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What Marketers Should (And Shouldn't) Tweet [Research]

marketing tweets socialmediopolisA recent study via MarketingProfs by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, and Georgia Tech took a look at which types of tweets provide value to readers, and which types of tweets are generally disliked. The study surveyed 1,443 Twitter users who rated 43,738 tweets during a 19-day period. Results showed that only 36% of tweets are worth reading, 39% are mediocre at best, and 25% of tweets are not worth reading at all.

These results are extreme and beg the question, why don't people find value in tweets? Luckily, the study broke down some of the reasons tweets just aren't striking peoples' fancies. Let's dive into what causes people to dislike tweets, and what marketers can do to be better at providing the kind of content that people want to read on Twitter.

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Social Media and the 'Nobility' of Making Money

making money socialmediopolisThe big rumor this week is that CNN is in talks to buy Mashable. I had to chuckle when I read some of the comments:

  • "Nooooooooooooooo! Keep Mashable independent!"
  • "IMO, this would make Mashable much less awesome instantly. I would probably begin to question it's objectivity much more; one of the things that makes it great. No thanks."
  • "Cashmore, what a fitting name."
  • "Mashable will be mashed. CNN is fine, but they will certainly take the excitement and independence out of Mashable and just make it another site to find info you can get a thousand other places. A waste of money for CNN, but the Mashable owners can go straight to the bank."

The Social Media space, for whatever reason, gets extremely jealous and snippy whenever there's ANY talk of someone making money off their efforts.

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Social Media Marketing Lessons Courtesy of Chris Brown

marketing lessons socialmediopolisNike , Starbucks, Disney and Whole Foods. These are four category-leading brands that all represent quality and leadership. They are four brands that are committed to properly cultivating and maintaining well-respected images.As such, would it surprise you to hear that these four brands COMBINED have fewer Twitter followers than singer Chris Brown's 8.2 million total?

Yes, we're talking about the same Chris Brown who, in 2009, pled guilty to felony assault of then girlfriend, Grammy Award-winning singer Rihanna.

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What Really Makes a Video Go Viral?

viral brand videos socialmediopolisVideo is one of the most powerful tools that brands have to tell their story and build a connection with their audience. But there is a common misconception that all a brand needs to do is make a video and put it online for it to go "viral."

At the South by Southwest panel "Viral is a Dirty Word," Ogilvy's Robert John Davis and Jeremy Sanchez explained a four-step plan for crafting videos that can draw a crowd and advance a cause or sell a product.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pinterest (But Were Afraid to Ask)

pinterest socialmediopolis1Ever since the bygone days of the Wild West, folks have always wanted to check out the newcomer in town and hear all the latest gossip before they got better acquainted.

These days Pinterest, the fastest drawing social media network in history, has everyone eyeing it with curiosity and just a little trepidation. They wonder if it will settle down — or become another in a long line of drifters who pass through town.

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How Small Businesses Are Using Pinterest

pinterest small biz socialmediopolis

A rose halo engagement ring from jewelry company DeBebians has delighted so many people that 421 of them have 'pinned' an image of the ring on the latest social phenom site known as Pinterest.

Pinterest allows users to share images of things they like on virtual boards, similar to a collage or scrapbook. Much like Twitter and Facebook, people can follow others' boards and comment on images. Consumers install a "Pin It" button on their computers so that they can pin images they find online to their boards. Business owners can install a similar button on their Web sites to facilitate sharing their images.

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