers. A car chase with police ensued during which the Tsarnaevs threw explosives at them while making their way into Watertown...and then this happened ...

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Top 6 Tips for Generating Leads via Social Media


Is your business still struggling to use social media to generate leads?

Businesses need to choose either a direct sales approach, leading straight to a sale with no need for further endorsement, or self-promotion, showcasing their knowledge and skills to generate leads and do the selling bit later, the traditional way – face-to-face.

In most cases social media is best used to generate leads, or send traffic to your website where you get a chance to do this again. Producing great content that your audience wants to read will help you do this.

For example, you can use social media to build trust by giving away valuable content and offering free advice. By doing this you will give your audience a reason to engage, and continue conversation, until you ask them for that all-important face-to-face meeting.

If you are unable to meet them face-to face then Skype is your friend.

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Free informative webinar: How To Master Creating Fresh Content Automatically in Only 12 Minutes a Week

Free informative webinar How To Master Creating Fresh Content Automatically in Only 12 Minutes a Week

Do you hate wasting hours and hours trying to find fresh, hot and new content for your Facebook Profile/Page or your blog or website?

If so join us to learn about a brand new automated system to finding hot relevant content your fans will love!

This powerful webinar will provide you with exclusive training to show you how to:

* Develop a killer strategy to find the hottest content on the web and post it to your social media sites in just a few minutes...

* Learn a simple way to hyper engage your community so they respond to your social messages...

* Find out how to get your offers, promotions or content to go viral using the power of social media.

You can reserve your free webinar place here: http://attendee.gotowebinars.co/register/?id=689539630

This is guaranteed to save you a TON of time and help you get the right relevant content to drive traffic and keep people engaged with your site. If you appreciate the power of social media but just can't spend the enormous amounts of time finding content and making your messages go viral, then you need to be on this special training.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are multiple sessions but they are very likely to fill up fast. So please make sure to sign up ASAP and to arrive about 10 minutes early to guarantee your seat. Once again, don't delay! Register here: http://attendee.gotowebinars.co/register/?id=689539630


PS. Don't forget to forward this to your friends and colleagues so they can get in too!

Ethics in Social Marketing: Responding to the Boston Tragedy


In my last blog post, "The Rapidly Diminishing Authenticity of Social Media Marketing," I explored how social media professionals have turned to tactics that undermine some of the core tenets promised by social media. We set larger fan counts as a goal above authentic advocacy, and when meaningful engagement became difficult to achieve, we settled for anything that would earn a like, reply or retweet rather than striving for content that fostered relationships and created value.

I will not rehash how I think these poor priorities and tactics undermined brand success in social media. (You can read my last blog post for that.) Instead, I want to explore a more sensitive question: Have social media marketers acted ethically or not?

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A Closer Look at CrowdSourcing


Whether you like it or not, you are either crowdsourcing or being sourced. The information we are generating in a big data world is starting to funnel into tightly curated areas of interest to companies and people. And it's only going to get bigger!

Crowdsourcing can refer to a number of things, including gathering resources or opinions from large groups of people, and today, refers to a revolutionary type of fundraising. Recent successes in crowdsourcing ranges from the launch of new products, such as the Turtle Shell speaker, to the funding of new movies like Veronica Mars, both getting headlines for disrupting the traditional process for launching a new project. Whether you're a small business owner, inventor, a writer, or anyone else, you may be able to use crowdsourcing for yourself. Who knows, you may cause a little disruption in the process! But before you head to the internet to try to raise money or get people involved in your cause, you probably need to get a better idea of the basics behind this versatile opportunity.

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New Facebook Logo Made Official


You might not have noticed, but Facebook has rolled out a new main logo and refreshed the design of other icons for the first time in years.

Facebook's logo no longer includes the faint blue line at the bottom of its "F" icon. The letter is also pulled closer to the edge of the box.

Although this was first spotted on the information page for Facebook Home — the social network's new app launcher for Android — the new logo showed up in the company's newsroom webpage on Friday, according to web developer Tom Waddington for the site Cut Out + Keep.

The "F" logo hasn't been updated to all pages just yet, including the Brand Permissions page. However, it has been added as the picture to Facebook's Twitter account.

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