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How to Get Your CEO Tweeting

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Why is it that 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs do not tweet yet?

That's what a report issued out last year and featured on InformationWeek.com says. It goes deeper than just Twitter however, as these same CEOs are noted to spend much less time participating in social networking than the average non-CEO person does – and when they do hit up the networks, they spend the most time on LinkedIn.

One of my first moves as a social media manager was to get the CEO of the company I work for, Deborah Sweeney, squared away on the tweeting scene with her own personal Twitter account. Lucky for me, she already had a Twitter handle, but as anyone worth their Klout score can tell you, Twitter is all about engaging with others on a near-daily basis which works to build up both yourself and your brand online. Perhaps this is why CEOs aren't drawn to Twitter on the same level as most people are – tweeting takes more time than it looks like it does and there's always the fear that the wrong phrase or wording might slip out to a readily waiting and retweeting audience well into the hundreds of thousands.


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The One Core Secret to Social Media Marketing Success


I know this blog post title might sound a bit simplistic — perhaps sensational — coming from me, but I do think there is one core idea to consider when starting a social media strategy that is often misunderstood ... or missed all together. So I hope this explanation will help a lot of people struggling to figure things out!

You could go blind reading tricks, tips and strategies for social media marketing success. But after being immersed in this space for many years now and having counseled thousands of business owners, executives and students, I think there is really one core idea everyone needs to consider when embarking on this journey.

Most companies and individuals start with an examination of platforms. Do I need a Facebook page? A blog? A Twitter account? Where do I start and how do I get going?

Instead, I think there is another fundamental question to ask: "What is the source of my rich content?"

Let me explain what I mean by this strange little question with a story.

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Social Media's Mass Attention Myth


By Srinivas Rao, Contributing {grow} Columnist

On two separate occasions and in two different ways I've been discouraged from the pursuit of mass attention. The irony is that it came from people who many of us consider wildly popular.

Mass attention is almost unattainable and it's not clear that you want it. – Seth Godin

There's no value to working hard on being really popular. – Chris Brogan

Despite knowing this, the following question comes up over and over again

  • How do I get more traffic
  • How do I grow my audience?

Ask it enough times and you might as well be asking "How do I get mass attention?"

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Facebook's Plan to Find its Next Billion Users: Convince Them Facebook and the Internet are the Same Thing


This is the story of Facebook's rapidly unfolding plan to take over the world, or at least the world wide web. It's a tale that's been hiding in plain sight for years, and it begins with an explanation of how Facebook has reached almost a billion users. It continues with a roadmap for how the seeds of Facebook's future growth – to two billion and beyond – have already been planted. In both cases, what matters is emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America: the striving, proto-middle class "next billion" whose first impression of the internet is often that it seems to consist entirely of a site called Facebook.

By the end of this year, there will be more mobile phones on earth than people, and 73% of those phones will be something other than smartphones. Most of these phones have no data plan associated with them, and if they are capable of browsing the web at all, it's through a protocol all but abandoned years ago in developed countries, known as WAP, which can only access websites specially tailored to it. By 2008, Facebook executives realized that one way to maintain its meteoric growth was to make it easy and free to access Facebook on devices like these, devices that in no way resembled the desktop computer for which it had originally been developed. And that's where our story begins.

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Leverage Social Media in SEO Strategy


In the world of online marketing, there are two main things that every website owner is desperately trying to do. The first is to increase their ranking on search engines through SEO. The second is to create a social media presence and get customers and potential customers talking about them.

However in actual fact, these two things should be combined together instead of exclusively as in reality, social media can help to increase search engine presence. In this article we define exactly what SEO and social media marketing are and then look at how they can work together to produce a combined strategy.

What is SEO?
For those that don't know what SEO is, the term stands for search engine optimisation. This is a practice whereby you alter the way your website looks, works and reads in order to be indexed and ranked by the search engines. On a regular basis, the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo send out pieces of software known as search spiders which look at tags and text within websites to determine exactly what a website is about.

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You Can Use Your Smartphone to Run Your Small Business

mobile business via smart phone

The very creative people at Desk have put together a comprehensive Infographic detailing how one might run a business from a smartphone with thirteen different apps. We use several of the apps mentioned ourselves but have mixed feels about running one's entire business from a smartphone. Obviously, it can be done with the apps listed and probably a few more that some of you are currently using. Personally, I think the idea that this can really be done is pretty cool.

So, grab your smartphone and let's take a look at these apps


QuickBooks cloud accounting solutions is available for both the iPhone and Android devices. Their website says "1.3 million customers worldwide use QuickBooks Online to take the pain out of managing their finances."


Mint.com "does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending." It lets you see where every dime goes so you can make educated money decisions. Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place and allows you to set a budget, track your goals and more.

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